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  1. Looked around for similar subject with a current date, found none so here goes... I live in an area that has been without fiber cable, we have a small dish. I subscribe to cable Onda, have the 4 MBPS plan which costs me almost $50 a month. I have talked to a couple of people that rent, they state they are getting Cable Onda "Wifi" at 4 Meg for less that $30 a month.... First off, I'm wondering if my "dish service" is considered "Wifi" ? Recently I saw some Cable & Wireless trucks on the main road with many men doing significant cable installation. Today, a slip of paper was left at my gate. It was all in Spanish but it reflected a whole bunch of "package" deals from Movil, including TV service, internet and telephone. This leads me to conclude that we now have fiber wire in our neighborhood... I don't need an entire package but I would sure like to have wired internet service. Anyone know of the options for internet in Alto Boquete? Our house is just south of Cowboy Bob's car rental. Appreciate whatever feedback you have
  2. Hopefully the right forum... if not, please point me in the right direction. Kind of new to the area. Planning a little get together where alcohol will be provided. What is the best places for both price and selection in the Chiriqui area? I live in Boquete but frequently visit David Thanks
  3. Recently purchased a home in Alto Boquete. Have spent the last 2 months catching up on needed maintenance. One item still on my plate.... do something about the deteriorating shutters used for wind break on the north side of the veranda.... check out the attached pictures. I'm open for any suggestions as to alternatives or repair options. IT seems to me if I stay with "wood", I will always be battling... Help
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