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  1. Been using about a year. Pretty much flawless!
  2. Our 3rd Annual Poker Fun....is like the Poker Runs done in the US by Car and Motorcycle Clubs. Ours is a 'Fun' because we WALK or drive around Boquete to various locations, where a playing card is drawn 'for your hand', and the BEST HAND wins a prize. There are 7 card draw locations, and you can purchase 'Wild Cards (up to 3) at the final stop. Best Hand wins our Prize, and there's a Lottery for additional Gift Certificates and prizes. The action begins at the Clubhouse at BCP at 2PM, on Saturday, Feb. 3rd where official score cards are purchased (2/$10, additional @ $5). Lottery tickets
  3. We have, and maintain, a legal address in the US.with family. Our bank and investment accounts with authorized co-signers,, State drivers licenses, Social Security, health insurance come to mind. Our son has access to much of this. We will be changing those soon as our son is building a new home, and selling ‘our old address’. He has mail forwarding setup, and we will have to update our then current info to several sources. We typically return to the US, about once a year, sometimes more. Are in contact with our health insurance (only good in the US) agent periodically. For example, we thought
  4. We have used Jose Saenz (jose@goldenfrog.net) in Panama City, for visits to the Embassy, my Panama drivers license and other taxi trips over the years here. He drove friends of ours here in Boquete, about 3 years ago with about 15 suitcases and boxes, and their golden lab dog. He and his daughter do airport runs and custom tours of Panama as well. You might contact him about your needs. He speaks English, and has been doing this type of thing for a very long time. Born and raised in Panama City. Ray ray2cleo@yahoo.com
  5. I have begun the task of posting news/events etc. for the IPA (International Police Assoc.) and our sister organization, The 100 Club of Boquete. Information for each is at their websites.



  6. Sorry I don't have information about that. Have only wired a $200 amount which cost $40 if I remember correctly, over 4 years ago. Perhaps someone else could answer. I just used my normal personal/business bank. But there are other options I'm sure.
  7. Panama banks are beginning to charge for all the US Govt. demands under FATCA or whatever. Charge for the required accounting and reporting of American overseas accounts by foreign banks willing to hold American citizens money. Mostly just reinforces our decision to evade all US except family, and our banking is left in US to avoid this stuff.
  8. We have lived in Boquete for over 2 years, and have absolutely no need for a bank account here. We maintain our personal accounts in our bank there (used for decades) where we lived in the US (near other family), and have changed US address to the families'. A son is signed onto our accounts, so could deal with any issues there (trust is imperative). Our Social Security and other checks deposit there. Investment accounts are linked. Our debit and credit cards work here. Cash is withdrawn when needed (depending on the banks ATMs working...occasionally not!). Our Capitol One accounts reimburse A
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