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  1. Keith's reference to "downtown" David made me curious. I pride myself with successfully navigating David about 80% of the time after studying Google's online maps. I was curious to see what if any definition of "downtown" was specified in Google maps. Entering "downtown david panama" in Google maps results in the outline of the entire city limits. It also displayed a photo of a new shopping mall anchored by Cochez and Romero with a map showing its location in south west David. Has anyone visited this new mall? Are there any stores there that aren't present in any other malls?
  2. Okay, both Bonnie and Bud brought up the publication dates, I've got a 2011 edition and it appears that there's a 2018 edition available. The $64,000 question..... What's the law if any regarding what edition you must carry in your vehicle? Are there any penalties for possessing old editions? I would suspect that Mr. Woolford knows or can obtain that answer.
  3. Bonnie, When I purchased my book five years ago the only store that stocked them in Boquete was Mandarin. They were located in the back of store in a glass display case by the cash register. It was $8 or $10 if I recall. At that time I couldn't even find one on via Espana in Panama City in El Cangrejo other than an expanded much larger book including the history of Panama for $20. I didn't want to lug that around in my glove compartment.
  4. Judy, Look at the bright side, after a record breaking eight years of no GDP growth over 3% per quarter with the last president, Trump brought us 3+% GDP growth per quarter for two quarters in three months. The economy is doing very well. Have you examined the source of the donors for the Clinton Foundation's $1+ billion? You'd be quite surprised.
  5. Intolerance!!

  6. Bonnie, With all due respect, please don't put words in my mouth. The fact is that the two owners of Snopes are far left liberals. That's a fact. Whether or not their site is bias, you decide. As for Factcheck, they're always leaning left. Wikipedia's content is via membership, any of us can contribute to the content to our desire.
  7. "I guess we're done here, because I would never click on a website called billionbibles.org. " Ouch!
  8. Judy, But taking bacon off the menu..... bring on WW3 !!!!!
  9. Judy, I'm sure that you're 100% correct. However, it has been documented that the businesses in many of these "zones" are 100% Muslim owned and that the public schools do not teach the country's native language as their primary language. In fact, many fast food restaurants namely Burger King have altered their menus to accommodate Muslims. Perform an internet search on: burger king france muslim menu And there are 370,000+ hits discussing Burger King's altered menu in France. Funny thing, Snopes say it's all false. It makes you wonder.
  10. Keith, I have friends who have personally experienced these no go zones in Paris and London. I was curios and performed some internet searches. I received 146,000+ hits on no go zones. As for Snopes, that's a liberal owned website and for them to discount such a widely discussed real problem is disingenuous. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/446101/westminster-attack-khalid-masood-islamic-europe-mosques-no-go-zones https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/10404/france-no-go-zones
  11. "Quotas are explicitly forbidden in the regulation." The "quota" is very clear in order to protect yourself. If the metropolitan area of where your corporation is located is say 4% people of "ABC" race or ethnicity and your company's staff is 4% or higher of "ABC" race or ethnicity you won't lose any discrimination cases in court. Period. The judge will always rule in your favor. Call it what you want.
  12. Jim & Judi. "Most companies would not have diversity quotas....." All corporations in the US have diversity quotas. "..... an affirmative action requirement." Affirmative action is required in all US corporations. The problem arises when there are numerous personnel changes and the employee demographics no longer meet the quota requirement.
  13. Quail Eggs

    "What do you do with them, make itty bitty omelets? " I almost snorted coffee out of my nose!
  14. Keith, "Is everyone in the U.S. hyphenated by their origin?" For employment purposes in the US, not everyone is a hyphenated American. To maintain a legal "diverse" workforce we were required to maintain a balance of what the immediate metropolitan area consisted of. Races and ethnicity were taken into account and some were labeled appropriately. For the most part, people of European decent do not have hyphenated names regardless of the fact whether they were born in the US or immigrated to the US, they're simply labeled "Americans." "Or just the origins you don't like? ..or those of the people you would rather disown?" It sounds to me that you awoke on the wrong side of the bed today. I hope your day improves.