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  1. Thanks for posting, Newslady. I hope you will all come out to dance and eat some of the best food in town on Saturday, the 17th of September. The music will include your old favorites from the 60's, 70's and 80's - you know, the songs that make you want to sing along and dance the night away. Looking forward to seeing you at Seasons Restaurant in Lucero.
  2. Magda Crespo Insurance offers every type of insurance, health, auto, life, property, with integrity and customer service. English speaking staff can help you with all of your insurance needs. Office is located at Plaza San Francisco, open 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday (closed 12 to 1:00 for lunch). Phone number 720-3240.
  3. Yella Fever is a local band made up of 5 members - Yella Werder, a long time veteran of the stage and professional vocalist, Joel Cunningham, lead guitarist extraordinaire and vocalist with decades of experience entertaining crowds, Tom Werder, accomplished musician on rhythm guitar and vocals providing anchor and cohesive energy, Eduardo Vanegas, educated, highly skilled musician and hard driving bass player, and Allan Saldana, rock steady drummer with artistic flair and dimension. Together, Yella Fever is a tightly rehearsed and highly entertaining way to drive you out to the dance floor, bringing life and vitality to any party. Available for private parties and special events, just call Yella at 6887-6108.
  4. Anyone looking for accurate information about health insurance available in Panama should contact a reputable agent who can speak English and explain how it works here in this country. I recommend Magda Crespo Insurance located in Plaza San Francisco in Alto Boquete. Phone number for their office is 720-3240. Magda is a licensed agent and native resident of Chiriqui Province. She not only can help you find the right health coverage for you, she can help you find the right doctor for individual health issues. Magda is an amazing resource for us expats who don't know the protocol, the system or the procedures involved in taking care of our needs. Magda Crespo Insurance also offers insurance for your property, life or car.
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