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  1. That brings up an excellent question, are all of the mail forwarding services treated equally. MBE has their own employee at customs at a dedicated table under camera surveillance opening up every single incoming package as opposed to having a Panamanian customs official perform the task. I do not believe the others do.
  2. Marie, Thanks for the clarification. I'm familiar with those models, they're pretty docile looking knives. And yes, I've got one of the light weight aluminum ones too and it's terrific. It seems cheap since it's so light weight but it cuts amazingly well.
  3. Marie, Ok, why don't you try to help us out. 1) When did you order your knives? 2) What type or model of knives did you purchase?
  4. You're right, it doesn't make sense at all. Now that I'm learning how to cook in my retirement I need certain items. I recently purchased a used knife made by Rada in the US ( http://www.radacutlery.com/ ) from an expat leaving and I'm in love with it. They've got an amazing assortment of knives available from their website a few that I'd like to order. I'm going to go meet with Arturo at MBE and see if he has any insight. My concern is how often this "definition" changes.
  5. In the current list of banned items published by Panamanian customs, they list the following: Knives or blades except ordinary kitchen knives. Does anyone have any idea on what their definition of "ordinary" is? And how often does that change? A friend of mine had a medium sized butcher knife confiscated. To me that's an ordinary knife.
  6. Bonnie, You're correct, not a good rumor to spread. However I heard it from two unrelated distinct sources. I usually won't repeat something until I've heard it from three or more sources but these sources seem pretty confident. As you know they did change the rules for certain countries from 180 to 90 days which in the past people have said they couldn't because it would be discriminatory but they did so anyways. So I was just wondering about this rule. As for border hops at Tocumen, it's been reported that there's been numerous people staying out less than 30 days with one as short as six days. Go figure.
  7. I heard a rumor that the 30 day border hopping rule is returning to 3 days, has anyone heard this?
  8. So if one attempts to rob a store with one of the above guns the clerk can simply state "Silly boy, you've got the wrong gun for a robbery."
  9. I remember reading somewhere that you're exempt from filing the proof of life form if you file taxes with the IRS. Is this true?
  10. I know a couple of people who got caught in the same scenario. It appears that once you obtain your cedula you must have pertinent government documents such as auto and property titles re-issued with the cedula number.
  11. President Varela had three Panamanian immigration officials trained in Washington DC in the use of the FBI's systems as well as others for random back ground checks. They haven't published any criteria for initiating their random checks.
  12. JimAndNena, You wrote: "One additional point to remember with government services is the multiple "windows" required. Each window has a specific task and requires specific paperwork. One must get through the windows in the correct order to win the prize. And the person at any window can change at any time so as they say, "Variety is the spice of life"." I obtained my permanent residency visa over four years ago, it required two days at immigration (for the Friendly Nations Visa) and if I recall correctly we had to visit at least four windows each day. At that time you could arrive early and obtain the necessary tickets for each window that you needed to visit for the entire day. In fact my attorney asked me to obtain additional tickets for their other clients. With all low number tickets you essentially flew through the process in only a couple of hours. Now I've been told that you're only allowed to obtain a ticket for the next step in your process, no more obtaining all of them early with low numbers. This has drastically increased the time for processing. I have a couple of friends that have stated that they were there from open to close. I couldn't imagine. And on one occasion we forgot to obtain a ticket for a specific window and my attorney asked me for $10 and purchased a low number ticket from someone they knew, I guess there used to be scalpers there! The good ole days!
  13. I got the last 40 ounce bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce today. There were two stock people and what appeared to be a manager with a clip board in that section. I explained to him that SBR is the best and to re-order. He gladly wrote it down, we'll see. Upon checkout I had four items in one bag so the bag boy got a quarter. Nothing beats El Rey in David. You can stock up on everything heavy, milk, bleach, juice, beer, wine cooking oils, etc., and the bag boys are proud to accept a dollar tip to bring it out to the car. If I'm shopping with a friend, they get a dollar from each of us since the back of the SUV must be loaded accordingly. And all under roof cover so no issues with rain.
  14. My visa credit cards have been coming with three year expiration dates.