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  1. Moderator comment: This topic was split out of a different topic (see http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/1743-health-care-resources-of-the-chiriqui-province/?do=findComment&comment=16926) on 13 May 2017 because the subject transitioned from health care resources to insurance. Great list [referring here to the health care resource listing], does anyone have information on Hospitals/clinics and doctors that will accept payments directly from the insurance companies?
  2. I am going to renew my US passport soon and was wondering how much it costs to renew my carnet with my new passport number?
  3. I did it on my own the process was not hard just time consuming, Since it requires a new photo is did have to be done in person. One point if you are not 62+ they will not speed things up and you may have to return in 3 days to pick up the new card. I had to do mine on a Monday so it was busy. The only paperwork needed is a copy of your current passport (picture page, page with registration ie small blue square with card number), police report, initial resolution, and a form filled out requesting a new cardt hat they provide your at the PC office. Need a of copy of each page and the request form. Copys are made just outside the mainbuilding to the right in a small blue tent and cost 15 cents per copy. If you tip them 50 cents you get faster service in case something has to be re-copied. Not sure of current attorney cost but they can only be higher the the $25 I paid. If you take a bus to PC at Midnight could possible get it finished and return the same day, just bring a good book to read.
  4. Finally received a new Permanent Residency Visa in Panama City. The cost. aside from travel and hotel was $25 and was an all day affair.
  5. No luck on getting a replacement in David. A trip to PC will be required, will take about 3-4 hours and costs $100 so show up early. I ended up asking 3 different agents at the office to include the supervisor all said the same thing. Not sure if they were not suppose to do it or were just out of supplies. On a side note he mentioned that using a copy for any official function (ie a traffic stop or visit to conduct business at government offices could result in a $400 fine and/or deportation after the 3rd offense. All of the agents were easy to talk to, fast and very polite. Looks like Air Panama will be getting some of my money soon.
  6. I recently lost my wallet with my Panama permanent Residency visa and have filed a report. Anyone know what I need to do to replace it and what the cost will be? Thanks for any info. RT
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