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  1. Hi.  Does anyone know how i can get in touch with the Chinese Community in Boquete?  i lived and worked in China for 20 years and would like to get in touch with the Chinese community in Panama or at least in Chiriqui.  Thanks very much for your help if you know of any Chinese groups or associations or individuals who might know.

  2. Each between 1200 to 1400 sq meters, 4 connected and one close by, sold separately or all together; 3 lots on main road,  5 minutes ride from Police Station at Potrerillos Abajo and Arriba split, 15 minutes ride from gas station at Potrerillos and Boquete split,  price at $30 to $35; please contact sherry cope 67134247, email  parenting.china@gmail.com.

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