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  1. What is the procedure to receive an item through the mail that customs considers "medication". If the item is accompanied with a copy ( I'd not want to lose the original) of the prescription...is that all that is required? . Lately customs has been a real pain.
  2. Multi Cafe. Not cheap but complete and good. Two of them close to the center of David
  3. ...and this narcotic seized is what didn't get through. I can only imagine the magnitude of the entire mass of it all.
  4. Consider how many thousands of acres of coca plant would be involved to produce this much refined narcotic. That would be impossible to hide. So that said....what's up?
  5. We have always had our Soc Sec checks deposited to our USA bank. Over the 10 years here we have never had difficulties
  6. Today Bill had to go to the gas station to get weed eater gas for the garden guy. Just south of the Plaza San Fransisco there was a 18 wheel hauler cab in a yard against a tree with a bloody driver scratching his head standing there. it just happened. He was apparently coming from Boquete . Ended up on the east side of the road. (So he had apparently crossed the middle of the road.) Might have clipped the edge of the divider and lost control. Boy now you have to keep your eyes peeled not only on your side of the road but as well for trucks aimed at you from the other side !
  7. Humm.....I doubt it was any of the above. Elderly man, does not drink but on a rare occasion at home ( a beer now and then) . His car has been in repair for an eternity from when a driver backed out of Romero into him. Now I suppose it's possible his papers might have lapsed in that time but as i understand it He had all documents. I'm really curious on this one and will get back when I get the details first hand from him. He's lived here over a decade..and pretty much knows the drill. The story puzzles me.
  8. My husband had to take a breathalyzer test at the Caldera checkpoint. Seems everybody was getting a check. A neighbor had an accident in town and went off into a ditch. (?possibly on a sharp turn ). His front axle was broken. The vehicle was towed by the police department and impounded. I believe the final amount he had to pay to get his car was a coupe of hundred dollars. Why would a damaged vehicle in an accident like this be impounded?
  9. I have watched these contests and am very impressed with every one of the contestants. To win it is quite an accomplishment ! Congratulations Alejandro. All Boquete is very proud of you.!!!!!
  10. Microclimates and pests

    sugar ants. Boric acid powder works great. Apply the same way . I bought mine on Amazon. cheap and harmless
  11. Sure wish it landed in my back yard. I'd give them a deal at 2 million
  12. Microclimates and pests

    Boric Acid. Sure cure. Cheap and safe...weak solutions are used in medicine for such things as eye wash and irrigations of sensitive skin.
  13. This dog needs your help

    Bill and I can attest to the skills these two folks have with regard to animal behavior. They will take time to insure that your dog will behave well with the other dogs and as well be safe there. We saw that first hand with our dog. They are very special people.
  14. Microclimates and pests

    Brisas Boquetenas: On canyon ( been here 10 years) Fer de Lance: 1 five footer off the canyon side, 1 seven footer in the field across the street, 4 small ones around the house/garage Coral snake: 1 on the back porch Cane toads: here and there on the street when it's wet and around the house...... dozen or so Scorpions: Too numerous to count in the house and around the yard which has two native stacked rock walls we call the scorpion condominium Cutter Ants: never ending problems out of the field across from us and the canyon below us. Fire ants: Perpetual but manageable Kitchen ants: maybe once every other year we get a colony that we put to death with Boric Acid powder on their trail Wood ants: From the canyon side. Killed slowly a 30 ft tall tree which eventually fell over in the wind Hornets: Once a year on average on the eaves of the house ( mud dobbers) Mosquitos and coffee bugs: Rare. We have gravel rather than grass. That seems to reduce the amount of mosquitos and coffee bugs markedly. If we stand on the edge of the canyon we do get occasional coffee bug bites. Termites: No sign of them Furry caterpillars: Seasonal on yard plants. Burrowing fruit worms: We have a beautiful mango tree that produces large Costa Rican mangoes that get totally destroyed by worms. Maybe we will get two fruit a year on the entire tree. We do not spray the tree. Biggest issues: Cutter ants and Fer de Lance We have an exterminator spray inside and around the house once a month. Every scorpion we see in the house is dead.
  15. This dog needs your help

    Certainly the kennel they wish to build with their Go-Fund-Me project would be of a major help in that regard. Any donation you give to them as well as to ARF is always appreciated I'm sure. https://www.gofundme.com/helpanimalsboquete Here's their link on that. ARF's link: arf.boquete@gmail.com, Good idea on the flea and tick prevention donation for both !
  16. This dog needs your help

    Thanks for the clarification on ARF being separate . That said , I wouldn't wish to imply that Javier and Magaly are making profit. I seriously doubt that. They play an important role on care of the rescue dogs in our town and are a support in the care of the ARF dogs needing housing and care, devoting their lives to the animals. Alison and Bill
  17. This dog needs your help

    Don't forget these two people who dedicate their life to dog rescue . They are short of their goal they need in order to make an actual kennel enclosure for dog's they care for that are rescued. https://www.gofundme.com/helpanimalsboquete
  18. $38 towels ? $180 comforters? wow. How the heck do these govt officials think they can get away with that. Obviously they didn't
  19. This dog needs your help

    Or contribute to help the rescue team. There are many options. These folks are saints. Alison, Bill and Flossy
  20. Every time we drive through there now and the police aren't there I'm bummed. I really miss those guys. BUT we do have Flossy !
  21. Bingo to Support Boquete Dog Camp


    Thanks for the update Bonnie. Modestly attended is better than poor. That makes us happy. Alison and Bill Brundage and FLOSSY our rescue doggie