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  1. Boquete: Valley of the Eternal Rainbow was an excellent book for new-comers a/o folks interested in the area who do not speak Spanish. Her greatest and carefully detailed historical work on the history of Boquete is her book: Boquete, Rasgos de su Historia. I looked all over and could not find my copy. I may have loaned it and it never returned. I could not find a place to buy another. Anybody know where i could buy another copy? I really want to replace that book.
  2. A 3 minute delay switch on the breaker box with a voltage regulator is what we have. When the power goes out it's 3 minutes after everybody else's power is back that we get ours. It was not cheap...but well worth it.
  3. We were approached in an airport ( actually on a plane ) to bring into Colombia counterfit money...for some quick money. Amazingly bold these guys.
  4. USA does the same thing
  5. STEP...not as easy as one might think ! OK I dove in for my 4th attempt and I'll have to say I got farther along this time. BUT...the site jammed again and then shut down. Both jams and shut downs happened when I hit the button: "Do you wish to add an additional phone number?" If you say "yes" The site tells you " wait just one minute" with the circle circling. After several minutes the site turns itself off. Tomorrow is another day when I may have more steam for attempt #5.
  6. I didn't want to be a quitter. I again tried to open a new account with yet another user/pass ( now the 3rd attempt at starting fresh) . It would not take the newest user/pass. When I entered my email it refused that as well. It told me it did not match...what I have no idea as I was just entering it as a result of "forgotten" user/pass. I could go for #4 try but I'm running out of creative user/pass ideas.....ha ha
  7. Interesting. I'm trying to do the right thing and sign up for STEP. No matter what i attempt to do I get bounced. Username choice?: taken. Ok new user/pass. Half way through the site jams and shuts down. I then went to page #1 and attempted to put my newer choices of user/pass. I was told they were taken. I put my email in there and was also told it was incorrect. ( I do better buying stuff on !) I'm taking a breather. Will try again later. This may be why so few have signed up...just a guess.
  8. I think all of us knew it was a joke. Bud just wanted to make sure everybody realized it was.
  9. Well said Bud. Both Roger and as well Two Sailors are wonderful friends of mine (as is Bonnie). These are some super great people ! I'd hate for there to be any kind of misunderstanding as you explained. You are an excellent moderator and we all appreciate you jumping in.
  10. Yes. agreed. But clear as day it's written on our E Cedula docs that we are single.
  11. Sure would be cheaper! 47 yr ago when Bill and I got married I know the license and the fee for the minister was waaaay less than the $500 the attorney is asking for Proof of Marriage Certification here. You are right Roger. In the future I will certainly be a bit ask what the fee is first...before proceeding !
  12. Without heirs, then you have to do the Foundation
  13. JimnNena Read my post 3 up from yours. Where it says we are "single" on our E Cedula is normal and common in Panama. In order for the country to recognize you are certifiably married you have to go to an attorney, submit to that attorney an apostilled certification of marriage, then have your attorney submit that and the application for process. Cost $500 Time? well we are still waiting and it's been 8 months or so Brundageba
  14. No. When they go there...we go somewhere else. We're too old for surfing contests and crowds. We do however support children of some of the older surfers we surf with. Money and encouragement.....
  15. Looks like this happened March 11 in an area very close to the CR border at Rio Sereno. Lots of pre Colombian gold artifact have been found in the area in the past.
  16. Twin Wolf said: "We had already purchased a flight back to Colombia at the start of April. The purpose of the trip is for me to get a spousal visa for Colombia..... We were also going to get our marriage certificate and paperwork apostilled so she could start her Panama visa process" Bill and I sought an attorney for work to secure our possessions ( house/land) here in the event of the death of one of us. We both have E-Cedulas, our home is in a Corporation and now inside a Foundation as well. We wished to also obtain a Certification of marital status from Panama. ( We have been married for 47 yr and the immigration dept does have the apostilled document of that status). That said on our E Cedula doc we are described as "single". So that it is abundantly clear in any remote possibility of a probate situation we wished to clarify that we are in fact legally married. After having obtained yet another apostilled set of marital docs form the USA for our attorney and now almost 8 months later, and we have not yet received the Certification of Marital Status from Panama. We did receive a bill for $500.00 from the attorney this last week. Our attorney told us "there was an error" ( non specified) We will not let $500 pass into the lawyer's hands until we see the Certificate. We ( after being happily, legally married for 47 yr.) still await the Certification from Panama that our marital status is in fact legal. Lesson in patience All that said, we are very happy living here. It was probably the best decision of our lives...second only to our marriage 47 yr ago !
  17. Bud stated: " The Jubilado Visa is one with an indefinite expiration date" Humm ok...Jubilado Visa I just looked at my E-Cedula which was issued June 2013. It states clearly that it expires June 2023. I should still be alive and (God willing) well in 2023. It will be interesting to find out what will be required for this renewal. Anybody know?
  18. Hummm...looks like the man is in trouble.
  19. Wondering what happens to the owner of the property. His life was not in danger methinks. Does he get in trouble?
  20. Not surprised.
  21. I hope there will be answers on why this happened. Wind? Possibly the driver fell asleep. I'm speechless. Horrible tragedy.