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  1. That is the exact reason, a disagreement over excess construction charges with Naturgy.
  2. It's easy on an Apple too: Change System Language: Click on the Apple Menu on the top left of the screen. ... Once in System Preferences, click on Language and Region. ... Once in Language and Region, add a new language by clicking on the + icon. Pick the desired language from the populated list and click Add. The Apple store in Terronal Plaza will swap out a Spanish keyboard for an English keyboard at no charge at purchase time for a desktop. For a laptop, they'll order an English version from Panama City.
  3. Penny, How long do Windows PCs last? I just retired my Apple iMac, it worked flawlessly for 9 years, 9 months, and 3 weeks and still to this day. It never needed any repair or maintenance whatsoever. I would still be using it today however my model was limited to 8 GB of memory and I needed more for a new application. I guess I shouldn't bother donating to the Handicap Foundation. And for the record, 10 years ago it cost $1,499 and today they sell used on Ebay for $250 to $450. How much is a 10 year old Windows PC worth?
  4. Do yourself a favor and purchase an Apple and pay one of the local techies for an overview since it is a bit different than a Windows computer.
  5. Well that answers that. It's a shame that they've got this system in which a very small percentage of the information is used, you'd think they'd have it automated.
  6. I file US FATCA FBARs for several of my "digital homeless" friends here in Boquete. The term "digital homeless" is not a derogatory term, I first heard it from an MIT professor by the name of Dr. Nicholas Negroponte that I was honored to have worked with. The term refers to people who haven't embraced the computer age, he specifically used it to address the problem of corporations being run by executives who knew little of the benefit of emerging technologies thus hindering progress. As many of you probably know, filing these online is pretty easy these days unlike five years or so ago. We simply cut and past the information from the previous year's filing. Well low and behold, we found a minor error on one of the account filings, we added an extra zero resulting in an account balance of $2,171,000 instead of $217,100. One must ponder, does the US government even look at these? This erroneous filing was entered and submitted over a year ago, they certainly had plenty of time. I would have to assume no because if they did see a foreign bank account increase from around $200k to $2 million with no corresponding IRS tax filing wouldn't that be flagged? Doesn't Panama have kind of shaky past with banking?
  7. I purchased 8.5 pounds of tuna and marlin today. I'm eating fish this weekend! Miguel is the best!
  8. Yes, rumors. Casa Solution mentioned it on their website a couple of years back but since then nothing. In lieu of new construction, I bet the folks at Federal Mall in David probably offered them a sweetheart deal to choose them for their new store.
  9. Too expensive? COPA's flights to the west coast of the US have more than doubled since I've moved to Boquete. That on top of atrocious rental car rates and poor customer service Panama's tourism industry will continue to suffer.
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