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  1. When purchasing a new keyboard and mouse combo at PARS in David I wanted to ensure that I had selected one with an English keyboard layout. Most of the boxes are labeled either Spanish or English but this box wasn't. I asked one of the clerks if they could verify it for me since I didn't want to break the seal. She opened the box and removed the keyboard and verified it was in fact an English keyboard layout. I then asked her to very that the mouse too was English. She didn't hesitate and pulled out the mouse but then stopped and looked at me and laughed. I bet she doesn't fall for that again!
  2. It's never really been about being able to, it's more about the social impact. Look at the problems with the US/Mexico border crossings, Panama simply doesn't want to deal with that.
  3. Shipping containers from the canal destined for Costa Rica could be picked up a lot easier at the border instead of requiring truckers to enter Panama and vice versa. Even shipments beyond Costa Rica would be easier since the truckers would have one less country to deal with.
  4. Search on: china road OR railway OR train OR trains "darien gap" There are thousands of articles on this subject.
  5. You wrote: "A train that goes from Chile to Mexico." I didn't see any mention of a railway between Panama and Colombia which would be required. For two decades China has been begging Panama to allow them to build both a road and a railway through the Darien to Colombia to facilitate their enormous amount of trade that traverses the canal destined for Colombia, Brazil, etc. Panama has consistently refused stating that they don't want that border to look like the US/Mexican border. I'm sure both the airline and marine industries would be against it too. It would be great for us budget minded travelers though. Imagine hopping on a bus in Panama City for say $15 destined for Cali, Medellin, or Cartagena?
  6. Is Panama like the US with regards to highway safety? Last weekend was a Holiday weekend and when returning to Boquete the entire right lane of via Boquete (north bound) in front of Cefati was occupied with parked cars of people getting their photos taken with the new Boquete sign. What made this dicey was that via Boquete traffic was reduced to one lane, the merge lane from Volcancito Road was full of cars trying to merge into via Boquete, and the parked cars in the right lane were opening and closing their doors. Not to mention a car exiting Cefati trying to merge into via Boquete. Obviously this is an accident waiting to happen. Is Panama like the US that no action will take place such as additional road signs for safety or stationing a transito officer at that intersection on Holidays until there is a fatal accident?
  7. I don't watch my cable stations but i do use the internet and it's been spotty for a few days. There's definitely something going on.
  8. Siempre Soluciones

    Rife in Boquete

    I guess Rife technology has done well and has been accepted in Panama. Not so in the US, look at the backlash against the National Rife Association (NRA), it seems to have become a political hotbed albeit its amazing benefits.
  9. Yes, it melts in your mouth. I hope these become a regularly stocked item.
  10. Whenever I'm busy with a large project I tend to not want to cook or dine out. I'll pickup a bunch of cold cuts and cheeses and such and eat sandwiches. I primarily shop at El Rey at Terronal Plaza and I always get Virginia ham at their deli counter. This time they had "Sugardale Country Inn Ham low sodium." This is by far the best tasting ham I've had in Chiriqui. Great taste and low sodium to boot. A bit pricey at $15.55 per kilo ($7.07 per pound) when compared to their regular hams but well worth it. As we all know everyone once in a while Pricesmart will have beef with good marbling. This week they have rib eyes with the best marbling I've seen in my five years here. Reasonably priced at $9.19 per kilo ($4.84 per pound). I stocked up! In fact I had one for dinner last night and I'm eating one for breakfast as I type! These are the real deal. I hope they have them next week too! Photo attached.
  11. Yes, you are 100% correct, with just a few bands from each of the possible genres would no doubt bring in a lot more money. And of course ditto for art which has no limit.
  12. Siempre Soluciones

    Parade on April 11?

    I still hear drumming here in Bajo so perhaps the parade continues.
  13. I don't know if this has been addressed, but what music genres are going to be participating at the next BMAF? I don't want to sound like an instigator but are head banging music groups with mosh pits going to be allowed? I only bring this up because the previous name pretty much identified what genre of music would be present. The new name containing the word "music" seems to leave it wide open.