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  1. In Boquete Mountains Discovered "Giant 4 Leaf Clover!"

    http://boquete.ning.com/forum/topics/any-reason-for-banning-frank-gruber-from-ning? http://boquete.ning.com/forum/topics/regarding-frank-gruber
  2. It's been more than two years since I've done a shopping run at Paso Canoas. Is that $5 parking lost still open across from the fire station. You make the second to last right before the border and it was on the right about a block down I believe.
  3. Judy, Thanks, that's good to know. As Keith mentioned, the whole idea is not to use conventional plastic bags however the retail industry refused to switch to the biodegradable ones due to cost hence the bill. I'm curious as to how much more they are.
  4. High-Pressure Hose Repair

    Additional helpful information.
  5. I find it convenient using these plastic bags from the grocery store while cooking. I'll use several for food waste, eggs shells, bones, vegetable peelings, etc., all to be placed in a larger trash bag in a can for pickup. Will it be illegal to use these privately in your home? Where can these bags be purchased in bulk? I've never looked for them at Pricesmart.
  6. The food there is spectacular! Unfortunately it's outdoors and way too hot most of the time but it it's comfortable on a rainy day.
  7. Boquete Plaza Live Cams

    Jim, The final camera (# 2) went dark the day they installed the free WiFi in the park. Perhaps it was a bandwidth issue.
  8. I heard that the circus that's normally held in David is also going to be held at the fair ground in Boquete. is this true?
  9. I know for a fact that "prepared" foods and "raw" foods must be kept in separate coolers here in Panama. This was the reason that butcher closed down at Plaza San Francisco a couple of years back, the health department required them to purchased a second cooler to separate their meats which they chose not to. John, As for the handling, there could very well be additional requirements since coming into contact with prepared foods is safe whereas it isn't for meats such as raw chicken.
  10. I eat there once a week, the best typico in David.
  11. Keith, You're not going when I am because I always see expats there. It's just a timing thing.
  12. After getting my hair cut on Calle 2a Sur I noticed a new Restaurant/Produce store across the street and a few doors down (map attached). It's only been there one month, all new, 1/2 of the building is a produce store and the other half is a cafe/restaurant. Nicely done, they spent some money on this place. The prices are reasonable, I ended up purchasing cabbage, lettuce, and some really scrumptious looking tomatoes. A photo of the tomatoes are attached. The tomatoes were 80 cents per pound which is priced at the high end for tomatoes at the market. Their selection is excellent, they certainly take their time in selecting their produce at least with the tomatoes as there wasn't a bad one in the bunch. I wanted six, I picked six, all perfect.
  13. Passport of Henry Gibson Hayes

    It looks as though he passed away last December.
  14. Customs Definition of "Ordinary" Kitchen Knife

    That brings up an excellent question, are all of the mail forwarding services treated equally. MBE has their own employee at customs at a dedicated table under camera surveillance opening up every single incoming package as opposed to having a Panamanian customs official perform the task. I do not believe the others do.