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    Brand New- Reserve Your Seat On-line, Pay at the Door
  2. Dixie Swim Club at the BCP "The set is looking great, the cast is well-rehearsed, sound effects are standing by ā€“ everything in service to the amazing script by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten. The Jones Hope Wooten team specialize in writing laugh-out-loud comedies and have been dubbed "America's Playwrights" largely due to their continued support of regional theatre. When Dixie Swim Club was proposed for the BCP, it was immediately recognized as a perfect fit for the fun-loving Boquete audience. This story of five women who reunite their college swim team every August ā€“ in a favorite cottage in the Outer Banks of North Carolina ā€“ offers a funny and poignant look at friendship through the decades. Tickets on sale now at Tuesday market and MBE for this not-to-be-missed romp." Gabrielle Reynolds
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    BCP PRESENTS: Dixie Swim Club matinee March 19th, 2:00 pm BCP Theatre Tickets on sale now - Tuesday market, MBE, Boquete
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    BCP INVITES YOU TO DIVE IN: DIXIE SWIM CLUB Tickets on Sale starting Tuesday, February 28th at Tuesday Market after market available at MBE Mailboxes Etc. Main St, Boquete only one matinee - buy tickets now
  5. WHY BOQUETE? People ask me all the time - Why Panama - and especially Why Boquete? Here's why: Two weeks ago at the Tuesday meeting the community was invited to a day of awareness (Heart in the Park) to learn how Boquete provides services for persons with disabilities. I mentioned the great work done by the Fundacion (FPI)better known as the Handicap Foundation - where recently volunteers went on a home visit and found a severely disabled man, living alone, in a shack with no roof, sleeping on cardboard using hose for water, his body racked with painful spasms. Yesterday, Romero got a new home. Two volunteers at the Foundation, Judy and Mike Hart asked him to come and live with them. He said "Yes."That's why I live here.
  6. Heart in the Park, sponsored by FPI, Fundacion Pro-Integracion, the Handicapped Center, is February 18, 1-4 pm in Central Park, Boquete. It is an afternoon of awareness raising, celebrating the great work of the Fundacion on behalf of the mentally and physically disabled persons in our Boquete community. Have your picture taken in our giant heart, eat heart shaped cookies, and learn more about our clients and see why we're at the Heart of this community.
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  8. Has anyone shipped in a computer from Amazon or elsewhere? What charges are imposed by customs?
  9. From the album Linda Sherman

    BCP Puppet Show Saturday, September 10, 2016 1:00 pm Kids under 12 FREE Kids over 12 $0.50 at the door
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    BCP Presents a children's puppet show on September 10, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. in the BCP Theatre. Children from the Las Lajas school district will present a puppet show in Spanish for the children of Boquete. The show is called: "How Beautiful is Panama?" Free for children under 12, $0.50 cents for children over 12 We encourage you to bring the whole family, your neighbors and friends to enjoy this great little show.
  11. I travel back and forth to the States every quarter and it's not at all unusual to be required to have a return ticket to the U.S.on any airline even with my cedula. I usually show my passport to the ticket agent and if they require the return from Panama I give them my cedula. Sometimes that's all they need but if that doesn't work, I have my return booked for my next visit. You really never know until you get to the counter so I come prepared. Also you can make a reservation on most airlines and cancel within 24 hours with no fees or costs so you make a reservation for a return to the states the same day you're flying back to Panama. When you land at PTY you cancel the reservation and you're good to go.
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    BCP's "Taste of Boquete" on Saturday, August 20th. 11 a - 2 p Join us for food and fun at BCP
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    BCP Auditions for the Fall Production of: Rocky Horror Picture Show Thursday, July 21st. 1 - 3p auditions will be held in the BCP Theatre Open to the whole community - Be A Star
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    BCP Open Auditions for the Fall Production of the Classic: Rocky Horror Picture Show Wednesday, July 20th. 10 a - 1 p