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  1. From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    Playa Santa Catalina, Veraguas. August 2017
  2. Bill directing some surf traffic

    From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    Playa Santa Catalina, Veraguas. August 2017
  3. A ray of sun in an unusually rainy August

    From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    Alison riding. Playa Santa Catalina, Veraguas
  4. Yes, my husband said it was messy. That pull out at Alto Dorado (as well at the Plaza SF) can be tricky. You can never assume the car in front will continue a turn at the same speed ( or speed up). Getting rear-ended always concerns me.
  5. Torrents of rain coming up thr hill out of David about an hour ago. Trees and power lines in the road at the uphill curve right across from the beer plant . Road obstructed to a degree in two places on that old road. Drainage ditches in David overloaded and the road flooding. Be careful
  6. This is a question that needs and answer. I assume Bonnie's explanation in the post above would answer Lynn Garett's question. That said, Lynn should have assurance that cancer medications and other meds from the VA would not get hung up for some crazy reason. One would assume that prescription medications would pass through airport customs...but that's assuming. Alison
  7. We spotted that restaurant and am happy to hear that opening is actually happening. Stoked to have this restaurant-in our location.!!
  8. UPDATE as of today 8/5/17 per Arturo at MBE Supplements YES...Cosmetics NO Ok I can deal with that. Alison
  9. Yes. One I take that was prescribed by my ophthalmologist here that was so much more expensive here in the Hospital Chiriqui it was ridiculous. ( I doubt I saved that prescription she wrote. ) What I do not understand is the rationale on the law. Attaching a duty to personal-use medicines, vitamins and beauty items seems like would curtail any commercial sale of same.. If it's to protect the health of the recipient...well hey, buyer beware.
  10. . I doubt it's of the same quality. Some of the supplements I order I've never seen here. Do you know of a place that has a wide variety? GNC does not. If there's a place I'd love to shop here rather than pay for shipment
  11. I can endure the wait an as well the paper work. I can collect those docs when I make the order and have it ready. ( It is certainly a paperwork and processing nightmare for MBE....) That said, we pay a sizeable fee per month for MBE service. I would like certain clarification on this issue. To exclude the import of vitamins for personal use seems a bit extreme to me and i do not see rationale. Alison
  12. We both love living here but one unfortunate thing is the products you can not find here. For us it's top quality vitamin supplements. For me personally it's beauty products as well. . Listen...we're old farts...getting diseased and wrinkled. Rep of Panama needs to give us a break on this. Maybe we need to protest..I mean get out there and block the highway. Eh...forget it...we'd probably get deported. ALISON
  13. Yup. And I just ordered our 6 months supply of vitamins and supplements we take for both of us just last week.. They were not cheap...couple hundred dollars all together. Now I wonder if its confiscated where does it go..the trash? AND if I do not receive it do i still pay weight at MBE....it's always a big bill Damn..now here's a thing that makes me unhappy with Panama. There are very few and this is one. I'll ask Velkys. Boy I'm bummed...what a pain. I'd hate to lose the product AND the money I paid for it ! BTW when you read the Spanish version of the law, it's more than just makeup creams and perfume it seems to me. Alison
  14. There is a large congregation of Chinese Christians with a church located on the right almost at the end of the Boquete highway down to David. I'd say it's probably 5 blocks or so up from Ricardo Perez Toyota dealership. Some of the congregants are English/Spanish/Chinese speakers. I have no contacts. But that church on Sunday would be a good start for you to locate someone. ALISON
  15. Awe shucks...thanks Keith. I'll have to say the instant Sancocho soup pack and egg with one piece of snake tasted pretty good . The breading on the snake...great! BUT unlike a rattle snake or Boa the Fer de Lance has no meat. Beats me how the damn thing strikes from 3 feet away . I've never seen an animal with so little flesh. See that sliver of meat in Bills teeth there.? Ok that's it.... Strip that off and that's one side. Were it not for the greasy breading you'd leave the table starving after consuming a 7 1/2 ft Fer de Lance.
  16. We have both....great advice. Here's another: if you get locked out of your car (like you locked the keys inside your car) and fail to get the door open after struggling with a hanger, flag a cabbie. If he can't get into your car, he'll go get the local car thief and bring him over for a buck of two. Worked for us when I did that in Sona' out in the middle hot as hell nowhere-land. It also amuses standers by. Quite a crowd was gathered ( offering their own advice as the scenerio progressed) by the time the deed was accomplished.
  17. Marcelyn. We also have added to our arsenal and ASSOLE-OMETER . It goes off on a regular basis.
  18. What a shame. Good idea to keep your tires in good shape what with the torrents of rain that can skid you off the road but as well , changing a flat tire and the issue of using a jack. There are places we drive all the time where there is no safe place to either pull off or to get a good purchase under a jack for tire changing. ( I'm thinking about the one way highway through Algarrobos )
  19. Easy to do. Thank God you survived. Those taxis get get some speed up on those side streets.
  20. When we first settled in here to live, we were driving into David in our new pickup. There was an accident at Super Baru corner. Ok so on the way out we decided to avoid that collision corner and went blocks away around it. Problem was figuring out which street was the right way on the one-ways. Bill was going slow...then spotted the turn . signaled and turned. Two cops on a bike behind us plowed right into our rear quarter panel making an imprint of two cops and a bike in the rear of our new truck. Ok after some conversation with the cop bike driver, ( who wanted to accuse Bill of some infraction when it was theirs for following too close) , anyway, the cop on the rear of the bike sez to the other cop: "Jose, when are you gong to learn, you slammed into a Gringo like this just last week" (we all laughed)...Ok so we agreed to shake hands. Bill turned too fast without notice, and they followed too close. Now we just park at Rey and take a cab into David...once again risking life and limb as the cab drivers are pretty dangerous themselves.