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  1. ACCB (Association of Community Charity of Boquete) replaced the former IPA (International Police Association). IPA limited membership, and assistance only to the police. Hence we started our own charity. ACCB is dedicated to support first responders as well as anyone in need in Boquete. Besides our continued support of the Police, Fire and EMTs we have provided financial support to local churches, families and extended families. We continue to host the annual Christmas party to collect gifts for all needy children in Boquete. Something few other groups do, we give financial support to other charitable organizations in Boquete. Our dues are only $30/yr, and with our member trips, like our recent bus trip to the new Canal and Duty Free Zone, we support the community and have fun doing it. We will focus some interest into the new Recycle Project in Boquete. Lic. Martin Santamaria Castillo has been working on our Association paperwork (tax exempt status) and it will be completed soon.
  2. Karina is the onsite manager. Lilli, the owner, lives in Panama City. Best to Whatsapp (6678-1278) Karina for questions and appointments.
  3. The mission of the Amigos Boquete Comunidad (ABC) is to assist the Boquete Community, its citizens and residents, along with the first responders, by providing training, support and aid. ABC was the former IPA (International Police Association) started in 2013. In 2016 we expanded our focus to helping the entire community of Boquete. ABC hosted a Christmas party on December 6th, 2016, at La Posada to collect gifts for the needy children of Boquete. Over 100 gifts were given at the party as well as $50.00 in cash donations. Additional gifts were purchased with the donation money. The gifts were divided up to several groups to cover as many areas of Boquete as possible. The groups who received gifts were Bill and Gina Park Ministries, Louise Orr with Buenos Vecinos de Boquete, San Juan Baptiste Catholic Church to children in Los Naranjos area and to Miguel Castillo owner of El Rocio Restaurant located behind the new market. Miguel has been hosting a Christmas party on December 31 for all the local children for the past 25 years. More recently we have paid for the porta potty at the police check point on the main highway at Caldera Road and purchased $100.00 of personal care products to abused young girls currently under the watchful eye of the Boquete nuns. It is our intention to continue to support all the residents in Boquete. This will be the 2nd annual Poker Run we've hosted in Boquete. It is a fundraiser to be able to continue to support local groups and residents. A Poker Run or "walk" in our case, takes place during a afternoon of walking around the town of Boquete to participating local businesses. At each location a card is picked to build your poker hand. It usually lasts about 2-3 hours allowing enough time to visit each location and enjoy their specialty. Last stop is Senor Gyros where our judges will be on hand to determine the best hand winner. Additional cards can be purchased to increase your chance of winning. There will be lots of prizes to win besides the first prize. Its a great afternoon of fun, it isn't based on time. Unlike the word Run, it should say Fun. You do not have to be a gambler or a poker player to participate and win. Mark and Gary at Senor Gyros are fabulous hosts!
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