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  1. Siempre Soluciones

    Cedula Found

    Update: Last night Rodny did followup with me and suggested that I return the cedula to the Tribunal Electoral office. I also asked him if he could kindly call both the Policia Nacional and Tribunal Electoral and notify them that the cedula was found and would be returned to the Tribunal Electoral the following morning so that the person wouldn't go through the trouble of inadvertently ordering a replacement.
  2. Siempre Soluciones

    Final Performance Yella & Tom at Big Daddy's


    Thanks for the clarification. It's sad to see them go😞
  3. Siempre Soluciones

    Cedula Found

    I was walking with friends in town today and we found a cedula lying in the street. I emailed Rodny on where to return it to, either the Policia Nacional station or the Tribunal Electoral office but I haven't heard back from him. Any suggestions?
  4. Siempre Soluciones

    Final Performance Yella & Tom at Big Daddy's


    Okay, this may be a stupid question, I have personally enjoyed dining at Big Daddy's while being entertained by Yella & Tom so I'm curious, why is this the last performance? Is Big Daddy's closing? Are Yella & Tom leaving Boquete? Are Yella & Tom still performing in Boquete but just not at Big Daddy's?
  5. You wrote: "I was more paranoid and drank boiled water." I sure hope you let the water cool down first! That's exactly what the doctor prescribed for me yesterday, Flagyl, Metronidazol AKA Metronidazole, 500 mg. I'm back to normal in just under 24 hours.
  6. Here's a photo of what people were doing in a rural part of Panama a few years back. Very rudimentary.
  7. They were giving away numerous antibiotics namely Eskapar. Sorry, I did not ask about the origin of this pandemic. In my case I'm guessing that it was municipal water due to all the ongoing recent work. Without boil water notices I just drank it as I normally would. Moving forward, to be on the safe side, I will no longer drink municipal water until some time after all the work has been completed.
  8. I attended this morning. I arrived at 8:20 AM and they greeted me as their first "customer." Present was an English speaking doctor from David who was very thorough. I explained to them that I had a mild case of diarrhea that the antibiotic that I've taken in the past (Eskapar) didn't seem to resolve it this time. They prescribed me two medicines one of which they had on hand which I refused to allow them to keep to provide for the less fortunate, I'll go to the pharmacy and purchase them. They had one gallon jugs of bottled water they offered me but once again I refused. The doctor gave me their Whatsapp number to followup and stated that they visit Boquete often and to feel free to contact them. Overall it was perhaps the best encounter I've ever had with a medical professional and it was free!
  9. Siempre Soluciones

    Boquete's New Lighthouse

  10. You're 100% correct Keith, some people make the assumption that Panama will be like their homeland or any other place.
  11. Lilly, The poor service in Panama used to irritate me until I realized that it keeps the cost of living low. If you want good service go to Costa Rica and pay a lot more. Costa Rica has ten times the tourism than Panama.
  12. Siempre Soluciones

    Closing my PayPal acccount

    I use Google Voice for that exact purpose but it's not supported by some entities namely the IRS. They require a cell phone number on a major carrier, not the throw away burner phones you purchase at Walmart. And they do not support Skype numbers either.
  13. Siempre Soluciones

    PriceSmart-new answer to old issue--Pet products

    El Rey in David has always had turkey burgers and I've seen them at Pricesmart too.
  14. Siempre Soluciones


    It's located in what is commonly referred to as the "Gringo" isle. It's the isle with wood shelves versus the traditional putty color painted steel shelves. Their isles run East to West parallel to the PanAmerican highway. This isle begins in between where the cash registers end on the North side and the location of the bakery and traverses to the deli counter on the other end of the store. The isle is bisected in the middle by another isle and the wasabi is on a shelf chest high in the Asian food section which is located in the West most part of the Eastern section of the bisected isle on the southern side. It's amongst other Asian items such as rice wine vinegar, sushi rice, sushi paper (nori), etc.
  15. Siempre Soluciones


    Yes, and I'm sure the word is spoken quicker in Spanish than in Japanese!