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  1. A month has elapsed since the announcement, and the Calle F road to the airport is still definitely two-way, except that the traffic signal halfway down toward the former police barracks is dark. Re-reading the announcement clarifies that they stated that the work on changing signage and signals was starting, rather than the immediate conversion to one-way traffic. BTW, there is an almost complete sign on the corner building that has been under construction forever - it identifies the structure as the "Hotel City Plaz"... with space left for the missing "a" as of yesterday. Seems like quite a long time to get the signals changed... must be fiestas patrias month...
  2. As a counter-example, I consider the construction of the initial Hong Kong subway to be a model. A 16-kilometer new underground metro was approved in 1972, but construction did not start until almost four years later - and the project came in ahead of schedule and under budget. This, in one of the densest rural environments one can imagine. The secret: they didn't turn a shovel until every last engineering drawing had been completed, including not only right-of-way, but also design of the railcars, station equipment, fare collection systems and linkages between sub-projects. Everything was put up for bid and committed in advance, including logistics of delivery. A marvel of project management. Of course the British Colonial government was fairly authoritarian when it came to matters of eminent domain and squawking by the affected merchants...
  3. I spent 12 years of my working career immersed in the world of engineering/construction contracts. Negotiating incentive/penalty provisions such as you suggest is part of almost every deal. My guess is that the contract negotiating skills on the government side are as scarce as the project management skills are on the contractor side. These are shark-infested waters, and the turnover in Panamanian administrations caused by the political pendulum almost guarantees that the government will be at a perpetual disadvantage.
  4. Powerful side-to-side shake in Lucero
  5. How did Mackinac Island get to Canada? Maybe it's one of those floating islands that might tip over at any time.....
  6. The Chiriqui Chamber of Commerce is warning businesses about the distribution of counterfeit one-dollar bills (yes, just singles - victims less likely to take the trouble to file complaint over small losses) https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/provincias/Comerciantes-alertan-introduccion-billetes-Chiriqui_0_5147485289.html
  7. FWIW - yesterday morning we ran errands in town between 8:30am and 10:00am, and once past the detour mess to enter, it became the most convenient we've ever experienced. We passed Romero and noticed two vacant parking spaces under the canopy, not counting the handicap space; we parked directly in front of the door at Melo; we were the only car parked on the block in front of eShop; we were the only customers at Revilla, ditto at Whole Foods; We parked directly in front of the door at Mailboxes, ditto Burbuja and the pet shop (ours was the only car on the entire block); ours was one of two cars in front of Super Baru; final stop was Organica, parked right in front. And yes, it was a bit messy getting back out, but it turned out to be an extremely efficient run: easy parking, fast service everywhere.
  8. The way I read it, the Calle F remains two-way between the "Y" at the Delta gas station and the traffic light at the Pan American Highway. If you want to make a left onto the Pan American, you'll have jog over one block to the left once you are level with the Y, coming up from Fourth street towards the Pan American.
  9. Number 1 choice for "Easy Place to Retire"... https://www.forbes.com/sites/kathleenpeddicord/2018/10/11/the-3-easiest-places-to-retire-overseas/#33ff0bf07cfd
  10. Here's Millicom's press release: http://mb.cision.com/Main/950/2636808/922133.pdf Millicom has evolved from an early cell phone service provider to a multinational mobile telecommunications giant with a large internet footprint in both African and Latin American countries. The company has grown by consolidating various acquisitions and taking on lots of debt. Goldman Sachs advised in its purchase of 80% of CableOnda. I've generally been quite pleased with CableOnda's service, and I am not at all sure that this transaction will have positive consequences for the average household customer. I have no choice but to wait and see.
  11. My phone lights up with an SMS message from Banistmo, about twice a week since the end of August, telling me that my debit card will expire soon and to visit a branch to request a new one. The card says it is "good thru 12/18", so the it seems that the bank is planning ahead to avoid delays in replacing the card. Nice. Hoping to put an end to the tiresome SMS nagging, I stopped in this morning at the Plaza Terronal branch, and was happy to find only a short line at the triage/receptionist desk. But then he declined my request, saying that my card is good through December, and that he could only accept my request after December 1. I nominate Banistmo for this month's customer (dis)service award....
  12. These two Burmese cats are brothers, and just over two years old. They are neutered and have their shots. Burmese need company, which is why having a pair is a good idea. Our frequent and occasionally extended absences are now proving to be unfair to Felix and Oscar, and causing our search for a new home for them. Burmese are gentle, playful, talkative, and intensely curious. They are busy companions. Also, they lack self-preservation instincts, and will not survive for very long if allowed to roam. We have kept them indoors and on a terrace enclosed with mesh. Their new home should provide similar safeguards. 6839 9421
  13. There appears to be some movement. There is news that a negotiation will be undertaken to liquidate the contract with the present builder, RIVA, S.A. and to issue a call for proposals to complete construction. https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/provincias/Llamaran-licitacion-construccion-policlinica-Boquete_0_5091990760.html
  14. Automatic fire control systems may or may not be effective. We've gone through some fire at sea training and were told that if the fire on a fiberglass-hulled boat isn't put out within the first 60 seconds, the boa6t will be a total loss. If interested in our experience with boat fire, I invite you to check out my account: http://jimbondoux.com/Miscellany/Fire1.html