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  1. Ahren, It comes down to cost and time to repair. Underground utilities experience far less disruptions however are far more difficult to detect and resolve problems versus above ground lines.
  2. John, Retired EE here however my area of study was digital. Burning up chips and circuits boards in lab was cool, studying safety particularly electrocution in high capacity electrical environments wasn't. Designing and manufacturing a bad chip could earn you a bad grade, a miscalculation in a hicap lab could result in death.
  3. Attached is an updated diagram depicting where the old path and steps (110 steps) access via Boquete. I do not know where the path begins on this unnamed road since I've never walked it but I do know people who have walked it regularly so I'll ask.
  4. At least Cable Onda's Internet service lasted three hours during the four hour outage.
  5. Mary, B&B Moving Service here in Boquete has been in business for ten years. Yes, they do both inbound and outbound international moves. B&B is well known for great service and satisfied customers. It is recommended to use a company local in Panama with their network of customs brokers. If you contract with Rainier, their primary moving company in Boquete and all of Chiriqui is B&B Moving Service. You'll never see them advertising because they have no need to. bbmovingservice@gmail.com Reviews: http://boquete.ning.com/group/boquete-s-business-rolodex/forum/topic/search?groupId=1434455%3AGroup%3A513173&q=brent
  6. El Palacio de la Carne just stocked aged beef packages with various cuts. 20 pound packages for $120. While supplies last. They're easy to find. Simply make the turn at DK Auto from the Panamerican highway from the south or after a u-turn from the north and drive three blocks. Or turn north at the first opportunity on the old McDonalds/Dairy Queen road from the traffic light on the Panamerican highway and drive four blocks. They're directly across from Hotel de Palacio. 730-3746 or 6969-1420
  7. Interesting. I gave up smartphones when I retired and use them casually now so I'm only a novice user. I thought the days of this problem were long gone in that the software didn't possess the ability to detect whether or not the Internet was actually available and reported that it was simply because the local link was still active. I bet someone has written an app to solve this problem.
  8. Bonnie, Either Mas Movil doesn't have battery backup on your local node or any intermediate node connecting to the main office, or they do and their battery backup was exhausted by the time you attempted to access the Internet. In my previous residence, Cable Onda did not have battery backup on our local node. Where I am now they do but it only lasted a couple of hours this morning before their batteries were exhausted.
  9. Dia de los Mártires or Martyr's Day

  10. BD, It's not complaining when simple solutions are available. My point is that a private corporation is allowed to negatively impact a communities' quality of life. Having lived in a Panamanian neighborhood for two years now I now socialize more with Panamanians than gringos. Many are college educated, speak English, and have lived abroad. I've learned a lot, as my neighbors point out, it's only a problem to gringos if it affects them. I could go on but it's beyond the scope of this discussion and gringos won't want to hear it. And these discussions on "stupid people" really is out of line. I'm beginning to understand the Panamanian "anti-gringo" sentiment more clearly.