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  1. https://www.knightsbridgefx.com/how-it-works/ the other is CARP.ca. Owned and run by Moses Znaimer. Thanks Keith
  2. Does anyone have any experience with this? Knightsbridge or CARP are offering to change Canadian dollars to USD by buying large amounts in bulk. One can deposit $2000CAD+ in their institution and have it redeposited it in your Canadian account in about 48 hours in USD, saving about 2% versus Canadian banks' exchange rates.
  3. The vast majority of Jubilados are Panamanian, aged over 58f or 62m. I AM interested in the number of expats with Tourist Visas, Pensionados and those with E-cedulas or have become full citizens and how much they respectively contribute to the economy.
  4. We started with Banistmo in '05, but moved on to Global. who have treated us well. No crazy fees and Carmen and Michele are always helpful. GIC's are 4 1/2% locked in, 3% open, better than Canada. Sending bulk money from Canada always goes through a clearing house in New York. They in turn send it to head offices in PC. They always use a Swiftcode. Every step of the way there is a fee, amounting to about $30-40. It takes about 5 working days. I'm sure US banks use the same procedure.
  5. An E cedula is a permanent residency card, like a social security card. It is not a pensionado indefinido visa. It is not related to immigration. I was at an airport coming here and I showed my Cdn passport. They said I couldn't enter Panama because it would expire too soon. I pulled out my cedula. There was a big AHA and I was in. I do not carry my passport here. I get waved through checkpoints, show it in restaurants for jubilado discuenta, no hassles. It is the same card every 18+ resident carries but with an E. It indicates a degree of legitimacy to Panamanians that I don't just have a per
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