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Brushing up on  Panama guarantees

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With seasonal sales and discounts coming up Panama’ s Consumer protection body (ACODECO) has issued a timely reminder on guarantees.

There is a legal guarantee by Law 45 of October 31, 2007, of at least three months but the parties can agree on a longer term.

In the same regulation, you can find other rules for new and used cars, and other issues.

Knowing that every new article is covered,  you as a consumer then have the duty to take care to keep the proof of purchase, invoice or receipt of payment, which will need to be able to file a claim.

In the same way, it is necessary to also learn about the characteristics of the product, when buying it or buying a service to know if it is suitable for the required purpose.

It is also very important that you are clear that you should review the product purchased before leaving the establishment or at the time you take delivery. Check if you need some additional component that is necessary for its proper functioning.

Once you have possession of the article or, read the installation, guidance manual so, if a claim is filed, the seller can’t claim misuse of the equipment.

Care is required in the installation of equipment; as the installation by unqualified personnel can immediately cause the warranty of the purchased good to be lost, so it is important that you have the warranty certificate on hand, which indicates the authorized service and, in the same way, the technical service in case of damage.

The same applies also in cases in which the article presents some flaw, do not let the revision and/or repair make it different from the one indicated by the technical service, because the supplier would not then be obliged, then, to honor the guarantee.

In conclusion, says  ACODECO every good or service must be covered by a guarantee, even if it is the minimum three months, with the presentation of your invoice or proof of payment even though the item is on sale. Remember to read the instructions so that you make good use of your new acquisition and thus your investment.



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