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  1. Hi there, I would like to recommend this service for the ones who use to bring packages from anywhere in the World. They have very good rates and do not charge for volume, just the weight of the package. Their rates are the following: 1-10 pounds: $3.00 p/p 11-20 pounds: $2.80 p/p 20+ pounds: $2.50 p/p They also provide shipping protection for valuable packages. The price is determined by them. From what I know, it is a small percentage of the total cost of the product. The process is straightforward. You just contact them and they assign you the shipping address to receive the packages in the US. Usually, they take from 3-5 days to arrive. The contacts are: Cellphone: 6216-4241 Email: afxcarga@gmail.com In addition to this, they are also providing 3 free pounds by using my referral code "Joel Ledezma" when notifying them. This applies when the delivery in confirmed. This is the location: https://goo.gl/maps/yj2vVNp4zj15mQNW9 Due to the pandemic, they are using their warehouse at Multicargas for now. This is the location: https://goo.gl/maps/yPFKhMV6s3bhyELf7 They are also providing home deliveries. You have to contact them for the rates. So far, they have provided the best services in the province. I recommend them.
  2. This is so cool! I'm glad about you. Did they provide extra speed tiers? How's bandwidth behaving during peak hours? Tell us more.
  3. I asked one of the clerks at Terronal a few months ago but they said by then that only Boquete Downtown. Thus, the origin of this post. They told me that probably will be deploying to more places later on into the future.
  4. Offtopic: From what we know, no system is invulnerable. Even the ones made in this continent. At least in Panama, we don't have to fear about those bans or political persecution in this regard.
  5. The speed result is quite achievable for a DOCSIS device and as I see the MoCA adapter (right small device), I can assume that you are under cable and not fiber. I might be wrong. A picture from the connector side would be nice to see in order to clarify the technology.
  6. It is interesting to point out that sometimes ISP companies mistreat the technologies for the sake of confusion. Cable Onda so far here in Chiriqui use HFC which is a hybrid between cable and fiber optics. From what I know, they use optic cables for Premium services (Telecarrier's pure dedicated fiber) and for the nodes. So, they deploy their cabling from the nodes and for the end mile, they use normal coax cable. C&W also uses the same but they were announcing to be provisioning clients pure fiber (Fiber to the home) but for now, I was told that only in Boquete. A real FTTH connection will provide better stability, less latency, and overall better internet. With the plus that fiber does not get attenuated or to "get down" as coax does.
  7. I have not learned anything yet. The PON (Passive Optical Network) device is interesting to know about. I was wondering which ones is C&W using for this purpose.
  8. Hello there, I have a doubt regarding to internet services. For those who live at downtown Boquete, is there anybody who already has Fiber to the Home (FTTH)? From what I've heard, Cable & Wireless Panama started deploying their fiber-to-the-home services to boquete residents firstly. I wanted to know how good or bad it is; its ping, latency, speed, etc. Which type of PON devices are they providing and if the service is NATted or bridged (direct Public IP). Any information will be appreciated. Regards
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