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  1. Is anyone able to advise how far ahead a Panamanian drivers licence can be renewed. For example if the expiry date is 30 July can it be renewed in early June? My apologies if this is in the incorrect area or has already been dealt with. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Canadian native Indian art (from the British Columbia region) - Signed / limited edition / framed For enquiring minds: the frog becomes a bird. Asking $195 OBO Whatsapp 64789852 // email: lbowes2010@gmail.com or respond to this add
  3. The wood is sold, dark Australian wood and the chairs have tapestry covering. They are in good condition. They are called convict style chairs because the design comes from the chairs that were popular when the first convicts were transported from England to Australia. Asking $240 (OBO) Please WhatsApp 64789852 or email: lbowes2010@gmail.com
  4. Excellent news about the success of the sale. Well done to the organizers & the wonderful volunteers.
  5. On receiving the email from News Boquete about this sale I queried the person organizing the garage sale, via email, & asked why they were having a garage sale on the same day as the Handicap Foundation. The response to my email was why was I asking & what business was it of mine. When I responded that this was one of the two big days the Handicap Foundation had in a year and that they really counted on the funds to help the needy in the area the response I received was that people love to go to more than one garage sale in a day so I shouldn't be concerned. I then responded that this may be the case in a larger center but in this area there are limited funds and a limited # of people & that the H.F. really counted on this fundraiser. To that I received no further response. Surely Animales could have refused to rent their building for that particular day in support of another charitable foundation - after all, & as someone else has already mentioned , this event has been planned for quite some time.
  6. We thoroughly enjoyed it also and the meal was just great. A huge thank you to all those who made it happen. Sure hope it will be an annual event. Lorrie & Bob.
  7. Have you found anyone yet? If not I will ask my housekeeper who comes to us tomorrow and lives in Potrerillos.
  8. Hi - tried emailing but Google says it can't deliver at the moment but it will try for another 44 hours!! So to save it the trouble - 2 of us (both Canucks) are interested in your plan for a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. Willing to help where we can. Thanks - Lorrie & Bob Bowes 64789852
  9. Looking for King size bed frame. Please contact Bob on 64790830
  10. It's hard to tell what their operating hours are. Sometimes we go by around the noon hour and they are open and sometimes not so I'm not sure. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  11. We had dinner here on Friday night. We all had hamburgers and fries and everyone was impressed with the quality and quantity of the food. Beer & white wine only at that time. Service was very friendly & efficient but not unexpected given we were the only ones there. We will return - unless they are forced to close due to lack of business.
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