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  1. https://www.knightsbridgefx.com/how-it-works/ the other is CARP.ca. Owned and run by Moses Znaimer. Thanks Keith
  2. Does anyone have any experience with this? Knightsbridge or CARP are offering to change Canadian dollars to USD by buying large amounts in bulk. One can deposit $2000CAD+ in their institution and have it redeposited it in your Canadian account in about 48 hours in USD, saving about 2% versus Canadian banks' exchange rates.
  3. Steven has a GO FUND ME site. http://www.gofundme.com/vznsr2t . I presume it's still active. I visited them in Chorcha a couple of weeks ago and they were working hard to restore the sanctuary. He and Michelle were going to Costa Rica to get some specialty plants for some people and a job he was working on in Portrerillos. They really deserve help as they have had extreme duress trying to create something wonderful at the Howler Monkey Hideaway.
  4. The vast majority of Jubilados are Panamanian, aged over 58f or 62m. I AM interested in the number of expats with Tourist Visas, Pensionados and those with E-cedulas or have become full citizens and how much they respectively contribute to the economy.
  5. I need someone to repair the electronic ignition on my Samsung FX510 gas range. ASAP, cost not a major factor. 6799-7855
  6. Come and join us Thursday @ 10:30 - 12:00 to find out about how we support the whole community. Sweets and coffee provided. BHHF provides medical equipment, meals, transportation, home visits by trained volunteers, referrals and any form of assistance we can to help enhance the quality of life to those in need. This encompasses those recovering from illness, those in need of palliative care, those temporarily unable to manage aspects of their life. We all know of people in these situations, and one day may be facing them ourselves. Come and find out who we are and how we do it.
  7. There was no 'residents and citizens' line yesterday. We were fingerprinted and iris scanned. First time in my life. Who is this information shared with? I've got a pretty good guess.
  8. I have some small mandevilla [4" pots] that I want to bring from Canada. I will remove the earth and keep the roots damp. Will I get them through customs?
  9. We came in March '05 for 5 days before had an offer in on some land. Completely out of character, but we haven't regretted it 1 moment. I believe following your gut trumps rationality in cases like this. Just go for it. Don't rent, buy. Get good advice though, from reliable professionals.
  10. OHIP requires that you meet the residency requirements of 153 days for 5 consecutive years between extensions - Vacation/Other Reason Two-year terms (provided specific residency requirements are met for 5 years between each term) Ontario Drug Benefits aren't available during this time.
  11. It is our understanding that Mort passed away last night. I don't have further details.
  12. Some very sage advice and comments here. My 2 centavos. I feel Casa Vieja will make it through service, word of mouth and maybe Michelle is capable of accepting advice. Mar del Grau deserves a chance. Try it out. Two Sailors is right on with their list except for Mango's new iteration. Craig and Maureen were shafted there by the building's owner. So will the new operators be. We won't go there because they illegally manipulate jubilados. Same goes for Retrogusto.
  13. Matia is from Tuscany via Paris. He's very young and exuberant. His specials are good and he has a large menu. In time he will mature into a bona fide chef. I can't sit at some of his tables that he brought from the old place [legs too long], the service is good when he's in the kitchen and not at his taco truck, and we will go back again. Right now I would give Il Barola a C+.
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