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How do I get notification of a new posting?


Is there a way to get emails when new stuff is posted in the For Sale category?


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A great question. The software used on this website (not that anyone other than myself really cares, but it is by Invision Power Services) provides for two "levels" of notifications to registered members. Both levels are turned on by the same button, specifically one that says "Follow this". See the below screen capture of the "Follow this" button. This particular screen capture indicates that one member is following that topic (see the number 1 in that image).

There are two levels because the "Follow this" button can be used either on an entire forum, or on a specific topic within a forum. The button looks the same in both cases.

The "Follow this" button is located on the right side at the top of a forum, or on the right side at the top of a topic. You get to decide whether you follow an entire forum, or just a specific topic within a forum. There is no limit to the number of forums or topics that a member can follow.

When you click on the "Follow this" button, you are given several choices as to how you wish to be notified. The default option is an immediate email to the email address used for your account. I leave to you the exercise of reviewing all of the notification options, and then decide for yourself what works best.

When you are following a forum or a topic, then the "Follow this" button changes to read "Following", and it typically displays the number of members who are following the forum or the topic (just in case you might be interested in knowing that information). If you click on the number following, then you get to see who else is following, unless they have blocked such disclosure.

The "Follow this" button is not available for an entire category; again only two levels: forums or topics. If you wish to follow all of the forums in a category, simply go through each forum and click on the "Follow this" button.

How does one manage their "Follow this" notifications? If you click on your Display Name (in the far upper right of the screen), a drop down menu will present itself. Select the "Notifications Settings" option, and then select the option that works best for you.

Finally, if you no longer wish to follow either a forum or a topic, then go back to that specific button (which now reads "Following"), and select the "Unfollow" option. I am not aware of an option to globally remove all of the "Follow this" selections.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.28.52 AM.png

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Thanks for the feedback. Glad that things are working as you need them to.

And thanks for using and promoting this website. We definitely appreciate you and the others who are making this a success.

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