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  1. Tickets available at Mailboxes Etc., The Clubhouse, and Morton's Bakehouse.
  2. Comedy, drama, and music, all in one live show!
  3. If you are reading this......don't tell me you never heard about the Olde Timey Radio Show...when it is sold out!!
  4. We have a great show planned, so get your tickets now...
  5. Have you tried the chocolate products from El Monje del Cacao? The "monk" (Roberto Moreno) has all kinds of chocolate products from bars, to hot chocolate. These are not only made in Panama, but right here in Boquete! His shop is located right at the entrance to Boquete, and you can sit outside and enjoy a nice hot chocolate on his cozy veranda, or shop inside. I highly recommend.
  6. Very good to know as it happened to me on another channel.
  7. OldMikeNY

    BCP's Olde Timey Radio Show


    Thanks Marcelyn and Bud, for the photos and all the support.
  8. OldMikeNY


    I don't know what this is all about, but I'm against it!
  9. You forgot to mention the bag I forgot. It had 10 rugulach, an entire chocolate babka, a rye bread, and a dozen cookies.
  10. From what I know, the back is supposed to be the handicap parking area, but that is after the vendors have unloaded and moved their cars. One reason is the back entrance is very close to the area so the people do not have far to go. I don't know if that is still happening or not.
  11. I am trying to change my deposit from my Panamanian bank to an American account. I called the Social Security Administration and was told I could not do it over the phone from Panama. They advised me to contact the embassy. It's one of those things that is easy to do in the USA, but not so easy here.
  12. I found an auto parts store in David. You go, as most people go to the airport, turn left from the PanAmerican. I turn by the light near the gas station (I think Terpel). You go towards the big Super 99 (I think it's called) and the store is on the right in a block of stores. It's a little store and if you had someone looking for it, it would be easier to find. I'm not even sure I could find it again on my own. Good luck.
  13. Boquete blues drummer is looking for like minded musicians who love the blues with the intention of jamming and possibly performing. If you play guitar, bass, keys, horns, etc. or can sing and want to get involved with the blues, please contact me.
  14. OldMikeNY

    Free Stand-up workshop

    The FREE STAND-UP COMEDY WORKSHOP is canceled this week due to the holidays. Please join us next week.