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  1. Oh, how sad! Hershel and Mikey were a lovely couple and such an asset to the community.
  2. Brandy

    Feria Internacional de David


    Took some searching, but I found this at besibolchiriqui.com: (Translation compliments of Google Translate) Remembering Kenny Serracín Kenny Serracín worked in the banana farms of the Barú area, it was here that he started where he began his baseball practices. Then Kenny Serracín worked as a physical education teacher at the Doleguita school in the district of David. Years later when they start to build the Chiricano Coliseum Kenny Serracín works in the same as manager of the stadium. In 1944 Kenny Serracín represents Chiriqui in the Major Baseball championship, he played as third baseman and receiver. Kenny Serracín remembered by many for his several years of dedication as director in charge of selections of Chiriqui in both the major and the youth, also took care of the small leagues in the District of David. In the 70s Chiriquí begins a new productivity in baseball this sport is reorganized in the province with the help of Carlos Titi Alvarado, Brenes and Serracín and other characters. In honor of Kenny Serracin the Chiricano stadium bears his name, the home of the juvenile and eldest of the Valle de la Luna.
  3. until
    The Boquete Knitters and Quilters meet every Friday from 1-3PM at the Fundacion Pro Integracion (Handicap Foundation) in Alto Boquete to create baby things for donation. We have needles, we have hooks, we have yarn. And we can teach you how to knit and crochet!
  4. Brandy

    Donate yarn?

    Oh, thank you! We will be at the Handicap Foundation in Alto Boquete from 1-3PM today, Friday , 5 January. Or, if it is more convenient for you, bring it to the Tuesday Market. I expect to be there, but you could also drop it off with my amigo David Van Harn, who creates the beautiful wood turnings. And know that we will take the love in your donation and create something warm and beautiful for "our babies"!
  5. Twenty-one (21!!!) soups promised at last count! I'm pretty sure you can find one you will enjoy.
  6. Great soups for a good cause! Please come enjoy.
  7. Is there a calligrapher in the (reasonably) local area who could/would letter a brief quotation for me? At a reasonable price? Email me at TNRNMSG@YAHOO.COM Thanks!
  8. "You can't get there from here" is becoming a truism in Boquete...
  9. Brandy

    Estate sale at Chiriqui Storage this Sunday


    Is there by chance a desk among the furniture???
  10. Maybe a series of speed bumps would do the trick and slow people down? It would certainly tick them off!
  11. Brandy

    BookMark. Is it open?

    I found this on Amazon, if it would help: https://www.amazon.com/Manual-primeros-auxilios-First-Spanish/dp/846621206X/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1493509127&sr=8-16&keywords=First+Aid+Books+in+Spanish
  12. At least I'm guessing a Graphic Artist is what I want/need. I need someone who will work with me to design a poster that can be digitally saved and reused from year to year for the Boquete Knitters and Quilters' Great Boquete Soup Fest. In other words, I want the background and artwork to be consistent, but I want to be able to update information about date and venue. Frankly, I'd love it if someone would volunteer the service, but I am more than willing to pay a reasonable price. Thank you!
  13. Brandy

    Where is ANAM?

    The ANAM offices are 1Km south (toward David) of SuperCentro Ivan, on the same side of the road. There is a blue-roofed bus stop across from Seminario Franciscano. Coming FROM Boquete, turn left onto the unpaved road. Drive about 100 meters until you come to a cross-road, turn right and follow that road about 200 meters. The office is the single-story white building. There are signs (the one on the highway is more visible when you are coming from the south) that say "Agencia de Boquete". If you pass Instituto Guadelupano (on the south-bound side of the road) coming from Boquete, you've gone past your turn.