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  1. There appears to be bridge construction in Bajo Boquete on via Boquete over the Quebrada (rio) Bajo Grande on the right when coming into town just before Sugar and Spice. It looks as though they're constructing a new bridge span adjacent to the existing bridge. That small building that occupied that location, a restaurant and a car wash, is gone. Are they adding a travel lane or is this going to be for pedestrians?
  2. Keith, Thanks for the clarification. I have always assumed that the white lines indicated a one way street whereas the yellow lines indicated a two way street.
  3. I noticed that they painted yellow lines on Calle 2a Sur the road just north of the Mandarin grocery store. I guess it's now a two way street? Photo attached.
  4. Siempre Soluciones

    New photos

    Maybe Larry is the next Thomas Kinkade!
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    Make that two gold stars, he's now a regular morning visitor!
  6. Anti-Trump rhetoric. It looks as though someone isn't happy with Trump's booming economy.
  7. Siempre Soluciones


    For the last three years I've been living in a Panamanian neighborhood in which one home is occupied by an elderly woman with an unfortunate dog chained to her porch. For the last few months she's let the dog run loose through the neighborhood at sporadic times. Being an animal lover and an amateur chef my home has become a gathering spot for the neighborhood pets, dogs and cat alike. Especially on the days when Miguel the fish guy visits and I'm cooking a batch of fish head soup. Both the dogs and cats gather in total solidarity. My neighbors say we have the best fed pets in Boquete and that they eat better than some Panamanians! I've always wanted to feed this poor woman's dog but the rule here in Panama is that it's taboo to feed some one's pet..... unless of course they visit your property. Well this morning the opportunity came. Her dog was pacing out in front of my home along side of two of the morning feline regulars. The scheduled breakfast this morning was to be soon to be diced left over Asian marinated grilled chicken thighs. Time was of essence and it appeared that her dog was too anxious to stick around for the dicing. I had previously cooked left over grilled Johnsonville Italian Mild sausages in the fridge. As we know, they come at a premium here in Panama, $7.49 to $8.15 for a five count package. What to do. Of course I had no choice other than to feed this precious dog a well coveted sausage since the opportunity may never come again. It's rare in one's life to see such a response from a living creature. I had two left and of course I had to feed him both of them. I couldn't have humanly possible considered walking away with any food in hand. Interestingly in response to this feeding the two feline regulars proceeded to repeatedly charge the dog away but he was a happy camper and left with a big smile. I may have a new regular visitor.
  8. Siempre Soluciones

    Yes or No

    Bonnie, You wrote: "The demographics have changed." You hit the nail right on the head. I began visiting Boquete eight years ago and moved here about six years ago and that's what I've observed. Expats early on obtained residency, purchased homes and cars, and ate at restaurants daily. That doesn't appear to be the norm today. Especially with the fact of the number of expats working here illegally to make ends meet. Several of my Panamanian friends have told me that Panamanians in general despise the new crop of expats especially the ones taking away their jobs. One even pointed out that there are more expats in grocery stores today and less in restaurants where they create jobs.
  9. You think it's nice now, wait until they complete the second span making it a total of four lanes.
  10. Penny, Elmec in David possesses the ability to order virtually anything bath or kitchen related. Will they is another story. They refused to see if they could order me a gas versus electric powered hot tub from their US supplier Hot Springs which does manufacture them. Then again I've encountered numerous businesses who refuse to do custom orders here in Panama.
  11. Siempre Soluciones

    Sim Card

    You can purchase them on Amazon or Ebay https://www.amazon.com/Orange-Holiday-Europe-tethering-countries/dp/B06XBYMX58/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1543151860&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=sim+card+france&psc=1&smid=AJ7281WMH2EGA https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-FRANCE-READY-TO-USE-FRENCH-SIM-PASS-DATA-ORANGE-PAY-AS-YOU-GO-5-GB-DATA/302473032441?hash=item466ccc32f9:g:EjQAAOSwBOtY93LN:rk:4:pf:0
  12. What a whole chicken costs in Venezuela. I sure hope nothing like this happens here in Panama..... I love chicken! https://www.nbcnews.com/slideshow/see-how-many-bills-it-took-buy-chicken-venezuela-n902491
  13. Siempre Soluciones

    Cedula Found

    Update: Last night Rodny did followup with me and suggested that I return the cedula to the Tribunal Electoral office. I also asked him if he could kindly call both the Policia Nacional and Tribunal Electoral and notify them that the cedula was found and would be returned to the Tribunal Electoral the following morning so that the person wouldn't go through the trouble of inadvertently ordering a replacement.
  14. Siempre Soluciones

    Final Performance Yella & Tom at Big Daddy's


    Thanks for the clarification. It's sad to see them go?
  15. Siempre Soluciones

    Cedula Found

    I was walking with friends in town today and we found a cedula lying in the street. I emailed Rodny on where to return it to, either the Policia Nacional station or the Tribunal Electoral office but I haven't heard back from him. Any suggestions?