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  1. 2013 and Miami.
  2. I experienced a similar situation. I brought about $9,800 US on several trips to Panama while getting settled in Boquete, money for bank accounts, attorney's fees, rental deposit, shipping costs, etc. I had always used a loop belt wallet which I would simply place in one of the plastic containers on the conveyor belt for xray but on one trip I forgot my loop belt wallet and had the $9,800 in a pocket on my cargo shorts. When unloading my pockets at the screening area I attempted to place the money (loose $100 bills) in a plastic container along side my wallet and a security guard approached me and told me to walk through the screening machine with the money in hand. After walking through I was whisked away and treated like a criminal! These people acted as though they never saw that kind of money which I found hard to believe. They asked me where I got it and what I'm doing with it and I responded that I'm using the money for vacation and retirement in Panama. They weren't having it. I got stripped searched and they went through my carry on bags, a garment bag and a computer backpack, as if I was Pablo Escobar! They seemed furious that they found nothing. They continued to retain me and I'm thinking I'm going to miss my flight. I made them aware that in one bag I had a copy of my FBI report for immigration purposes for them to review if they'd like. They then stripped searched me a second time. I'm thinking I'm going to miss my flight so I decided to name drop and asked them to access my cell phone and check for two names of people who can vouch for me. One my neighbor of 20 years who is an FBI agent whose wife happens to be a sitting district court judge and two a friend in the US State Department who has diplomatic immunity. They verified the name of my friend in the FBI and then they scattered and let me go. I believe they were really trying to get me to miss my flight due to their failed profiling exercise. That's the problem with giving uneducated people earning minimum wage such power. Read the book "TSA: Thousands Standing Around."
  3. I do believe that the $10,000 limit includes bank notes, bearer stocks, bonds, precious metals, diamonds, etc.
  4. As you can see the Municipio is on Central Avenue. If you don't want to navigate from the center of town, driving from the Panamerican highway turn at the traffic light at Calle Miguel Angel Brenes (the road that connects the Panamerican highway to the airport road or the old McDonalds road) you would turn left at the restaurant named Antojito's and the Municipio is on the left after four blocks.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Though we've never met, I can speak for myself and the many people that I've discussed this with in the last week, we all care about you guys since we're all in this together.
  6. Bonnie, People in Panama on tourist visas are not allowed to drive vehicles owned and registered to them outside of the country. How did he do this?
  7. All joking aside, I just can't understand the abruptness of such action, many honest people will be impacted.
  8. It must be since we read it on the Internet! Who knows, perhaps Panama is adopting the "fake" news concept as in the United States.
  9. Tell that to the Brits denied entry. "Among the rejected are 77 Venezuelans, five Hondurans, three Salvadorans, two Nicaraguans and the rest are of several European nationalities, according to the institution."
  10. It looks as though this is a serious problem for our friends who are border hoppers. "The Panamanian government said Monday that it maintains its decision to prevent re-entry of foreigners who try to remain in the country indefinitely as tourists." "He added that some of the people who have been in the border for several days have done this procedure up to four times and the solution will be to legalize the immigration status of those who meet the requirements, or they will have to return to their country of origin." "Among the rejected are 77 Venezuelans, five Hondurans, three Salvadorans, two Nicaraguans and the rest are of several European nationalities, according to the institution." Panama Will Maintain Steady Positions with Irregular Migrants
  11. Bonnie & Dennis, I stopped by Vega Optical and unfortunately they do not offer glass lenses. They can't special order them from Panama City.