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  1. Siempre Soluciones


    It's located in what is commonly referred to as the "Gringo" isle. It's the isle with wood shelves versus the traditional putty color painted steel shelves. Their isles run East to West parallel to the PanAmerican highway. This isle begins in between where the cash registers end on the North side and the location of the bakery and traverses to the deli counter on the other end of the store. The isle is bisected in the middle by another isle and the wasabi is on a shelf chest high in the Asian food section which is located in the West most part of the Eastern section of the bisected isle on the southern side. It's amongst other Asian items such as rice wine vinegar, sushi rice, sushi paper (nori), etc.
  2. Siempre Soluciones


    Yes, and I'm sure the word is spoken quicker in Spanish than in Japanese!
  3. I heard a rumor a month or so ago that the Baru Restaurant & Bar was under new ownership. Walking by today it appears they've erected a new sign by their bulletin board with the name: "Bamboo Restaurant & Bar" The old pole mounted sign is still in place. They've posted a new menu on their bulletin board with the new name with what appears to be the same fare but no prices.
  4. Siempre Soluciones


    Super Baru in David has this brand of powdered wasabi in a smaller 1 ounce can I believe for $3.95. They also have the small 1.5 ounce tubes of wasabi paste of the same brand for $4.21. One would think that the Super Baru in Boquete would stock it too.
  5. Their menu looks great! Does this restaurant have off street parking?
  6. You wrote: "it lowers the monthly electric bill." I love it! I can see the ad campaign now..... Naturgy..... Doing our best to save you money!
  7. US recalls ambassadors over recognition of China Washington seeks consultations over moves to break diplomatic relations with Taiwan Jude Webber in Mexico City September 7, 2018 The US has recalled the heads of its missions to the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Panama for consultations over decisions by governments in those countries to break diplomatic relations with Taiwan and switch to China instead. The state department said the US ambassadors to the Dominican Republic and El Salvador and the chargé d’affaires in Panama had been summoned back to Washington for talks, even though the US itself recognises Beijing. “Our three chiefs of mission will meet with US government leaders to discuss ways in which the United States can support strong, independent, democratic institutions and economies throughout Central America and the Caribbean,” a spokeswoman said. Panama set the ball rolling in the region in June last year when it severed ties with Taiwan in favour of China. The Dominican Republic followed suit in May this year and El Salvador made the switch last month. Taiwan now has formal diplomatic ties with just 17 countries. In the most recent country to switch sides, El Salvador, the decision raised widespread suspicions that the move was in part electorally motivated, said Johnny Wright, an opposition legislator. Aid from socialist ally Venezuela has dried up and “official sources in Taiwan have claimed that the government of El Salvador sought financing for the [February 2019 presidential election] campaign”, he said. El Salvador’s switch came after its government “repeatedly demanded large amounts of funds from Taiwan” for a port development that had “tremendous debt risks for both Taiwan and El Salvador”, Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu said in August. China denied the claims. In Mexico, there has been speculation that China could be interested in investing in infrastructure projects to be launched by president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who takes office on December 1. He is planning a trans-isthmus rail route and a train from Cancún to the Maya temple Palenque, both of which have been seen as potential targets for Chinese investment. The move comes amid a broader push by Beijing to increase pressure on Taiwan since the Democratic Progressive party led by Tsai Ing-wen replaced the more China-friendly Kuomintang in 2016. Beijing has frozen official communication with Taipei, increased military activity near Taiwan-controlled territory and has worked to block the island’s officials from international forums since the new government came to power. After China was admitted to the United Nations in 1971, most countries switched recognition from Taiwan to Beijing. But the two sides have competed for allies — typically through financial measures — and Taipei’s remaining partners are mostly small countries in the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean. A group of bipartisan US senators this week introduced new legislation aimed at supporting diplomatic recognition and strengthening unofficial ties with Taiwan, in another sign of American unease with China’s burgeoning international influence. The law would authorise the state department to downgrade US relations with any government that takes adverse actions against Taiwan, including suspending foreign aid and military spending. It was introduced by Republican senators Marco Rubio and Cory Gardner and Democratic senators Ed Markey and Bob Menendez. “China’s insidious agenda to isolate Taiwan cannot go unanswered,” Mr Rubio said. Additional reporting by Edward White in Taipei
  8. There's a person who frequently joins us for breakfast or lunch at a local establishment here in Boquete that brings their own coffee, soda, and even food. The employees see this every time and of course being passive cultured Panamanians never complain. We have mentioned this inappropriate behavior to her many times but she just shrugs it off. There are a few in our group that won't attend if she's present for this reason as there are a couple of people who will leave when she arrives. Mind you this is a senior citizen expat so they should know better. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?
  9. Which will all connect to the tunnel from Boquete to Bocas del Toro.
  10. You are correct. I was invited to invest in the project but I saw numerous problems and declined.
  11. The builder is getting hit with unexpected excess construction charges from Union Fenosa, Gasfenosa, Naturgy, whatever, transformers and such, expenses he nor his investors planned on.
  12. Siempre Soluciones

    Cuban Sunday At Lucero Country Club


    You got me all excited..... I thought they were going to offer authentic Cuban sandwiches at Seasons.
  13. He can have a third party perform the entire task however he would have to allow the third party to drive it to obtain the revisado unless you could get the revisado folks to photograph the car where it's currently located. As for renewing early, the revisado must be dated the month of the registration renewal.
  14. It's urban planning and access management 101 that you learn in engineering or business school.