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  1. Important post. Thanks Bonnie.
  2. Please give directions ( what it's close to) on how to locate this place. Thanks
  3. until

    Boy I hope so. In order to get control of crime there must be consequences. If not..nothing happens. Oh, SOMETHIING happens....more crime. It just gets more and more out of control. The places the theives like are the ones that hold the most bang for their buck. No doubt BCP is considered a honey hole.
  4. Interesting history. Here's one of many articles. A book entitled Black Labor on a White canal: Panama 1904-1981 by M. Conniff is an interesting read about labor black/white labor relations during the building of the canal. Enormous prejudice and separation existed that equaled that that existed at the time in the USA. Separation of the school system for black children of workers I found particularly interesting. Their system excelled however ! The black kids came out all the better for it. The prejudice however I found unsettling.
  5. until

    Not very encouraging...
  6. I heard the building by the skateworld is going to be a gas station. Looks like some store space too. Alison
  7. From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    Tree seemed to get bigger as Bill's labor continued. He paid. Blisters and sore muscles. No gym next day.
  8. We put the entire house on a 3 minute timer delay. When power comes back's 3 minutes before we gets ours. That minimizes ( or possibly eliminates) the surge destruction. .I know you can get plug in lights that will go on immediately when the power is out. They stay in your wall sockets. Kind of a cool idea. I have these glow in the dark led flashlights all over the house. Another thing we found that is totally cool is a multiple bank led lamp. It will light up the entire living room and stay on for hours on one charge. We bought those for trips to the coast so we can read when power's out. I still haven't found a battery operated fan for those trips. Man the heat is brutal. When power's out on the coast, you go outside for a night breeze to sleep in the hammock? get Dengue there.
  9. It is what it is. The longer we live here the more accustomed we are to failures. On the coast in Veraguas where it's hot as hell power goes out for 10-15 hours at a time on a regular basis. Along with that the phone system seems to fail. Computer speed is snail slow all the time. So we thank God we chose to live here in Boquete. We don't get too tweeked when power fails for a time here. (for one thing it's nice and cool up here and you don't need a fan when you are without power.) It's all relative I guess. If we were back in Florida where my husband was raised, we'd be paying $300-500/mo electric bills....
  10. So what answers have been given that allay worries that the pipe size and the mode of connecting pipe might cause some disastrous problems down the line? Another concern is the water line in the same location in the ditch as the sewer pipe. Where does the main sewer plant go ?
  11. Brisas is breezy. Tree in the backyard blew over yesterday. Bill got his exercise with the with the branch hauling. Nice to have a canyon to chuck over the big logs. we have a better view !
  12. Locals call it "mal agua". Heavy wind, big surf and jellyfish make for pieces of jellyfish tentacles in the water. If you tend to be allergic to stings you can come out with rash and hives. I saw that a couple of weeks ago at Santa Catalina. The guy swore the place he was staying had bed bugs. All of us were getting stung ( I call it mini-annoying stings) . He was wearing a short sleeved surf shirt. Only place he had the hives/rash was his arms neck and some on the legs. ...places he was exposed to the ocean water surface. If it was bed bugs, he'd have the bites on his back, belly hips and legs. Nope....mal agua got him..marine agents. ( at least they put up a sign and let you no secret agents here !)
  13. Mighty ambitious ! I thought there was a water shortage. For me?, I'd be happier with a juvenile detention and rehab facility.
  14. Well the wind has let up. Las Olas is at least an hour from here. Beach is much like Daytona....nice for walking the beach. The waves could have some size as a new swell has approached. It's a beach with rips and currents. You can be standing in 3 ft deep water step one step to the right or left and be over your head and swept. Keep that in mind if you are not a good swimmer. if you are a good swimmer ...don't panic...ride out the rip and head back in...don't fight it. You'll be fine. My vote is my first suggestion. Nice easy drive, no traffic, scenic and peaceful Have fun Alison
  15. One small hole into which a ton of money will be poured.
  16. With this wind...the beach would be nasty. Blowing sand. Nearest beach is Las Olas. Might be nicer to go to Cangilones just the other side of Gualaca. It is an established park and frequented by families and youngsters. Beautiful swimming hole. Usually pretty peaceful early in the day.
  17. I know all of us here in Boquete who were living here when the two gals form Holland went missing are saddened and dumbstruck at the same time that a tragedy such as happened to this young woman could yet again happen here. I say this because so much was publicized of the dangers of hiking alone. She was young bright and no doubt saw no danger in a jungle trail off in the middle of nowhere. She most likely may have trusted a person she should not have. I was like that when I was her age. All I can say is I'm sad...period. This is such a shame. My heart goes out to all those who mourn for her .
  18. Dr Dru gave me laser treatment to a fractured knuckle I got surfing with my kayak. I was back out in 5 weeks. OK here's the knuckle fracture(s). And the pic of me surfing 5 weeks later. Hand is now 100% normal.
  19. I have no sympathy for this That said, the terrorist who blew up over 200 people on the aircraft that exploded over Lockerbee was allowed to leave prison, return to his native country,and enjoy several years dying of cancer. I have zero sympathy for him as well...