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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

With only a few exceptions, any and all content and information that you provide to or that is collected by Chiriqui Life (CL) is public information. The few exceptions will be clearly identified as being private (limited distribution, non-public) information that is available only to CL management; such private information is used only for the purposes of administering an orderly website and shared only among CL management.

It is safest to assume that any and all information about you, and information that you post is public information. For example, even though not recommended or generally prudent, the content of PMs (private messages) can be disclosed by any of the PM recipients should they choose to do so.

The two most significant exceptions to information being public are:

  1. the email address that you used to register is private information, and not disclosed to anyone other than yourself and CL management; you can choose to or may inadvertently disclose* your email address, but CL management will not disclose your email address, and
  2. the password that you submit and use is private information, and is not visible to anyone, not even to CL management.

We receive and collect information about users in various ways:

  1. Information you give us, such as for registration purposes or profile related information.
  2. When you post content, we and other users receive that information.
  3. We receive and collect information when you use our services, e.g., “cookies.”
  4. We may receive login information, information about how you access our website, your browser and operating system, your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, dates and times that you access our website, etc.

We use the information we receive and collect to provide our services.

CL management does not disclose private information to anyone unless compelled to do so under legal process.


*Note that using the messaging capability of this website may result in disclosing your email address to whomever your message is delivered.

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