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  1. Intolerance!!

    I don't know what this is all about, but I'm against it!
  2. You forgot to mention the bag I forgot. It had 10 rugulach, an entire chocolate babka, a rye bread, and a dozen cookies.
  3. From what I know, the back is supposed to be the handicap parking area, but that is after the vendors have unloaded and moved their cars. One reason is the back entrance is very close to the area so the people do not have far to go. I don't know if that is still happening or not.
  4. I am trying to change my deposit from my Panamanian bank to an American account. I called the Social Security Administration and was told I could not do it over the phone from Panama. They advised me to contact the embassy. It's one of those things that is easy to do in the USA, but not so easy here.
  5. I found an auto parts store in David. You go, as most people go to the airport, turn left from the PanAmerican. I turn by the light near the gas station (I think Terpel). You go towards the big Super 99 (I think it's called) and the store is on the right in a block of stores. It's a little store and if you had someone looking for it, it would be easier to find. I'm not even sure I could find it again on my own. Good luck.
  6. Boquete blues drummer is looking for like minded musicians who love the blues with the intention of jamming and possibly performing. If you play guitar, bass, keys, horns, etc. or can sing and want to get involved with the blues, please contact me.
  7. Free Stand-up workshop

    The FREE STAND-UP COMEDY WORKSHOP is canceled this week due to the holidays. Please join us next week.
  8. Stand-up Comedy Workshop

    Come on down this Saturday at the La Villa Cafe and Comedy Club for our second FREE STAND-UP COMEDY WORKSHOP. Learn the fine art of writing and performing your very own stand-up routine and also learn how to dodge tomatoes and other rotten vegetables. You may be given the opportunity to hold a real microphone and watch as people double over from raucous laughter or maybe medical emergency (hopefully laughter). EVEN IF YOU MISSED THE FIRST WORKSHOP, YOU CAN JOIN THE FUN AND LEARN STAND-UP. La Villa Cafe and Comedy Club. 5:30 PM Saturday
  9. Free Stand-up workshop

    Our first workshop generated many funny ideas for stand-up. IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN THE FUN! Even if you missed the first workshop. Join us Saturday, October 29th at 5:30 PM at La Villa Cafe and Comedy Club. Bring paper and pen and you're ready for the workshop. You will learn how to create your very own five minute stand-up routine. Comedians will write and perform their own material and we will offer positive encouragement so that you will have the best material possible. FIND THE FUNNY!!!!!
  10. Now you can learn how to create your very own five minute stand-up comedy routine. Starting on Saturday night, October 22nd at 5:30 PM till 7 PM, you can learn how to write, polish, and perform your very own material. Maybe you just want to face your fears of facing an audience (yikes!)? If there is enough interest, the workshop can develop into a performance group where we would get to perform our own material in front of a real audience (yikes!). Surely you have some material about airline food (airline food? there hasn't been airline food in 20 years!) Please bring paper and pencil (or pen, marker,crayon, etc.) Workshop will be held at La Villa Cafe in the BCP.
  11. Stand-up Comedy Workshop

    What are you, a comedian? If you've ever heard this or ever wanted to explore your funny side, now you can learn the secrets of stand-up comedy at a 4 week free workshop at La Villa Cafe. Workshop meets for four Saturday nights at 5:30 PM beginning on October 22nd. Please bring paper and pencil and your sense of humor. You will have the opportunity to create your very own five minutes of stand-up material. With enough interest, it may be possible to showcase your talents in a show at the La Villa Cafe with a real audience.
  12. I don't totally agree with the results of the study because each item is a potential problem, but, I have learned one thing about checking out at Pricesmart. There is one cashier - I'm not going to tell you who she is - who is WAY faster than all the others. All things being equal, I always search her out. Even if there are five more people on her line, I get in her line. I was once on a much shorter line with another cashier, and I kept seeing the customers on the next line advance forward, and we weren't moving at all. That's how I found her. She's fast and seems nice too.
  13. Well, Bud was right. You can pay a parking ticket (and probably any traffic offense) in the Chiriqui Mall in David. I don't think it said on the ticket exactly where to go, but, you go to the mall. We first went to the cashier, who sent us to a clerk at a computer terminal. The clerk looked at the ticket, checked the computer, looked at the ticket some more, back to the computer, until she said we can go to the cashier. The whole thing took less than five minutes and the office was air-conditioned.
  14. I got a parking ticket while parked outside the BCP at the Tuesday market. I know lots of others got the same ticket I did, because when I got to my car, the whole line had tickets on the windows. My question is where do I pay this. Some of my friends here have never heard of a parking ticket, and someone told me I may have to go to David to pay it there. Anybody know for sure?
  15. I have used Eshop in Boquete and am happy with the service and I have used MailBoxes and am happy with the service and the people. Recently I heard about The Box Shop in David and wanted to test it out. The one benefit of The Box Shop is the flat rate. The flat rate is $2.50 per pound (they add a 25 cent charge to each package). So, I had 5 packages sent to The Box Shop, some relatively heavy. I ordered some tools and had a package of 33 pounds and one of 26 pounds. All in all, the five packages cost me $229. By comparison, I saved over $130 from similar services in Boquete. I talked with the operator of The Box Shop and he told me he would like to open a satellite office here in Boquete so he could make regular deliveries and make it easier for the people in Boquete. I see the convenience of getting packages here in Boquete, but the flat rate of The Box Shop is something to consider. I was having my mail forwarded to another service and one small envelope cost me almost $8.00. At The Box Shop, every pound is $2.50. Since my test, I see The Box Shop offers the same good service. I get an email when I have a package. One thing about The Box Shop: It is located at the end of a long parking lot. You cannot see it from the street. The parking lot is across from a bakery in David. The operator said to use Google maps, because I used Waze and it got me to the right place, but I didn't know it was inside this parking lot. Again, I'm just reporting on what I did. In my calculations, if I'm going to David anyway for Pricesmart for example, it's not too difficult to go to The Box Shop first.