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  1. We use Express VPN and are streaming Hulu and others. 5 device access costs about $99 (I think). It works well on TV and other devices.
  2. Dottie, My husband and I recently opened Google voice accounts and Google voice supplies a US phone number. We then assigned those numbers to our accounts so when we need the verification texts (like you needed with PayPal), we receive them through the app on our devices. Perhaps this can work for you in the future.
  3. Great idea on the restaurant supply - I used a similar work-around by using an old male undershirt but would like to locate cheesecloth for the future.
  4. Has anyone located cheesecloth anywhere in the Boquete or David area? Thanks.
  5. It is also on the shelves of Dorado Plus at the checkpoint.
  6. Where is the schedule for the Tuesday talks?
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