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  1. Pepper or wasp spray to disable them at a distance. Here's a bus forced to stop by some vehicle...chances are the driver is anticipating something bad might happen. OK then you get out the spray and stop him in his tracks. From there any of the guys on the bus could kick his butt off that bus. Then they call police.
  2. The mail renewal of our USA passport was as easy as it gets! 2 weeks...done with new passports and the old ones in hand. From and delivered back to MailBoxes Etc via DHL with assist from MailBox staff. Easy.
  3. Don went the extra mile for every case he assisted with. He'd dive into his personal savings if necessary. Countless hours at bedsides, in homes in transports....on and on it went non-stop. . Offering his private home space for relatives of injured...think about that? I doubt there is anybody that can fill those big shoes. I sure hope so. For Don, a good rest and peace would be a wonderful thing. For him to enjoy life as a retired man with his wife, would be a blessing. God knows he so deserves it ! God speed will be so missed here but never forgotten. Alison and Bill BTW. I remember first meeting Don. Bill and I just had gotten off the boat as it were, some 10 years ago. . We were in Super Baru and bumped into Don, and struck up a conversation. He never boasted his position or person during the chat but did hand us his card and told us if we needed anything he'd be happy to help. What a heck of a guy that man ! Really...consider that. Just a 100% nice guy. Man, we'll miss him here.
  4. I'm bummed. Big shoes to fill ! Alison
  5. Mighty ambitious ! I thought there was a water shortage. For me?, I'd be happier with a juvenile detention and rehab facility.
  6. Wow...she was lacking $10 in change?...Houston we got a problem !
  7. Ivan gets the biggest chicken I've ever small turkeys.
  8. Interesting. We had our reverse osmosis system checked. Used Lidaq lab next to the bakery (just before you go over the Boquete bridge). They provide sterile containers. BUT interesting they only test for coliform bacteria and not parasites. We received a good test result but never were able to have a test done for Giardia ( water borne parasites) in our water. They do not do that testing. For the $20 it cost I wish I would have asked before I had the test done. All I knew was, that was where people took their water to be tested in Boquete.
  9. Yes, I agree. A long course of doxycycline is major for animals and humans alike. I believe small vet labs will make a presumptive diagnosis on CBC results ( change in platelet count, anemia) and symptoms . To make a definitive diagnosis involves special tests, equipment and knowhow which may be more than you could expect from a small vet clinic. For years I had several friends that battled Lyme disease and as well Erlichiosis...both tick borne diseases . We had many conversations over the years on making the diagnosis and lab/medical ability to do so. It is not easy ( antibody tests, visual recognition under miscroscopic exam ). I think to pass judgement on a small vet clinic therefore would be hasty . Some responsibility rests with the pet owner on how to proceed in seeking care for their sick dog if there is suspicion of Tick borne disease. . That is exactly why I so appreciate your sharing the Dixon lab with us here !
  10. The presence of the Erlichia Canis leads to hemorrhaging which typically results in the death of the patient. Yes That is the infectious agent in Tick fever. Very difficult to diagnose. Not a great prognosis unless treated early...and sometimes that does no happen as the animal goes into a phase of seeming remission. That is exactly why I would like to know from a reputable vet lab exactly how many definitive cases they diagnose on average per year. Ticks are only deadly if they carry Erlichia Canis. A neighbor had the death of his dog apparently due to this diagnosis. I do not know if a definitive diagnosis was made or a presumption based on basic labs and the dog's hemorrhagic symptoms. That probably means infected ticks reside in our neighborhood.
  11. This is valuable information. Thank you. One thing I have learned with regard to pet sickness tick control. Tick Fever ( Erlichiosis) is serious and can kill your dog. It's insidious, difficult for the best vets to diagnose and as well treat. Lab tests are very specific to the disease and I would assume, costly. Not all ticks carry this disease, and I would be interested to know from Dixon Lab how many cases they diagnose as positive for Tick fever ( Erlichiosis) every year here. . Prevention is essential and from what I read there is no one mode of tick irradiation that is 100%... All we can do is our best...which we try to do.
  12. From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    If you're lucky she might leave you a little something in your yard too !
  13. Today at the library at 7:30 pm Price Peterson to be recognized for his contributions to this community,,,don't forget
  14. Yes. I might add I was an orthopedic trauma nurse in a big trauma center. All it takes is one real bad motorcycle accident to change your life and the lives of your loved one forever.
  15. I'm SOOOO glad I put my foot down when my husband walked out the door with some cash in a bag to buy a motorcycle from the serial murderer of numerous people in Bocas (as well as Costa Rica) before that man got arrested. ( little did my husband know at the time ) My husband was to meet him at Las Olas to buy that bike. When Bill my husband asked me if I was SURE buying a motorcycle was OK I told him: " No ...not the way drivers drive here". He called off the deal. The rest is history; the murderer is in jail and my husband is bike-less. (Of course my husband still wants a motorcycle) It's dangerous to ride a motorcycle here. Heck apparently it's dangerous just crossing the street ! Alison
  16. From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    Hardly any seeds. Sweet. Buy one !
  17. OOPs right you are.
  18. We submitted application for Passport renewal by mail. What a great option to not have to travel to Panama City ! MailBoxes Etc took our photograph for the new passport. Pretty much same day service. Pic in the am pick up in the afternoon. MailBoxes Etc did the DHL mailing and insertion of required DHL return envelopes. Mail to AMERICAN EMBASSY at the address they give you on the forms Fee was $110 for each passport renewal . We went to our bank and wrote a check off our local account which the bank then stamped as "certified" . Write check to US EMBASSY. This is different from the AMERICAN EMBASSY in the address. ( MailBoxes Etc caught that error we made. Had to do that part again) In one day we had a response from the Embassy that we must have a local address where we reside here in Boquete. (previous passport listed our permanent address as Bill's sister ) . They also require a local phone (not a VOIP number with a USA area code) . Embassy allowed us to make these corrections the very day they received the document. They accepted sending the correction by email ( took one business day for the docs to get from here to there) . We are planning a trip to the USA in October and our passports would have expired in March ( 6 months) . You must have at least 6 months on your passport valid prior to expiration in order to travel with it. That would have put us right on the line. We renewed to avoid problems. We got all of this done in a couple of days. Passport renewal by mail to the US Embassy in Panama City is a great option ! Alison
  19. Stay 2 years continuously and pay a fine of $50 X 24 ( 2 years) = $1200.00 plus you would be driving illegally after 90 days. If caught your car could be impounded. That makes no sense. File for residency and get a driver's license. If the FBI finger prints are the only snafu then ...yup it's a problem. A costly problem if you elect the stay the 2 yr and pay the fine option.
  20. We as well submitted apostilled copied of our marriage license when we got our initial Pensionado Visa. When we applied for our E Cedula we read the document and it said clear as a bell we are classified as single. When we asked our attorney he said...yes single. To be confirmed as "married" there must be a Civil Registration. Bud was fortunate to have done that himself ( I presume) our attorney wants $500 for it !
  21. you order a bucket of something and get 2 free beers. Or a bucket-O-beers plus two more? I can hear the music already.....
  22. Maintenance of lines free of trees overhanging them. MOP? Major cause of outage on the coast