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  1. Twenty-one (21!!!) soups promised at last count! I'm pretty sure you can find one you will enjoy.
  2. Great soups for a good cause! Please come enjoy.
  3. Is there a calligrapher in the (reasonably) local area who could/would letter a brief quotation for me? At a reasonable price? Email me at TNRNMSG@YAHOO.COM Thanks!
  4. "You can't get there from here" is becoming a truism in Boquete...
  5. Estate sale at Chiriqui Storage this Sunday


    Is there by chance a desk among the furniture???
  6. Maybe a series of speed bumps would do the trick and slow people down? It would certainly tick them off!
  7. BookMark. Is it open?

    I found this on Amazon, if it would help: https://www.amazon.com/Manual-primeros-auxilios-First-Spanish/dp/846621206X/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1493509127&sr=8-16&keywords=First+Aid+Books+in+Spanish
  8. At least I'm guessing a Graphic Artist is what I want/need. I need someone who will work with me to design a poster that can be digitally saved and reused from year to year for the Boquete Knitters and Quilters' Great Boquete Soup Fest. In other words, I want the background and artwork to be consistent, but I want to be able to update information about date and venue. Frankly, I'd love it if someone would volunteer the service, but I am more than willing to pay a reasonable price. Thank you!
  9. Where is ANAM?

    The ANAM offices are 1Km south (toward David) of SuperCentro Ivan, on the same side of the road. There is a blue-roofed bus stop across from Seminario Franciscano. Coming FROM Boquete, turn left onto the unpaved road. Drive about 100 meters until you come to a cross-road, turn right and follow that road about 200 meters. The office is the single-story white building. There are signs (the one on the highway is more visible when you are coming from the south) that say "Agencia de Boquete". If you pass Instituto Guadelupano (on the south-bound side of the road) coming from Boquete, you've gone past your turn.
  10. I have some "dead" appliances and other things that I need to dispose of. The appliances are not repairable, or suitable for donation. I understand that the landfill is somewhere off the Caldera Road, but I need to know hours of operation, any restrictions and generally how to go about getting rid of this crap-I-mean-stuff
  11. Personally, I can think of 3-4 intersections in Boquete that would actually benefit from a real live traffic light!
  12. until
    The Great Boquete Soup Fest, sponsored by the Boquete Knitters and Quilters. Venue to be announced!
  13. Boquete Knitters Eighth Anniversary

    I have baked -- and frosted -- six dozen cupcakes for tomorrow's celebration. And other Knitters and Quilters have also been preparing goodies for all of you to enjoy. Please come...