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  1. Does anyone know if there is a kidney dialysis program in David?? Please email me if you do richarddetrich@yahoo.com Urgently n eeded for a friend. Thanks.
  2. These beautiful lamps, inspired by Greek fishing village lamps, are one of my favorites. They are easy to hang, and easy to adjust the length.Ikea Importantly THEY ARE HERE ... no shipping or waiting, and they are new. Where I wanted to use them just didn't work out. I have four available. $30 each or $100 for all four. In original packaging. Email richarddetrich@yahoo.com or call Richard at 6549-4736 or Nikki at 6381-6166 DO NOT REPLY but call or email if interested. Product Details: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70148531/a
  3. Oh, man, Jaime you had to dig that up! The evil that men do ... or write ... lives on ... eternally it seems on line. Right after the Revolution in Egypt I was on the first cruise ship that went into Alexandria and we went to the then newly opened Library of Alexander. Aside from the long line of beautiful computer carrels, and every computer in use was on Facebook!, the Library of Alexander is one of one or two places in the world where the ENTIRE INTERNET is backed up! Everything from everywhere that was ever online is available. So yes, I got banned from the original site ... ancient history for most current expats ... and had questions about Bud's "heavy-handed" administration, but, after watching Ning, mostly from afar, I now better appreciate the need for some administration and ... order. I don't really know Bud, other than to say hello, but I appreciate all that he has done, sung and unsung, for Boquete and here, again, he steps up to the plate. I wish him well and promise to behave. I have nothing against NIng, although I always found it too complicated and hard to navigate for myself, and I wish the new owners well. I'm all for capitalism and making a buck. But when a community bulletin board is owned and operated by people who don't live here, know or understand Boquete, I think something very important is lost. Jaimie, I used to know the young guy in the picture on that post. And I still believe that if you have an opinion express it and don't hide behind anonymity. Regards, Richard
  4. Hang in there Bud! We can choose to utilize this resource like adults ... or make it a bunch of bitchy, name-calling, childish stuff like unfortunately happened with Ning. If you have too much time on your hands use it positively by engaging with some of the great opportunities we have in Boquete to make a difference. Regards, Richard
  5. Amazing Opportunity In Boca Chica $ 395,000 Incredible property in Boca Chica with great commercial potential. This is the last undeveloped plot in this commercial prime area of Boca Chica with beach and view. It is right in the middle of the hotel district. This area is zoned Tourism District which gives value and is easy to get permits. Ideal for a fishing lodge (has possibility for a deep water dock) or an inn/hotel. Also ideal for a condo project. And of course if somebody wants, one can build a premium estate house. The property is 5,785 m2 (almost 1.5 acres), not including beach frontage. In Panama the 22 meter ((72 feet) setbac from the median high tide line remains with the government and is not part of properties, so the result is that this property feels much larger because of all the beach frontage. It has double the frontage on the beach than on the road. It has electricity and a good road access and a well. This property is still in the legal format of right of possession and can be titled easily ( very easy now since the new law has declared the area a tourism district and facilitate the conversion from right of possession to property title and stimulate investment and development). [Gone Fishing Panama, Sea Gull Cove Lodge, Bocas del Mar] Tiny house in the left center is the original casita, now doubled in size. Buildings sprawling down to the right are Sea Gull Cove Lodge.The property slopes down to a nice beach at low tide, is high enough to have a fantastic view and yet still hear the waves lapping on the shore. A quaint cottage on the property can be used while building, for staff, rental.or as a weekend get away, Most of the real estate in Boca Chica with water frontage requires you to buy a whole lot of property to get a little water frontage. This property is on the mainland and right off the main road to Boca Chica. Boca Chica is the gateway to the archipelago of a great number of islands with desert white sand beaches and one of the best spot of Panama for fishing and scuba diving. Although a bit further away, the world famous Hanibal bank is within fairly easy reach from Boca Chica. Boca Chica is developing and it is 50 minutes from Panama’s 3rd largest city. David is booming and has now its international airport. There are 2 very good private hospitals and almost everything you need for shopping and supplies. If you can’t find it in David, there are 3 daily 35 minute flights to Panama City. The new 4 lane highway is to be completed in the next 18 months. Asking $395,000 RichardDetrich@yahoo.com Just offshore is the Chiriquí National Marine Park, a collection of 25 islands and 19 coral reefs, home to an extraordinary diversity of terrestrial and marine life. These are the islands with the white sand postcard deserted beaches, incredible snorkeling, and where the whales come July to October to have their young. Just outside the park is incredible sport fishing where more world records for deep sea fishing have been set than anywhere else. Just across from the property, on Boca Brava Island, is one the the premier fishing resorts, Panama Big Game Fishing Club, and around the end of that island is Isla Palanque, where there is a very high end resort and residential development underway. Isla Bolanas just offshore in Chiriqui Marine National ParkThis property is on the MAINLAND, just off the main road to Boca Chica, so no need to make a 25 minute commute sometimes in driving rain by boat to the mainland where you then need to get in your car and drive 50 minutes to David. The property has electric service, a good well, water storage tank and pressure tank all in place.
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