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  1. This Monday morning we are talking trash on Radio Chiriqui 103.3 FM from 10 AM to 11 FM You won't want to miss this
  2. Stop by our table at the Tuesday Market have your blood pressure checked. Don't miss The Healthy Living Series talk Meditation for Health and Happiness on July 30 at the Tuesday Market. Click here to view in Web Browser
  3. Buenos Dias from Finca Santa Marta For those new to Panama, I would like to give you some information about us and what we do. Finca Santa Marta is a Certified Organic farm located in Western Chiriqui near the town of Santa Marta, just off the InterAmericana Highway. It is owned and operated by Ron Miller along with the help of 8 dedicated Panamanian employees. All the vegetables we grow at FSM are Certified Organic. We also distribute near-organic products produced by trusted associates. We are always at the Tuesday Morning Market with a large display of our products. You will find our tables to the right, as walk around the outside of the hex room, under the canopy You can place a order online for pickup at the Market Tuesday morning or delivery to drop off points in Dolega or David on Tuesday afternoon. See our web site at http://www.fincasantamarta.biz/ to place an order or to see what all we offer. Or you can email me through the web site or WhatsApp me at 540-560-9680 if you have any questions. Here is a partial list of the organic or near organic products we offer: Kale Collard Greens Arugula Bok Choy Chocolate Powder Dandelion Romaine Lettuce Red Leaf Lettuce Butterhead Lettuce Malabar Spinach Mustard Greens Hot Peppers Jicama Okra American Spinach Salad Mix Sweet Potatoes Cucumbers Tatsoi Cherry Tomatoes Alfalfa Sprouts Coconut oil Sunflower Sprouts Limes Oranges Manzana Bananas Ginger Galangal Turmeric Fresh Cut Herbs Herb Plants Moringa – fresh and dried Pesto Free Range Eggs Free Range Chickens Epsom Salts And much more. What can we harvest fresh for you this week? Ron Miller and the FSM Crew
  4. Hi Drummers, Our July Full Moon Drum Circle is this Sunday the 14th. We drum at 6 pm but thanks to Casa Viejo Restaurant, they now offer a great drummers dinner special. Boquete Drummers will meet at 4 pm for a group meal. The Special is fish or chicken, sides, green salad, dessert and a free beer or soda for the special price of only $9.00 including tax! This offer is open to the public and is available before and after drumming. Remember, the bar at Stone Cabins opens at 6 and there's free loaner drums! Free Fun For Everyone.
  5. The Boquete Birders invite visitors and new birders on an easy bird walk through the back streets of Boquete. This is a short introduction to birding. Join us and learn a little about our local birds. Bring binoculars and cameras if you have them. Bring a bottle of water (and a snack if you’d like). Tuck an umbrella in your backpack in case of rain. Sorry, no dogs allowed. R.S.V.P. required. (The guide will not be there if there are no replies) Boquete Backyard Birdwalk Date: July 19, 2019 Location: Plaza Los Establos Gazebo (not the gazebo in the park) Time: 7:45 am (ends about 11:00 am) * RSVP to Ann van Denburgh boquetebirder@gmail.com
  6. The sale is next Saturday, July 20. We can accept donations through Thursday of this week.
  7. 10:30 in the BCP Theater Your $1 admission helps us keep the doors open Tuesday, July 16 - Zapatillos de Dios is sponsored by the church of San Juan Bautista and distributes sneakers to children in need around Boquete. The next distribution will be at Casa Esperanza on Sept. 21. There are 220 children there on a daily basis and the organization currently has just 80 pairs of shoes. Come hear how you can help put shoes on the little feet of Boquete. Bill McAbee and Donna O’Brien will tell you about Las Zapatillas de Dios, God’s sneakers. Donna O’Brien and her husband Ken came to Boquete on vacation 12 1/2 years ago. Ken was already retired and Donna was looking for the right place that would allow her to be able to do. She found it in Boquete. They bought a house while here on vacation and finally were able to leave Washington state for good one year later. When asked if they like Boquete they laughingly reply, “We must! We’re still here!” Donna comments that what has made Boquete special is the amazing people they have met here. Bill McAbee and his wife Anne vacationed in Boquete in 2010 while researching several future retirement destinations in Central America. Their time table to relocate to BQT was accelerated dramatically by an unexpected sale of their ranch residence in Colorado. Now in their 8th year full time, they enjoy equally spending time with Panamanians and Expats. Bill has been teaching English class at the library for 3 years. Moderator: Louise Orr Tuesday, July 23- Understanding Your Emotional Intelligence – Emotional Intelligence is defined as a set of competencies demonstrating the ability one has to recognize his or her behaviors, moods and impulses and manage them best according to the situation. This brief seminar will help you understand your emotions and their meanings and uncover productive ways to manage them. Our speaker, Jo Clem, will base her Talk on research completed by Harvard University. Jo has over two decades of training and development experience in Brazil, The Netherlands, Singapore, Scotland and China. Moderator: Cheryl Schmidt Tuesday, July 30 – Meditation for Health and Happiness. Boquete Health and Hospice presents another in its Healthy Living Series: Meditation was once considered just a spiritual practice, commonly associated with Buddhism. Over the past 20 years the universal practicality of a meditative practice has become a studied technique for health and happiness. Today medical doctors and psychologists regularly prescribe meditation as a positive treatment for many physical and psychological issues. This presentation will cover the identified positive effects of meditation as noted in the medical literature, a brief overview of various meditative practices prescribed in modern medicine and a brief, audience participation demonstration. Come find a practical, free process to greater health and happiness. Merl Will-Wallace has a Masters degree in mental health counseling and over twenty years of counseling experience. Merl personally utilizes a regular meditative practice and has taught meditation in private and group therapy sessions for many years. Moderator: Joanie Feuerstein Tuesday, August 6 - TBD Tuesday, August 13 – Kaytee Hoverson Tuesday, August 20 – TBD Tuesday, August 27 - TBD Tuesday, October 1 – The Healthy Living Series by Boquete Health and Hospice Presents Diabetes: How Sweet It Is - NOT. Linda Archer will present this topic. Linda has over 40 years of diverse experiences as an RN working in ICU, Critical Care, ER and a focus on cardiovascular. Prior to moving to Boquete, Linda taught nursing assistants at a career school. Linda serves as the Boquete Health and Hospice CPR Coordinator for training. Bring your questions. Tuesday, November 19 – What the Heck is Boquete Health and Hospice and why must Ex-Pats know about BHH? A panel discusses and fields your questions about the BHH purpose that goes beyond hospice care. Topics addressed are the BHH free services from our procedures for respiratory services, equipment loan program including canes to hospital beds and how to access blood for surgeries and other BHH assistance. The panel will preview our revised “Be Prepared” workshop on how to plan for a health issue here under the laws of Panama. If you have chosen to live here whether forever or as a snow-bird, you can’t afford to miss this presentation. To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings, please email talks@eventsboquete.org To become a vendor at the Tuesday market, Facility Manager
  8. The “Biggest Little Festival in the World” in Boquete February 13-16, 2020 Fabulous lineup, beautiful venues, GREAT Super Early Bird Ticket Pricing! Tickets starting at $99 for 3-day passes. Discount ends August 31st so don’t delay! Tickets available online at www.mieventos.com/event-detail/2020bjbf If you need assistance with cash purchase in Boquete, contact Debbie Wilson, sales@boquetejazzandbluesfestival.com
  9. Another in a series of concerts hosted by Fundacion Biblioteca de Boquete was performed on Sunday, July 7th. The Concierto de Guitarra was well attended (a full louse) and based on the energetic applause and standing ovations it was enjoyed by the audience. The postproduction work on the video files has now been completed, and posted in a topic on the Chiriqui.Life (CL) website for public access. That topic includes the performance announcement as well as photographs taken during the show, and the program brochure. Here is a link to the review and the video recordings: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/12756-guitar-concert-at-the-boquete-library. Simply scroll down to the reply with the video recordings and the pictures, etc. Membership on CL is ***not*** required in order to access this content. However, CL membership is free and opens up access to all of the content on CL. If you wish to register, click on the "Sign Up" icon in the upper right corner on the home page. Helpful hint: to get to the CL home page from anywhere on CL, just click on the masthead photo that displays at the top of every page. Bud and Marcelyn Owners/Administrators of Chiriqui.Life -- support@chiriqui.life www.chiriqui.life
  10. This kitty appeared at our doorstep in the Boquete Country Club on Sunday night. He's very friendly and clean and has no fleas. He must belong to someone. If you are missing this little guy, please give me a call. I'm keeping him safe and fed. I know this email won't make it to everyone so if this isn't your cat, please check with your neighbors - someone must be very worried about him. Encontré este gato en el Boquete Country Club domingo por la noche. Si él es su gato, por favor, llama me o escribe me. Si no, por favor habla con sus vecinos sobre este gato. él es alguien mascota. Gracias. Thanks much Nancy Lape 6942-3973. (I'm also on Whatsapp)
  11. These are the benefits You will receive through the BodyMind Dojo Tai Chi Principles Class: Everyone will receive support through videos to help You recall practice steps & posture exercises. The total form will be taught emphasizing how to fluidly & most naturally flow from one position into another. From day one You will be taught simple movements to help release chronic tension as you learn the form. Class emphasis will be on improving your posture & balance. This will help realign your body as you become more present & grounded. You will be taught how to adjust the steps to overcome any physical limitations. You will learn how to use movement sequences to flow through the steps in the form. You can join the class at anytime. The class format is designed to help You integrate the powerful Tai Chi Principles without worrying about the form. For more information, a free consultation and to register, contact Gilberto (AKA Andei) at WhatsApp 6678-4297 or gbvdco@gmail.com. Class fee is $30.0 for four consecutive classes & meets Saturdays from 11 am to 12:30 -- Gilberto (aka Andei) Step-by-Step Better Body Balance Methods BodyMind Dojo https://www.facebook.com/bodyminddojo/ "Do less, be more"
  12. Translations? Legal Translations? Yes, you are in the right place Do you have a need for translations from English to Spanish or vice versa? Qualifications and experience are both important for you to receive maximum benefits because qualifications without practical knowledgeable sensitivity are incomplete in their service to you. In Panama for official translations it is mandatory for the translator to have a stamp. I am happy to announce that I have had this stamp for eight years and I am a native Panamanian with working knowledge of the country and its customs and legal system etc. I have been translating legal and personal documents for individuals, legal representatives, Government Agencies, the Police Department, International Organizations, authors, etc. At your service…………………. Jacqueline Fuentes, Authorized Public Translator You can now contact me at: 6604-8676 Whats App: 6907-3411 Email: jackylescure22@gmail.com
  13. Beginner Intensive – Watercolor Painting Six Days in August 2019 August 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, and 23 This is your opportunity to meet new friends, have fun, and experience watercolor painting. To Register your Intent to Join us, send an email to: foothillgal44@yahoo.com Join a very small circle for a unique creative experience, taught by a professional teacher and watercolor painter. We meet in a beautiful setting at my home in Palo Alto. For more information about myself and for reviews about classes, go to www.barbarawillwallace.com My paintings can be viewed at Colibri Restaurant Emphasizing demonstrations and practice, this class covers the basics of what a new painter needs to know: the elements of composition , color choices, creating drama, various painting techniques: blending, lifting, dry brush, washes, hard and soft edges etc., the many ways to use your brushes, and the sometimes confusing array of materials available on the market. Bring your questions and prepare to have a wonderful time. Number of artists: only 6 - Beginners and Inter. Beginners. To register, email your intent to foothillgal44@yahoo.com Fee: $125 All materials provided including professional 140 lb. paper, professional brushes and high grade student paints. Materials to keep: small palette, a #10 round brush, color wheel, paints throughout the class, a pad of professional paper, a kneaded eraser and color references. Classes are held on Wednesdays and Fridays for three weeks from 10 am to 12 pm. Dates of classes in August 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, and 23 All the best, Barbara Will-Wallace Watercolor Artist & Teacher Email: Barbara@barbarawillwallace.com Web: www.barbarawillwallace.com Phone Panama: 6972-5077
  14. A Few Words From BCP If you have attended the Tuesday Market or visited the BCP building in the past few months, you have no doubt noticed some changes. We’d like to take just a few minutes to explain what has been happening, and our plans for the future. Over the past year, we have conducted numerous informal polls of patrons who visit the BCP Tuesday Market. We have also visited and observed the operation of similar markets throughout Panama and Costa Rica. The outcome of these events was the recognition that the most successful and durable markets are organized by the type of products being sold. This was also the most frequently heard request from our patrons. As a result of these activities, the BCP Board and our Market Manager began the process of identifying how we could reorganize our market for the best use of space, best presentation for patrons, and most successful outcome for our vendors. During this process, we examined the available space, the need to remodel portions of our building to maximize efficiency and the desire to be equal and fair to everyone involved. The process of relocating vendors to group similar types of vendors in specific areas began about two months ago. As we began the Market changes, we also acquired a new tenant (TapOut Sports Zone) whose business plan required the use of more floor space than was previously used. BCP and TapOut consider themselves partners in this venture and it was in everyone’s interest to provide TapOut with additional space to ensure their success. This impacted some space available for the Tuesday Market, so we have made several adjustments to accommodate TapOut’s needs and balance those with the Market’s needs. Our goal is to complete the Market reorganization within the next few weeks, and we will be providing maps that show the new location of Market vendors to make it easier for you to navigate the Market. We understand that change can be confusing, but we hope you’ll bear with us as we move toward the future. BCP and TapOut have joined together to make numerous improvements to the Hex Room and covered patio areas already and BCP would like to continue making improvements in and around the rest of the building. We are currently having architectural plans drawn that will highlight improvements to the lobby, theater, bathrooms, and some outdoor areas. Our intention is to provide more space for Market vendors in the future, as well as to improve theater areas, remodel the lobby to be elegant and inviting, and make necessary changes to the electrical, plumbing and other internal systems. We hope you will continue to support BCP and the Tuesday Market, and look forward to seeing you there!
  15. Let us know if you want more information or want to get involved in our activities. Regards, Laura -- Laura G. Daniel, QEP, CPEA President, 2019-20, Club Rotario de Boquete (504) 582-4167 (US office) (409) 933-3020 (home office) 011-(507) 6670-0764 (Panama Mobile) or (WhatsApp)
  16. Woman's World Cup Final USA vs The Netherlands @ Tap Out Sports Zone 7 July 2019 VIMEO https://vimeo.com/346863687 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/100000700576218/videos/2583054485061212/
  17. Cafe Serracin is a small coffee farm located in Alto Quiel. The farm is more than 100 years old. It offers whole bean and ground coffee bags at the BCP Market, at the table of Donna Wendt, accross from Santa Marta farm and at Sugar & Spice Bakery. During more than 100 years, Cafe Serracin has given employment to the Nobe groups, and in that way, has helped them to send their children to school. With your support, Cafe Serracin will continue offering jobs to the Nobe, improving their lives.
  18. Tuesday Talk is taking a break this week - please check News Boquete and Facebook for future Talks! Sheila Strunk shestrunk@gmail.com (507) 6880-3059
  19. This month We offer a massage therapy for people are doing different types of exercise. The massage going to work in the muscles, 40 minutes for $30.00 all this month july. We are located in alto boquete, místic Garden village of houses, 6287-4633 Hericka vanegas THERAPYST MASSAGE
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