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  1. DogCamp Boquete

    DogCamp helping cats!!! :)

    Today were rescued two cats, both really sick and one of them with a big tumor. Both need surgery. Here is the PayPal that we are using now from our friend Kirsten, so if you wants to help these poor cats, make a donation. We have more pictures but they are really sad, if you would like to see them, please send to us a message or an email. dogcampboquete@gmail.com / 65638686 Here is the PayPal account DONATE TODAY!!!
  2. DogCamp Boquete

    Dog Camp Fundraising At Mike's Global Grill

    June 7th 5pm (THURSDAY) Mike's Global Grill and Boquete Outdoor Adventure are organizing a new Fundraising event for DogCamp!!! Come on and have a great time eating good food and listening good music by Edgar Vargas!! Get your ticket at Mike"s, Boquete Outdoors Adventures office at Los Establos and DogCamp!!We will have a raffle! Come and buy your tickets the same day of the event!!!Contact us 65638686
  3. DogCamp Boquete

    Visit DogCamp!!!

    Today our puppies received a nice visit, Aimee Langton, her husband and her three Beautiful children. Thank You for the visit!
  4. Thank you to JulieAnn Kehren and her husband Arlo who were fostering Beto-Boby, since today he will be part of the family and he is going to United States in two weeks! Another happy ending!!!! Remember if you want to adopt a dog/cat or if you want to be part of our Foster Program... Please contact us 65638686 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com
  5. DogCamp Boquete

    DogCamp & Amigos de Boquete!

    DogCamp and Foundation Amigos de Boquete working together! Thank you so much Philip McGuigan. 😉
  6. DogCamp Boquete

    Agility project at DogCamp! Coming soon!!!

    We have a group of 10 people from UK working so fast on the Agility project for dogs at DogCamp! Thank you so much to Jim Omer and Amy Brumfield from Boquete Outdoors Adventures, Ma;ana Madera Coffee, Value Motors and Nancy Bourque and his husband Gene for their support with this project!! Come to visit the DOGCAMP!!! 30361557_866376380231378_5475854337693450240_n.mp4
  7. Hello!!! We are working in a new project for the dogs at DogCamp and we need pallets. If you have some of them, would like to donate to us? Please contact us 65638686. Thank you!!
  8. DogCamp Boquete

    Beautiful Female Dog, Labrador For Adoption!

    Beautiful female Labrador, 2 years old, spayed and with all her shots. Her owner passed away in David and he didn't have family. Right now she is in a foster for a week. If you would like to meet her please contact us 65638686 / 69659423
  9. DogCamp Boquete

    Family Pet Festival Boquete!

    Family Pet Festival Boquete! Great event for the Community! Thank you so much for coming.
  10. DogCamp Boquete

    How was our day yesterday?

    How was our day yesterday?? 1. 8.45am Chris McColeman and Pauline Verkley came to walk the dogs, Chiki and Junior. 2. 9.30am Our friend Maureen from Angeles con Colita, came to pick up the cat traps that she borrowed from our friend Zoey Quimby. 3. 10.00am We received a call from our friend Laura Kasparian who was asking for help for a stray dog in the town. We went to get the dog and we notice that dog was very sick. We took the dog to Dr Chely who confirmed that the dog had distemper, so we had to take the sad decision to put sleep the dog?. Is the first time that we do that. Meanwhile Javier was the whole time with the dogs at the DogCamp. 4. 4:00pm we received the visit of our friend Stan, who came to donate two bags of puppy food and one bag of cat food. 5. 4:30pm We received the visit of our friends Amy Brumfield and Jim Omer from Boquete Outdoors Adventures, to prepare the ideas for an oncoming project. 6. 7:00pm We received the visit from our friend Ilona Backeley who came to donate a bag of dog food. 7. 12:30am Sadie, the pregnant dog was birthing her puppies (10 beautiful doggies) If you want to make a donation for these beautiful puppies, we will be at the Tuesday market or you can come to visit the dogs at DogCamp. Thank you!!!!!
  11. DogCamp Boquete

    (Reports of) Animal Abuse Increased in Panama

    DogCamp is helping to the Community! Today we had a meeting with the Corregidores and the Police at the event in the town, many people who loves the animals were there. The authorities are happy to help. We gave to them copies of the law, and talked about how we can continue working together. The last week we rescued a dog with the help of the Corregidores and the police. DogCamp could help and solved the problem in five days. The people who asked for help told to us that nobody, any group could help the dog during eight months. Now the dog is in a foster of the Fundation Angeles con Colita who works with DogCamp rescuing, teaching in many schools in Boquete and David and explaining to the owner the importance of Spay and Neuter their animals. Contact us: 65638686 / 69659423
  12. DogCamp Boquete

    Family Pet Festival Boquete!

    Come with your dog and enjoy the day!!! APRIL, SUNDAY 8TH START 9AM Amigos de Animales and DogCamp will be there at the gazebo with coloring books for the kids and the Educational program!!!
  13. DogCamp Boquete

    Thank yo to our great volunteers

    Thank you so much to our volunteers who were at the BCP today while we were at Panama City! They made a great work selling the DogCamp t-shirts. You can pre-order your DogCamp t-shirt!! Contact us 65638686 / 69659423 /dogcampboquete@gmail.com
  14. Dr Chely is a good vet, we love her, she come to see all the pack at DogCamp, deworm pills, shots, blood test, everything!!! DogCamp is in good hands! We are so happy for Anouk, we rescued this beautiful dog and thanks to Marcelyn and Bob who decided to foster Anouk, but they adopted him. ?
  15. DogCamp Boquete

    Second year - Educational Program!

    Because we work really really hard for animal welfare in Boquete. Today, we went to visit some schools for setting up the dates for our second year of Amigos de Animales - DogCamp Educational Program, because education is the key for the future. Thank you to Dalys from Amigos de Boquete and Sherry Shirritt!!!