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  1. Serenity Vista is a residential addiction recovery retreat in Boquete. We are looking for a therapist/counselor/facilitator to join our amazing team. Specifically, we are interested in someone who could facilitate some sort of creative therapy, art, music or dance. If the creative arts are not your strong point, we are still interested to speak with you if you are skilled in other forms therapy. One or two, 2 hour sessions per week, based on your areas of expertise. This is not a volunteer position. Visit our website https://serenityvista.com to see what we are all about. Please send us an email describing your talents and interest in the position. jane@serenityvista.com.
  2. Looking for a high end, good quality used Elliptical Rider. Whatsap or call me 6839 0569
  3. Help Wanted: Art, Music, Drama, Dance - Serenity Vista is looking for a facilitator to spend 2 hours per week with our guests, in an experiential learning/healing session. In the past we have had artists, art therapists, drama therapists, voice/sound therapists, drummers - we are open to what you may have to offer. Person must be active addiction free, including nicotine, have excellent interpersonal skills, maturity and good boundaries. See https://serenityvista.com for info about our program. Contact jane@serenityvista.com with resume.
  4. I am so so saddened to hear of this tragedy Penny. I saw the funeral procession yesterday coming from Alberto's house, there were about 125 people walking and several cars following the hearse. I pray she rests in peace.
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