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  1. Stolen pensionado card

    Bonnie, I know for a fact that replacement government documents and ids such as cedulas, marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc., can be ordered at the local Tribunal Electoral. Does that include residency visas or does one have to go through immigration like one does for a replacement drivers license at the drivers license office?
  2. Hil, Yes, I even asked that supervisor if they had a time related equipment clause, he smiled and said no. So they're waiting to get it repaired the most economical way possible and not providing any backup equipment. Eight weeks of paving lost, they could've had half the town paved by now.
  3. I would find it hard to believe that there are any financial penalties tied to their time lines. We're coming on two months that their paving machine has been broken waiting for a replacement part. To date they've only been "sealing" the road with asphalt, a laborious manual process of workers literally hand shoveling asphalt and back rolling it leaving at best a 1" thick coating which on our street is already crumbling after one month.
  4. Am I missing something?

    I was reviewing the recently released online Pricesmart Holiday catalog and there aren't any prices. Is this normal? http://www.pricesmart.com/CatalogoNavideno/CEAM/CEAMcatalog.html#p=1
  5. Does anyone have any idea on who the new tenants of the new shopping strip mall in town will be? Are there any existing businesses relocating there?
  6. TwoSailors, I'm just relaying what the folks at Baru told me. It could be like the custom's cosmetics/supplements law, on the books but rarely or selectively enforced. Perhaps someone should ask the new owners at Gyros.
  7. The law states that pets can't be present at anytime in dining areas. However, many restaurants allow them thus running the risk of being fined. That was explained to me a couple of years ago by restaurant Baru's management when they began disallowing pets in their outdoor dining area. Baru's disadvantage is that their outdoor dining area is open to a public park and right of way unlike other restaurants where they're more private.
  8. Does anyone have any details on this? Have they done this before? https://shop.pricesmart.com/pa/en/
  9. Keith, I don't know where you reside but I reside in Bajo. A week ago we had four consecutive days of water outages during the day some lasting until the late evening hours. Only two days so far this week. When they tore up our streets we had daily water outages from Monday through Saturday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM for 5.5 weeks and then for another period of 3.5 weeks. They would usually re-connect the water supply at the end of each day but not always thus resulting in outages of two days at times.
  10. With the ongoing daily water outages in Boquete which seems to be occurring for months now, has the health department taken measures to prevent widespread disease? Is this reported at all? Seriously, I as well as several friends do all our grocery shopping and dining in David where they have running water. I couldn't imagine the day in and day out of Boquete employees not bathing nor maintaining proper daily personal hygiene due to lack of running water both in the home and work place that disease wouldn't become epidemic. There's the incident of one restaurant informing patrons not to flush toilets due to lack of water. Sadly Boquete is only one year into its five year water/sewer project so this appears to be an long term problem.
  11. I've heard the same thing from Panamanian contractors, it's as if Boquete is in a recession. As for the restaurants, who would visit a restaurant when there's no water? One restaurant a week ago was telling patrons not to flush the toilets due to lack of water!
  12. They haven't paved in three weeks since their paving machine is broken, they're waiting for a part. However they have been "sealing" streets including mine which consists of spraying with tar, hand shoveling asphalt, and then rolling. It's the appearance of paving but it's too thin and fragile. It's amazing the $22.5 million contract didn't include provisions for broken equipment nor for meeting time commitments.
  13. US Football Season begins tonight.....

    John, That works for me!
  14. Marie, Don't be silly, there's a perfectly good explanation from the folks in Hollywood: Jennifer Lawrence: Hurricanes ‘Mother Nature’s rage’ over Trump http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/sep/8/jennifer-lawrence-hurricanes-mother-natures-rage-o/