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  1. Perhaps someone can track down and publish the numbers for the overall mortality rate in Panama. They must be available, since we have daily figures for the COVID-19 fatalities. Keep in mind that the average mortality rate in Panama from all causes in previous years hovers around 50 per day.
  2. BEWARE OF FAKE NEWS. A neighbor was in an uproar over the announcement that all supermarkets and pharmacies were to be closed for two weeks, with the country on total lockdown. This was some kind of broadcast made on social networks. About an hour ago the National Police put out a communique, saying that the information was false.
  3. My gardener got a pass a couple of days ago. It's essentially a "Safe Conduct" certificate. SALVO CONDUCTO DE CIRCULACION DE PRODUCTOR. It was issued by the Ministry of Agricultural Development, and is valid for 60 days.
  4. Just to get some context for the statistics, I looked up Panama on the World Health Organization website. The most recent year available at WHO is 2015 (MINSA probably has more recent), but this is what they have for that year: Total deaths, all causes, in Panama in 2015: 18,182 Deaths in Panama from Influenza, Pneumonia and Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease in 2015: 1,053
  5. This is the website I monitor - it is updated continuously around the clock. Apparently put together by a teenager... https://ncov2019.live/data
  6. This is a follow-on to my earlier post about the potential consequences of economic hardship caused by the lockdown measures. Yesterday a food market looting attempt was recorded in one of the poorer neighborhoods of Panama province. My loose translation of the news item: People are spiraling out of control. They attempted to loot a mini-super in Santa Marta. They were arrested. In the midst of the national health crisis due to the coronavirus in Panama, several individuals entered a mini-super located in the Santa Marta sector of the San Miguelito district, in a group, supposedly in a looting attempt. The National Police was alerted and reacted promptly and managed to capture the alleged perpetrators committing the crime. The criminal act was thwarted and the subjects were transferred to the Santa Marta barracks. The police confirmed that they captured eight people in the flagrant crime within the mini-supermarket. Here is the link to the article: https://www.midiario.com/policiales/la-gente-se-esta-saliendo-de-control-ingresaron-a-saquear-minisuper-en-santa-marta-los-capturan/
  7. The economic consequences of the lockdown are starting to bite. Yesterday's TVN Noticias (March 20, 2020) carried an article about the desperation of casual employees of the food service businesses in Chiriqui. There is a hint at the end of the article that desperate people are driven to act. My rough translation follows: March 20, 2020 on TVN Noticias Merchants in Chiriqui concerned about situation and lack of resources A group of women and casual workers in bars, canteens, barbecues and other establishments in the province of Chiriqui, who have been closed for more than seven days, assured that they are desperate, because they are unable to provide a livelihood to their homes. They assure that they were employed in the sale of food, utensils and other articles in the night establishments, from which they could subsist, but now they are unable to do it. “We do not have a salary, but what we do day by day, that is why for several days we have been left with nothing and are unable to go seek it, because they are still closed and there is a curfew,” they highlighted. They hope that the government will give them help soon, because some said, "their children do not understand about crisis, virus or restrictive measures." They explained that they are humble people, who live in neighborhoods and populous places, where they have to figure out how to bring in food. "The help must be quick, to avoid that the desperation of the parents leads them to carry out inappropriate actions," they asserted.
  8. Received today from Price Smart - Machine translated - apparently applies to all of their locations: Dear partner, To ensure your health and safety and that of our employees, please take the following measures into account: From our side: We are continually instructing our employees to ensure compliance with regulatory health and safety procedures. We are doing extensive cleanings of all surfaces and spaces, and will supply hand sanitizer throughout the club. We may limit the quantity of certain products that are low in inventory in purchases. We will continue to restock our merchandise as soon as possible, which may mean changes in brand and product sizes compared to what we normally provide in clubs. We are limiting the number of members who can access the club simultaneously, to avoid crowds. Given the exceptional nature of the situation, the Optics, Tires and Food Area services will remain closed. We appreciate your collaboration: We recommend keeping a minimum distance of 1 meter with other members while you are in the club. If possible, only one member per family should enter the club so that other members can make their purchase. As much as possible, avoid bringing children to the club. Avoid making cash payments; prioritize card payment to avoid contact. In some clubs we are modifying the hours of attention to the members to have an extended shopping schedule. In other clubs we have had to reduce hours to comply with the regulation. Visit PriceSmart.com or our social media for recent information on our services and hours. To ensure a better shopping experience, follow the recommendations of our club employees. WE APPRECIATE COOPERATION AS WE STRIVE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS IN A SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE MANNER.
  9. A BUNCH OF VISITORS HAVE BEEN QUARANTINED, SENT HOME My translation of news item from TVN Noticias: A group of foreigners are kept inside a sanitary enclosure on the upper coast of colon. It is a group of tourists who had come to Panama to participate in the Tribal Challenge, a festival with electronic music in which people mainly from Europe, the United States and South America participate. The festival has been held for several years in the Cuango sector. Authorities have established a quarantine, testing COVID-19 on people with respiratory symptoms. The people tested were negative for COVID-19. "We are surprised that people who had this festival were given permission," said Iracema de Dale, governor of Colon. "The Ministry of Health has taken precautions. All those people who are there and have more than 14, 15 days, we have escorted them to the airport to leave. Those who do not have the 14 days have to remain protected until they complete that period of isolation", she added. The governor detailed that some of these visitors contacted the Tocumen International Airport and were escorted by the Aeronaval Service and the National Police to leave the country after complying with the corresponding sanitary measures. "We must accept that Colon is a vulnerable province. We have a coast, fewer ports, so many tourists who come from cruise ships. So we are taking the measures, following the instructions of the Ministry of Health", emphasized the Governor.
  10. Major Correction to earlier information. The Ministry of Health published an interesting addendum to the closure order. It seems that restaurants may remain open as long as they don't have more than 50 people in the place at one time. MY informal translation: QUOTE Clarification We regret the confusion that has been generated, we reiterate the are the establishments that will remain closed from Monday March 16, 2020. Bars, discotheques, canteens, barbecues, party rooms, circuses, billiards, theaters, cinemas, swimming pools, sports fields, gyms, playgrounds, working hours, casinos, convention centers (including convention centers within hotels), motorcycle racetracks and sports centers. In addition, establishments that concentrate 50 or more people at the same time will be subject to sanctions. UNQUOTE
  11. This email from my doctor in David, this evening: Hello Jim The government has mandated that we start applying severe measures of isolation and contention. In other areas of the country both private and public health centers will cancel Outpatient visits, elective procedures and such. We have been instructed to start closing private medical offices as well starting tomorrow. We had dinner at The Rock. The owner was notified this evening that all restaurants are to close, indefinitely. The country is headed for total lockdown - only groceries, pharmacies, and gas stations to be open. Inbound foreigners to be blocked at the entry point. No more than fifty people in any retail establishment at one time, people to wait in line outside separated by at least one meter... yada yada
  12. If you wish to access the most reliable statistics concerning the coronavirus spread, there is a website that is updated every few seconds. It displays the number of confirmed cases, the fatalities, the recoveries, and the number of cases considered serious. You have to scroll pretty far down to find Panama, which as of this writing has 8 confirmed cases and one fatality (The 50-year old female principal of the big high school in San Miguelito who had just returned from a trip to Spain). The website link is: https://ncov2019.live/data
  13. The Mayor of Boquete is requesting a health inspection all visitors to Boquete. Here is my loose translation of his letter of yesterday to the Ministry of Health. I am attaching an image of the original for reference.
  14. New cases reported Saturday, March 7 in China: 99. Reminiscent of the 2009 Swine Flu (H1N1) panic. Big gains for Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, et al. This morning, US stocks open with a huge drop (1500 points on the Dow, 5.5%). Practically only gainer is Wal-Mart. Strongest stocks (i.e. least weak): Pfizer, Merck, Lilly. Interesting.
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