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  1. Thanks all...he was accidentally locked in a neighbor's deposito. All good now. gracias! dlh
  2. HE'S BACK! Dry, unharmed, looking fat...maybe someone took him in... At any rate, we are immensely relieved.
  3. Charlie the Banana Eating Dog, has disappeared. Last seen, Alto Jaramillo at Finca Luz, Friday 11/11 at 3 PM. No sign of him, anywhere. If you have seen him, please call 6636-8663 or messsage me here. He is about 20 pounds and has a gimpy back leg. We are searching and hoping...
  4. We are looking to purchase a second hand (ggod condition) coffee pulper, either manual or motorized. Please email, boquetecloudforest@gmail.com
  5. I have a good assortment of teaching English as a second language (TESL) materials--focus on beginning and intermediate business English--that I am wiling to donate to someone who will use them. These are interactive workbooks, etc. PM me at veworley@gmail.com.
  6. Fridge - almost brand new - $1,000 at PriceSmart. Now $750 email me - dianneheidke@yahoo.com
  7. I am looking for a good set of sliding doors...anyone? dianneheidke@yahoo.com
  8. I am looking to install something small into our new place. Anyone done this? Can you buy it here? Ideas? Comments? Gracias. dlh
  9. Hi all - I am installing some flooring in our new addition and want something that is NOT concrete and hard. Solid wood is EXP so was thinking of going with a plycem substrate and a wood type product over that. The cariolas are already in place...of course unless you are using solid wood products, all the vinyls and laminate products off gas toxic chemicals, with some being worse than others. Has anyone used these types of flooring?...Comments? Thoughts? Gracias!
  10. The cabinet that I posted earlier here under this topic has been reduced in PRICE to $2.000 - It's a great deal for someone who wants a great solid piece without the hassle of getting it built etc etc.... "A huge roble (Oak) wall cabinet ( in 3 pieces) has come in...measures 8ft ( center cabinet) and 10ft long...yes..big. In Excellent condition with lighting.$2,400 Sorry about the lousy photo, not a photographer obviously. Email me -dianneheidke@yahoo.com
  11. Large, Queen sized pullout sofa for sale.Scandinavian design, solid medium hardwood,zip-off covers.Very cool piece.$645 Email me -dianneheidke@yahoo.com
  12. A huge roble (Oak) wall cabinet ( in 3 pieces) has come in...measures 8ft ( center cabinet) and 10ft long...yes..big. In Excellent condition with lighting.$2,400 Sorry about the lousy photo, not a photographer obviously. Email me -dianneheidke@yahoo.com
  13. if anyone has any broken tile or broken mirrors we want them for our next mosaic project...please email me -dianneheidke@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook etc. Gracias. PS- We are also looking for Plycem 3/4" about 40 sheets, in good shape.
  14. They measure 19" tall x 20" wide - $100 for the 2! Join the facebook group for daily ( almost) updates https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheZapadora/
  15. This brand new, gorgeous Balsamo solid wood table for Sale - 12 seater. Measures 9' 4" x 3 1/2 '...$2,275 email me -dianneheidke@thezapadora.com or come visit www.thezapadora.com
  16. Hey all, I am refurbishing a Toshiba laptop for my Ngobe worker. Problem...no hay un power cord. Anyone have a spare? Thanks. Dianne H ps -how do you reply to these posts??..I have not seen a button for that anywhere.
  17. Fully ready to install, elegant door and side panel set for Sale - The door itself measures the standard 7ft x 3ft and the total structure with all wood and glass measures 8 1/2 ft tall x 5ft wide. The price, $750, includes the whole thing plus the glass for side inserts and all the locks and hardware. To see it, email me - dianneheidke@yahoo.com
  18. Fuji Finepix F10 digital camera for Sale - good working condition, no problems or scratches. Has all the cables, spare battery and memory chip - $48 dianneheidke@yahoo.com gracias.
  19. Lovely, heavy Indian desk for sale.Check it out at the Zapadora Gran Bazaar facebook page. Join the group there and get to see updates. Zapadora has had a big influx of great new stuff. You can visit us Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays 10-4.00pm Thanks all.
  20. English Leather tooled saddle for sale. excellent condition. $195 dianneheidke@yahoo.com
  21. Yesterday we went to the new local groovy italian pizza place ( gluten free if you don't mind!) ,enjoyed the food and the soft chianti but had to complain about the 'soft porn' music videos on the unbiquitous TV's...sick to death of being subjected to this rubbish ...and feeling embarrassed for the young family trying to feed their kids..the TV was promptly turned off. The family thanked us and we thanked the owners.
  22. Hey, does anyone have a version of Adobe Photoshop newer than 2.0...which is like years old...would very much appreciate a share or lend, buy whatever...the new ones are HUGELY exp! gracias, dlh
  23. I'm looking for a good second hand or new laptop. Prefer Toshiba or Dell..but hey if I don't have to go to David, that is brandworthy too. Please email price, specs etc to dianneheidke@yahoo.com gracias, dlh
  24. Attractive, handmade iron and glass patio set (4 chairs) , won't blow away in the Boquete gales....Table top measure 4ft across.Height is 30".Generous sized chairs, with cushions si quieres. $645 the set. Try getting a set like this at cccconway for this price! www.thezapadora.com or check out our facebook page - the zapadora Gran Bazaar
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