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Keith Woolford

National Forum on Gender Equality in Chiriqui held in Boquete

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Keith Woolford    308

National Forum on Gender Equality in Chiriqui held in Boquete

The main objective of this activity was to provide an inter-institutional and citizen dialog, to assess the progress and challenges in the area of gender equality and equity in the public policies of Panama on territorial rural development, in order to systematize the results and presenting them in the regional symposium of the countries that make up the Central American Integration System- SICA.

The program began with the opening words of the Licdo. Orlando Torres, Director of Rural Development and Chairman of the National Committee of the ECADERT.

Among the participants who formed part of this forum was present a representation of the Municipality of Boquete, a group of members of the Panamanian Network of Rural Women- REPAMUR, the Director of the Office of the Institute for Women (INAMU), chapter of Chiriqui, representatives of the territories of cross-border Bocas del Toro and Chiriqui, member of the Council Territorial Development CDT in Veraguas, the head of the agency of Boquete, making approximately 65 people in this activity.

Among the exhibitors who gathered was present Licda. Nadya White, Executive Secretary of the Central American Agricultural Council SICA, Licdo. Ruben Quiroz, planner of the Rural Development Division of the measure, Licda. Dalibeth Araúz, Director of the Office INAMU Chiriqui.

On the other hand was the participation of Licda. Anayansi Perez and Carmen Abrego the Program of Rural Women in the Rural Development Division, in conjunction with the experiences of members of the Panamanian Network of Rural Women- REPAMUR of Panama Oeste, Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro, taking advantage of this opportunity to coordinate the IV Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean of rural women who will take place from 15 to 19 October 2017 in this province.


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