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  1. Rooikop

    Pocket Knives - Wanted

    there is alot more to me than just been a landscaper.
  2. Looking for US made pocket knives or sheath knives.maybe you have a few lying around in boxes or something.let me know if you have something steve
  3. Rooikop

    Visit of British Ambassador

    Hooray finally meet him .Bugger just remembered I am stuck in Nicaragua. sorry Ian maybe next time.
  4. just for everyone's information .I was at day 85 of a 180 day visa.I was denied entry .michelle was in her 5 month of the 6 month visa .denied entry.she was denied because she was with me.they did not look at her visa or passport .only because she was my wife ,was she denied.so is that a new visa rule as well.
  5. It's a good policy.i agree with it,one of the problems facing Europe right now.people enter as tourist and stay for ever.but it's always had a large amount of grey areas and weird loopholes.so does Panama. I have a corporation.a business licence.ruk no.my children went to school here all done legally.i paid over 15000 dollars to seguro sociale.but never got residence due to various things.i was never illegal.but fell foul of a system operating a huge grey area.this should be a great example of a flawed system and Some one caught in it.i don't want sympathy .I just want to navigate my way through the grey areas and get out of it.
  6. not hard.some places are expensive but on the whole not to bad.France is good.property is very cheap great place to live.depends on attitude of course.
  7. At the moment my wife and i are stuck in limbo here in Nicaragua. With all the problems and comments flying around regarding legal status .visa .requirements costs etc.and not one real piece of printed advice or confirmed government documentation just, he said .they said could be.maybe. I thought it would be good to see a country that does expat immigration .visitor visa etc,well.very well in fact. The country of Malaysia. when we chose to leave Australia .Malaysia was an option but we chose Panama Why ?property at the time was cheaper.but the process to stay 10 years ago was not as easy as made out.and I suppose we gave up trying through frustration , head banging and the fact in the end we left and went back to NZ. Have a look at a system which works and is so efficent. . Lawyers are government approved and veted.fees are fixed.and you can communicate directly with English speaking government officials. it's called the MM2H PROGRAM. http://mm2h.co/ The government site is in English and is easily understood. http://www.mm2h.gov.my/index.php/en/about-mm2h Just something think about when you have to translate 60 pages of documents into spanish.
  8. Apparently it was a Facebook video and was removed 2 hours after it was posted.interesting how things lost in translation.
  9. Yes I see that.ten years agowhen we applied in David we sent our papers off the lawyer Who told us it could not be done and send it to Zimbabwe. interestingly we met the honorary consul here in Panana and they certified it.which was acceptable.But we couldn't get police cerificates from Indonesia.New Zealand and Australia yes but there was a break in the paperwork and it was Indonesia.we have had so much conflicting advice and spent so much money on trying to get thing's done.it's not funny. also I have just checked and they would not have been able to apostil it anyway.
  10. don't worry I won't send it to Zimbabwe. Yes we have always been travellers and enjoyed it up to now. .we will see what happens in the next few days, but we are running out of time and money.and we might be on the move again.
  11. I was told to send my south african marriage certificate to Zimbabwe to be apostiled as South Africa does not apostil documents. .Great idea.!!!! would you send your original marriage certificate to Zimbabwe. ????