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College Campus Awarded For $66 Million

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College Campus Awarded For $66 Million

The HCG Consortium was awarded the contract to carry out the studies, development of plans and construction of the new regional center of San Miguelito, of the University of Panama.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The winning Consortium of the public contest is formed by Healthcare Products Centroamérica, S.A. and Ingeniería GER, S.A., which made a proposal for $65,990,848.

China Camc Engineering CO., LTD. Panama Branch and Aprocosa, were the other two companies participating in the contests, whose bids reached $64,983,800 and $67,899,000, respectively.

The works include the development of the plans, and approval of plans of the New Regional University Center of San Miguelito:

a. Environmental, soil and geodesic impact studies required for the development of the project.

b. Development of delivery of plans and technical specifications, detailed budgets, execution programs, and final plans of the New Regional University Center of San Miguelito, in BIM platform, AutoCAD or similar, accepted by the University and approved by the corresponding authorities.

c. The construction of open spaces, buildings, required facilities. All construction materials used must comply with the technical characteristics of manufacture to prevent fire, moisture and corrosion.

See tender details.



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