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  1. Anita!! Yesterday we received a message asking for help for a small dog that was living in the streets of Alanje, La Concepción (2 hours from Boquete), Today the person who rescued her, came to Boquete with the little poor dog. She is the little dog that came today to DogCamp from Alanje La Concepción. The expat who found her told us that she had owners and the owners told him that they thought is normal that this dog is in this conditions. Poor babyWe feed her, of course she ate like crazy, drunk a lot of water and she received a warm bath.Now she is sleeping in a bed inside of a kenel in a separate area.Monday we will take her to the vet to make a blood test 🤩You can make a donation to DogCamp using: https://www.gofundme.com/help-to-get-the-new-land-for-dogcamp Paypal: paypal.me/DogCamp Thank you so much!!!!
  2. First time in Boquete! Dance class!! Salsa! Professional dancer, choreographer, performer and instructor from Portland, Oregon, USA Doug Stilton!! Www.dougsilton.com Fundraising event to get the new place for DogCamp!!! Thank you to our friend Chris Young to help us with this event at Boulder 54 Buy your ticket at Mailboxes, DogCamp Center and at the tent at the Tuesday Market at the BCP from 9am to 12m
  3. Hey animal lovers!!! Would you like to do something different? Do you like the horses? and of course the dogs? And are you interested to help Dog Camp and more dogs but you don´t know how? So you have to come to our new event HORSES AND DOGS DAY AT LULU'S FARM! This event will have a great tipical food "Mono", drinks, desserts, we will have SAIKO CRAFT BEER from Dogocri Brew, you will see beautiful Arabian horses and of course our great dogs for adoption. We will have a great raffle!! Come and have a great day and meet great people!!! Lulu Borrell Farm is located in Las Tinajas (Boquete - David road) Tickets $10 available at: * Mailboxes * DogCamp tent at the Tuesday Market * DogCamp Center * Boquete Outdoors Adventure Contact us if you need more information: 64151531 / 69659423 ALL PROCEEDS WILL BENEFIT TO DOG CAMP AND LULU´S RESCUED DOGS! **If you would like to donate some desserts or drinks, you are welcome!! :D Contact us please 64151531
  4. First Venta de Patio for DogCamp!!!!Sunday, September 15th!!Hello everybody! This year DogCamp will make the first Venta de Patio in September, we are working so hard to continue helping animals and this time we are asking to you for all your gently used items that you can donate to us.If you have large items, call us and our team will go to pick them up! If you would like to work with us in this new project, please contact us: dogcampboquete@gmail.com / 69659423 / 65638686 (calls and WhatsApp)
  5. Hello everybody! During this year 2019, we rescued 4 kittens, 1 adult cat, 2 male dogs, 1 momma dog with 10 puppies, 1 momma dog with 3 puppies, 1 tiny puppy, total 23 animals in 2 months! All of them are in foster homes, and we have 25 dogs that most of them are ready for adoption! Please consider to make a donation to continue helping animals in Chiriqui! https://paypal.me/DogCamp And if you want, you can donate dog food, puppy food, wet food, vitamines, blankets, beds, cleanning stuff, etc You can drop your donation at Amigos de Boquete, DogCamp, BCP at tuesday market (tent), Larry´s place in Alto Boquete, Boquete Outdoors Adventures Office in Los Establos Thank you so much for all your help!!
  6. The last week we recieved a call from somebody who live in Palmira, the person who contacted us was asking for help for two dogs of their neighbor. So we contacted the Juez de Paz in Palmira and make an appointment to go and check the dogs, when we saw the two dogs, we decided to take them with us. Both male dogs have tick fever and they are very anemic, now they are in a foster home until they will be better. Thanks to our friends Steve and Claudia who helped us with the transportation from Boquete to Palmira to David!!! These two dogs need all your help, please consider to make a donation or bring dog food to the Tuesday Market at BCP.Please help!!!https://paypal.me/DogCamp?locale.x=es_XC
  7. Hi everybody!!! We are working on the DogCamp Monthly Newsletter and we are looking for volunteers! Would you like to be part of the Newsletter? Contact us: 65638686 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com
  8. Tomorrow is the Get involved and show you care, each and every one of us can make a difference for animals ?? Here you can check our wish list for DogCamp and thanks to Jardines y Mascotas Pet Store, you can get a 5% of discount for the supplies that you buy for DogCamp!!! Make a difference and buy supplies for the animals!!!! Tomorrow is the day!!!!! paypal.me/DogCamp
  9. Do you want to help animals in the Community but you don't know how?? Come to DOG CAMP and be part of our programs (FOSTER HOMES, VOLUNTEER, RESCUE, ADOPTIONS, SPONSOR, FUNDRAISING EVENTS AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM, NEW PROJECTS) DogCamp has 25 dogs and 15 foster homes eawith 17 animals (dogs and cats), so we are helping 46 animals!!! Wowwww IF YOU WANT ADOPT A DOG, COME TO VISIT US!!!! WE HAVE THE PERFECT DOG FOR YOU!! IF YOU CAN NOT WORK WITH OUR PROGRAM BUT YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP, YOU CAN CONSIDER TO MAKE A DONATION TO DOG CAMP, YOU CAN DO IT USING PAYPAL paypal.me/DogCamp Contact us TODAY!!!! 65638686 / 69659423 dogcampboquete@gmail.com VID-20171214-WA0017.mp4
  10. Yesterday, Sunday September 9th, DogCamp went to check a situation in Alto Jaramillo and donated a bag of dog food for 12 dogs, Maria Luisa Colon Navarro contacted us asking for help.The owner of the dogs is Mr. Guillermo, he has 12 dogs (5 females and 7 males) that are needing to be spay and neuter, we will post pictures of all the dogs and we Will ask for sponsor for each dog. After the surgery all the dogs will be for adoption.If you want to Help, please Contact us 65638686 / dogcampboquete@gmail.comhttps://www.paypal.me/DogCamp 41322564_282639885671611_959663839936373226_n.mp4
  12. DOG CAMP HAS GREAT DOGS WAITING FOR YOU!!! WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET THEM? COME TO VISIT US!! CONTACT US: 65638686 / 69659423 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com
  13. DogCamp needs your support to continue working!! Our friend Chris Young is organizing an event at Big Daddy's at september 7thWe hope see you there! IF YOU CAN'T COME, YOU CAN CONSIDER TO MAKE A DONATION BT PAYPALhttps://paypal.me/DogCamp
  14. Hi, we are looking for a new place, because the neighboor who lives at our left is complaining now, after 2 and a half that we are here. He was caught stealing the money from the rent that we paid every month. He didnt paid complete or simply didnt pay to the owner. In the past an expat was living here and this guy, the neighboor, made the owner believe that the expat was still living here. The neighboor offered his help in translations to the owner, this is how he started to "help" the owner for charging the rent to the expat. When we found the place, the neighboor said he was the manager of the land and we trust him because he was know by one of our friend, then we sign a contract but now we know that he never showed it to the owner. One day the owner appear here saying why are you not paying the rent, but we show to him all the receipts and the contract, this is how the owner and us knew about the stealing. This guy never let the owner know about the New contract and also the owner was thinking that the old contract was finished, so he came to check gis property and that we me him. Because we discover that the neighboor was stealing the money, he took revenge complaining with Minsa, this institute said that everything is ok, but they can do nothing if just one neighboor is complaining. So they said we need to reduce the number of dogs asap or they can close the place. Now we are thinking that everything is for a reason so we are taking this as a posibility to be Big and better. It means we have a new challenge, find a better place for the dogs in Boquete, and start a new project with the experiencie you know we have. If two persons could create a shelter from nothing and help the animals from the community , we think a community can join forces to help us to build a better project. Please let us know how if you know some locations... Thanks! 6563 8686 (Magaly) 6965 9423 (Javier). If you want to now the name of the neighbor, send to us a PM, thanks
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