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  1. until
    Affordable Transportation to Carla Black's Annual Heliconia plant sale. Only $45 per person includes round trip transportation from Boquete and lunch at Burricos mexican food restaurant in Volcan. Bus leaves Boquete at 8am on Saturday, June 23rd. We'll have snacks and water on the bus for the trip to Volcan. This is a large comfortable bus. You will have several hours to explore Carla's amazing property and buy plants. Then we'll go to lunch at Burricos in Volcan before we head back to Boquete. We should arrive back in Boquete about 5pm. If you are interested, contact Jackie Lange at txjackie@gmail.com Payment must be made in advance. More details about Carla's plants for sale at: http://heliconiagardenpa.wixsite.com/heliconiagarden
  2. After seeing a few one bedrooms, we realize this will not work. Condos will not work. My daughter needs at least 2-3 bedrooms in a Villa or a house in Valle Escondido. If you know of anything for rent, please let me know.
  3. I'm looking for a 1-2 bedroom furnished apartment/house in Valle Escondido. They arrive November 20th but I can rent now for the right place. Prefer 6 month lease minimum. Contact txjackie@gmail.com
  4. Looking for a quiet place to live? Zen Garden is the ideal location on Volcancito Road. This is a furnished 2 bedroom house with 1 1/2 baths. Amazing views. Electronic entry gate. Only $695 per month. Available October 1st to January 15th. Call 65178500 to make appointment to see or email txjackie@gmail.com See more details at www.ZenGardenRentals.com
  5. I have a 2 bedroom available on volcancito Road -- see www.ZenGardenRentals.com
  6. Does anyone know where I can buy jackfruit and jackfruit trees?
  7. My gardener decided to take a 1 month vacation ... again... without even telling me about it. I'm looking to hire a new gardener for 3 days per week in Volcancito. Any recommendations?
  8. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. Only 4 openings for the Learn Spanish in 3 Days Class June 16-18th. (a 3 day class from 9-5 with a 1 1/2 hour lunch break) You can see details about the class at: http://www.garyascott.com/2017/04/21/51402.html Will you walk away from this class fluent in Spanish? No! You cannot become fluent in any language in 3 days. But you will leave the class able to communicate in Spanish and/or communicate much better than you do now. The skills you learn will make it easier to continue to improve your Spanish. You'll feel much more confident speaking Spanish. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I know Gary Scott and asked him to bring this class to Boquete. I am not making a penny from the registrations. I'm simply helping him to promote the class)
  9. The facilitator I hired was paid $4,000 to put a roof on my house. When it started leaking, she would not come look at it, would not even attempt to get the roofers to come take a look, and she would not return my calls or emails, and would not take responsibility for getting the roof repaired. The same facilitator was hired to get a survey and get it recorded for some land I purchased. But the survey could not be recorded because the Panama government said it has a lot of problems. I tried to call this same facilitator to get the survey company out to fix the errors in the survey but she would not return my calls or reply to my emails. Another $1000 lost. Later, I hired another survey company to do a whole new survey which was easily recorded. The price was less than HALF what I paid the facilitator. I hired the facilitator to do these jobs at about the same time, not knowing there would be serious problems with both projects and that she would not fix or take responsibility for either. Maybe there are some good facilitators but the one I used was absolutely terrible! She has been doing this in Boquete for many many years. If you're in business but won't stand behind the work you do and won't even reply to customer problems, then you should not be in business.
  10. Last April, I hired a lady who arranges for repairs to be made at your house. She can arrange for maids, plumbers, roofers, etc. She hired a company to replace the roof at my house but it started leaking with the first rain. I emailed and called the lady who arranged for the roof replacement repeatedly but she would not return my calls or even come see the extensive leaks. I sent her photos of the water damage via whatsapp but she would not do anything. I will never use her again and would not recommend that anyone hire a "go between". It is better to deal directly with the company who will be performing the work. I finally hired someone else to repair the roof. He sealed the roof and painted it with silicone paint. All was good until these heavy rains we have had the last week. Now my roof is leaking again. I've had the person who fixed the roof before out three times but he can't find any cracks or places where the water could possibly be coming from. Do you have any recommendations of a professional roofing company who could fix these leaks? It is unfortunate that I paid 1000s of dollars a year ago to get the roof replaced but it leaks and the person who I hired to do the job will not fix it. I may need to replace the roof to solve the problem
  11. TxJackie

    Learn Spanish in 3 Days

    Does it sound impossible to learn Spanish in three days? Yes, it is impossible when you try to learn Spanish in the old, traditional way. However, there is a scientific method of learning… proven and described in numerous best selling books that create educational jumps by making education natural, easy and fun. This course works because it is education without stress! The course has been proven again and again by the thousands who have used this system designed by Gary Scott Many of my friends have been to this class and report that they actually do learn Spanish in 3 days. After the class they feel confident communicating in Spanish anywhere. So, I convinced the trainers to come to Boquete to teach the class because I know many here would love to be able to communicate better in Spanish but they don't have time to take a 2-3 month class. (including me!) The class has never been taught in Panama before and may never be taught in Panama again. Join us June 16-18th to Learn Spanish in 3 Days in beautiful Boquete See more details about the class and register at: http://www.garyascott.com/2017/04/21/51402.html The class is limited to 25 people. Sign up early to reserve your spot. Full Disclosure: Gary Scott is a good friend. I asked him to offer the class in Boquete because I thought many would appreciate being able to Learn Spanish in 3 Days. I do not make a penny by promoting this class. Many of my friends have taken the class and report that it is amazing and really works. So, I knew it would be good for the Boquete community.
  12. To set up an appointment to see Zen Garden, contact Jackie at txjackie@gmai.com or call in Panama 65178500 or from the USA call 972-591-8282
  13. Spectacular Views! Zen Garden rental, in Volcancito, is a two bedroom 1 1/2 bath, fully furnished home, includes queen size bed in one room, two twin beds in the other bedroom PLUS sofa, dining table & chairs, TV, 6 burner gas stove, refrigerator, washer & gas dryer, pots & pans, microwave, dishes, glasses, towels, sheets plus patio furniture. Electronic entry gate. There’s also a cozy fireplace and HUGE Patio. No pets. No smokers. Includes electricity, internet, water, trash pick up and weekly gardener. See photos at www.ZenGardenRentals.com $775 all-inclusive. Available April 15th to June 30th.
  14. Looking for a professional videographer for a 3-day seminar near Coronado. Will also need to have equipment/software to edit the video. If you are a videographer or know someone, please email txjackie@gmail.com
  15. TxJackie

    ACODECO in David

    I wonder if ACODECO can resolve a problem with a roof who installed my roof 6 months ago. As soon as the rains started, the roof started leaking. Now I have mold on the ceiling in my house and some of the sheetrock has started coming down. A different roofer said it was installed wrong and needs to be replaced. I think the person who installed it the first time should pay for a replacement roof plus replacing the ceiling in my house. Also, any recommendations for a GOOD roofer?