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  1. Feldenkrais Based Movement Identifying the source of discomfort and stress is a first step in learning how to release it. A Feldenkrais lesson will help you sense the contrast between the areas of pain/discomfort and relaxation in the body. Then you will discover how to allow your body to release unnecessary tensions that may be a painful obstacle to moving a particular area of the body. Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi Chuan is a way of learning energetic principles, through a form or pattern of movements. When done on a regular basis, Tai Chi helps any person develop a more grounding and poise. Principles are studied first while standing or doing very simple movements that require a coordination between the movement of the pelvis, spine and the four limbs. As the student progresses in his practice he develops a sense of where he holds stress and tension that present obstacles to moving through the particular form being studied. Rubenfeld Synergy Method RSM introduces a means to connect sensations experienced as the body moves, with more intangible parts of ourselves: emotions and energy. Floor movement sequences or table work, using either Feldenkrais or Alexander techniques, promote awareness of discomfort and blockage in the body. Using verbal interventions, an RSM practitioner can help you discover, through dialogue, touch & movement, the significance of the sensation of pain or discomfort in a shoulder, for instance. In time, you will be able to understand the source of the physical and/or emotional & energy distress associated with pain or discomfort.
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    Please TEXT me at WhatsApp 6678-3297 (or email me at gbvdco@gmail.com) if you intend to attend and to verify that a last minute event has not forced me to postpone until next week the class, which usually happens every Wednesday at 4:30 pm....thanks
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    TRAIN YOUR BODY TO FOLLOW POSITIVE EMOTIONS & FEELINGS Below is the flier for the group class that meets on Wednesdays....4:30 pm TO 5:30 PM I like to verify by Whats App (6678-3297) probable attendance....you can also confirm your intention to attend at least a day before by email (gbvdco@gmail.com). Also if you get a group together, I can do this class in a private house, if you have a group that is at least 4 persons. All you need to do is consult with me time availability, the week before. Also enclosed is a copy of my location...
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    Transformational Breath® Workshop At the BodyMind Dojo, Boquete, Panama Saturday, 9 February, 2019 from 13 hrs to 16 hrs The Transformational Breath® workshop introduces this life changing, self-empowering integrative tool. The workshop includes the science of breath, a Breath Analysis and a powerful one-hour Transformational Breath® session. The workshop will be led by Kathleen Strong and Paul Radunz, both Senior Trainers of Transformational Breath®. Transformational Breath® combines full connected breathing with sound, hands-on work, invocations, and movement to integrate and transform at the deepest levels of our being. From these sessions people experience: · More energy and peace · Clarity and calmness of mind · Emotional integration of suppressed experiences · Connection to Spirit – more joy! The cost of the workshop is $45. To register please contact Paul Radunz at InfinitePresence@rocketmail.com or +1 612 817 8186 (WhatsApp). Or contact Andei at gbvdco@gmail.com or +507 6678 3297 Kathleen Strong, MEd, LPE and Paul Radunz have been working together building communities through a variety of modalities which assist people in transforming their lives. Each participant experiences movement to higher states of consciousness and to a state of unconditional love – love without want. Love that replaces suffering with peace and joy, effort with play, and doing with being. They practice, teach and facilitate the self-empowering modalities of Transformational Breath®, Alchemical Hypnosis, Access Consciousness - Bars, Oneness Blessing and Reiki. “Kathleen and Paul share their hearts freely and have demonstrated superior skills and Presence in their lives and work with Transformational Breath®. I am honored they are part of this work we share." - Judith Kravitz, Founder of Transformational Breath®.
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