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  1. As did Boquete Guide after Lee Zeltzer passed.
  2. We got stuck in this mess this morning. The Policia National allowed us to turn around and drive south on the north bound lanes to a gravel road then to a paved road re-entering via Boquete at the intersection where Farmacia los Anastacios is located. The total delay was 20 minutes. It could've been much worse!
  3. Worthless government employees.
  4. "making such changes as the reduction to 3 consecutive months of stay in the country" Has the 180 days been reduced to three months?
  5. Penny, Apparently this individual doesn't know Spanish. Who should bear that cost? Immigration in the United States offers free interpretation services in 12 languages as well as handing out vouchers for free stays at Marriott hotels and debit cards for food, clothing, booze, as well as free public and private education, but then again they're bankrupt. I sure hope that Panama doesn't go that route.
  6. Yes, the owner asked from day one to help get Panamanians to shop there because he knew that their business couldn't survive on gringos alone. They are constructing another building on the property in David where the original store is, perhaps they're expanding there.
  7. I shopped there last Thursday and they had a delivery of steel and a welding crew making what looked like an awning for the front of the building. They may have just temporarily removed their sign. I hope! They're closed on Mondays.
  8. I need to purchase new curtains for several windows, do any of the department stores or home improvement centers in David sell pre-made curtains in standard sizes?
  9. Report the presence of sea snakes in El Uverito Alcibíades Cortez, Special for the Press | PLAYA UVERITO, Los Santos 26 Mar 2017 - 15: 00h The bathers at El Uverito beach, Las Tablas district, in Los Santos, reported on Sunday, March 26, about the sighting of sea snakes on that coast. The information was confirmed by different authorities of the province who added that the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) placed a red flag on the beach, after the evaluations of the lifeguard was placed yellow flag. The sighting of sea snakes on the beach El Uverito, occurs 48 hours after a green turtle of the species Chelonia mydas was stranded on the same site. According to the fishermen of the region its presence in the area is not usual.
  10. Agreed 100%. However, as we know, there's been a lot of pain with phase one, to go five consecutive years like this would be tough.