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  1. Some very interesting comments about Boquete both in the Youtube video below and the associated public comments. My favorite: "Living in the Boquete area the past 8 years...let me tell you about the downside. ..... find a gated community with armed guards." I think I've visited every gated community here in Boquete over the years and I never recall seeing armed guards! **** Best Place to Retire in the World - Boquete Panama ( Growing Up Without Borders ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlwXNSUFVW0& ****
  2. Keith, You wrote: "I don't think the Speaker in Canada's Parliament or the U.S. Congress would allow this radical's defamatory rhetoric." You apparently didn't have the opportunity to watch the recent impeachment hearings in the U.S. Congress, you would've thought they were prosecuting Attila the Hun!
  3. It looks as though an old time practice may end here in Boquete. People can no longer charge for parking in public areas or right of ways and may be subject to fines of $100 to $500.
  4. Grupo Aguas in Alto Boquete located just north of Ivan's Ferreteria/Supermercado now sells and stocks Rheem brand tank based hot water heaters. They've got both electric and gas models in 30, 40, and 50 gallon sizes. The 50 gallon electric and gas models are priced (including tax) at $358 and $480 respectively. They've even got a stash of spare parts on hand too! There's a 50 gallon unit with my name on it! No more having to rely on the folks in David for service! For those who don't know they're the go to guys in Boquete for all of your water system needs. https://grupoaguas.com/ Monday – Friday 8.00 am -12.00 pm and 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm Saturday 8.00 am – 12 pm Phones +507 720 3637 +507 6676 4715 info@grupoaguas.com
  5. Last year Costa Rica's new president proposed a 25% hike on fuel. He also proposed that they would be free of fossil fueled vehicles by the year 2021 but then changed that to 2050. I sure hope that our president doesn't follow suit!
  6. Keith, You wrote: "Why drill a tunnel underneath the Canal if there's a bridge above?" Because they can. All joking aside, the probability is that there's a company who builds tunnels looking for contracts and is willing to pay the right price to do so.
  7. You're correct, there's end to end encrytion in the Whatsapp client software. However, if either end is compromised malicious messages could be sent.
  8. I just successfully signed in. However, online my "oficina" shows that I owe the balance for the October statement but the actual statement online says its been paid. I paid it quite a while ago. Strange.
  9. I don't know what they're doing now but at the bottom of that ravine they dug they installed large water lines, say a good 3' to 5' in diameter in size before they covered them up.
  10. For Amazon or internet sales people without bank accounts or credit or debit cards just do what they've been doing for decades, purchase items using money orders from banks, pharmacies, etc. In fact online retailers such as Amazon have also accepted their own gift cards which can be purchased at 100,000s of retail locations in addition to using the new Amazon Pay service which too is just as widely available. There are countries that do not discriminate, I'm sure that Panama will do so eventually.
  11. In my home country one way they banned discrimination of poor people was simply by banning businesses that only accepted payments using credit cards. One was a popular chicken restaurant chain. Until the ban all poor people could do was gaze in the window and look at that chicken. Or better yet wait for a lucky privileged customer to open the restaurant door and then catch a whiff of that amazing chicken. I feel for the poor people of Panama without credit cards, watching all of those beautiful, clean, insured, Uber cars driving by and thinking to themselves what it would be like to enjoy a premium transportation option for less money.
  12. Interesting. In some parts of the world this practice would be banned since it's discriminatory towards people who can't afford to maintain bank accounts let alone credit or debit cards.
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