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  1. Hi Judith, How are you? It's Betsy from Puerto Armuelles. Is it okay if I mention your offer on my site, LivinginPanama.com? I'm writing a post about the baseball championship. Reply here, or email me at betsy@livinginpanama.com Thanks.
  2. At the last 2 Tuesday Market's they have has offered them. I know 'cause I bought them. I talked with Bertie (who I believe is the new owner) about how I loved rye bread and he didn't mention discontinuing them. Fingers-crossed.
  3. Hi Penny, Yes, that is a great market. I had actually planned to go the Chiriqui Storage Market today, but something came up. Friends of mine went. I simply forgot to mention it. Thanks for the reminder. I am not sure the Puerto Market will ever get that big.
  4. Sept. 2, 2017, will be the 1st Puerto Armuelles Saturday Market. 8am to 1pm. It will be at Heavenly's Hotel, which is right on the beach. It will always be on the 1st Saturday of every month. It is free for vendors. But you must bring your own table. Heavenly's Hotel is even offering a deal for vendors only. It promises to be a fun shopping experience. Come if you can. Then you can say you were at the 1st Puerto Armuelles Saturday Market. You can find more information, on livinginpanama.com/market
  5. There is also Morgan's Bakery at the Tuesday Market. I love their rye bread and onion bagels!
  6. Almost all banks in Panama charge a monthly service fee on checking accounts, but not savings accounts. Which is why most locals here only have saving accounts.
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