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  1. Maggie's List (our pet care resource listing) Issue 1.30, Re-published June 20, 2018, Updated Charlies Pet Fashion location change
  2. There is a new website that is now live for pet sitting and dog walking services for Panama that is currently for just Panama City. We saw this on PTY life web site. https://www.petkii.com/ We have registered and looked over the site. Very impressive. We have contacted the administrators to see who is behind this site and when and if they will cover Chiriqui. This is a great advance for a pet care website resource for Panama. We hope they succeed tremendously! Stay tuned!
  3. http://www.thepanamanews.com/2018/05/stronger-penalties-for-animal-cruelty-go-into-effect/ Long overdue!
  4. Cargo: http://www.copacargo.com/html/user/default.aspx?pageid=13&lang=es In Cabin: https://www.copaair.com/es/web/ca/en-cabina-o-registrado#
  5. https://www.liveandinvestoverseas.com/in-focus-panama/panamas-forgotten-animals/
  6. Two4Paws

    Record of animal deaths on airlines

    LA Times/ United Airlines new pet travel policy http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-united-airlines-pet-travel-20180501-story.html
  7. This is new place going in close by La Ceiba bakery. Does anyone have any information? There is a Charlies Pet Fashion on FB.
  8. Please check out some colorful updates/logos added to the pet care resource. If you would like to add your logo please PM us or em to pet.vet.info @chiriqui.life Please attach your low res logo.
  9. Two4Paws

    Top Cat and Tails Wine Tasting Gala Benefitting Salvadores de Animales


    BRAVO! We all look forward to this event.
  10. Two4Paws

    Association Of Panama Veterinarians

    A few weeks ago a vet came to our house to treat one of our dogs. First time using this vet. We inquired about the vets' certification. The vet replied with a very vague answer and never said where they were certified to be a Vet. The "Vet" misdiagnosed our dog completely. Luckily we figured it out pretty quickly and brought her to another vet. We would suggest anyone using a Vet here inquire about the vets schooling and certification. You have a right to know!
  11. Pretty impressive organization. I wonder how many Chiriqui Vets are members? http://www.apmvpanama.com/
  12. Maggie's List (our pet care resource listing) shown above was updated today to (Issue 1.28, Re-published April 9th, 2018, REPUBLIC OF PANAMA HEALTH MINISTRY DEPARTMENT OF ZOONOSIS CONTROL INFORMATION TO INTRODUCE SMALL ANIMALS IN THE COUNTRY )
  13. Two4Paws

    (Reports of) Animal Abuse Increased in Panama

    Thank you! Your work is appreciated!