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At BodyMind Dojo you'll develop skills to use your obstacles to effortless movement to gain better postural alignment, function, wellness and how to become more productive and joyous.

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You can prevent premature aging of skin, muscles, joints & bones with the Feldenkrais Method & Alexander Technique.

Prevent premature aging of skin, muscles, joints and bones with the Feldenkrais Method and Alexander Technique.   As you age you lose suppleness because the tissues in your body structure slowly dehydrate. How do you actually get to experience the dehydration?  This is a reasonable question to have. You'll know because your joints start getting stiffer and it becomes more difficult to move your body. Some areas dehydrate faster than others, for instance the knees. Fortun

Bodywork Modalities Available at BodyMind Dojo

Feldenkrais Based Movement Identifying the source of discomfort and stress is a first step in learning how to release it. A Feldenkrais lesson will help you sense the contrast between the areas of pain/discomfort and relaxation in the body.    Then you will discover how to allow your body to release unnecessary tensions that may be a painful obstacle to moving a particular area of the body. Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi Chuan is a way of learning energetic principles, through a form or pattern of

BodyMind Dojo

BodyMind Dojo

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