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Israeli Escapee and the Related Arrest of Policemen

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Top cops arrested after Israeli prisoner escape

A National Police (PN) Commissioner, the Director and Sub-Director of the La Joyita Prison and at least three other people have been arrested in connection with the escape of an Israeli prisoner. The Directorate of Judicial Investigation (DIJ) and the Police are cooperating with the investigations developed by the Public Ministry (MP).


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$10,000 reward for Israeli escapee

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A  $10,000  reward is being offered by the National Police (PN) to anyone who provides information leading to the capture of Israeli citizen Shy Dahan, who escaped from La Joyita prison on July 14.

Dahan with identity card E-8-114798, was extradited from Spain to Panama for a case of fraud of more than half a million dollars and had been detained since March 16.

Those who have information on  Dahan can call the numbers 104, 511-9339 or 511-9081.

Six people have been charged for alleged crimes of embezzlement, the omission of functions, falsification of documents and for allowing the escape of a prisoner.



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It doesn't really say so, but I'm guessing that Dahan bribed his way out of the prison.  

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The anatomy of a Panama jail break

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Prosecutor Elisa Arosemena revealed the way in which the six accused facilitated the escape of Dahan, extradited from Spain to Panama on March 7 by Interpol, to face trial on July 26. for half a million dollars fraud

Shy Dahan

Arosemena detailed that for an inmate to be entitled to a special meal, wear clothes different from the penitentiary uniform and move off the premises without handcuffs, as Shy Dahan did daily, he must have written permission from the director of La Joyita.

She said that Dahan went periodically to Castellanos’s office.

On June 14, Corporal Luis González, in charge of pavilion 6, assigned to the Israeli, received a call from Major Herrera ordering him to transfer Dahan to control # 1, (office of Commissioner Castellanos), he left without handcuffs, without uniform and without custodians.

On the same day the escape  was detected but the return of the Israeli was never recorded in the record book. González informed Lieutenant Rigoberto Pérez that Dahan had not returned, adding that he was summoned by Castellanos, who ordered him that the count would not be made until the next day, on June 15.

Arosemena extracted documents from the ‘folder’ where Major Herrera tells custodian Donis Chávez, to show that Dahan had returned. “Note that he returned, everything will be fine”, said  Major Herrera.

The Judge of Guarantees, Doris Medina imputed the charges of evasion, forgery of public documents and embezzlement as author of Castellanos; for evasion and falsification as author of Herrera; and the rest for evasion as primary accomplices.

Judge Medina granted precautionary measure for Elías Miranda, to report on the 17th of each month and impediment of leaving the country; for René Moreno a bail of $1000 and report on Monday of each week and for Donis Chávez, report on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the prohibition of leaving the country.

Ramón Castellanos, Humberto Herrera and Plutarco Pedreschi, were arrested.



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Top jail officials to stay behind bars

Hay cuatro aspirantes a ocupar el puesto.
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The possible destruction of evidence by two senior police officers was a factor in the Superior Court of Appeals rejected the original precautionary measure imposed on them by the Judge of Guarantees Oris Medina last week.

Fugitive Dahan and ex prison boss

Major Humberto Herrera Samaniego and Commissioner Ramón Castellanos Mendoza, facing charges in the escape of the Israeli prisoner Shy Dahan from the La Joyita prison will themselves remain behind, bats in preventive detention.

In the same hearing, the Court decided to keep the precautionary measure imposed by Judge Medina to Plutarco Pedreschi, deputy director of La Joyita, to report on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the suspension of his position and the impediment of leaving the country.

Prosecutor Janina Muñoz said there are others involved in the escape of Dahan, and the investigation is just beginning and there are still “elements of conviction” that may be inside the prison.

Both  Commissioner Castellanos Mendoza Humberto Herrera Samaniego. face the charges of escape, embezzlement, and falsification of public documents, with potential 21-year jail terms.

The National Police offered a reward of $ 10,000 to anyone who provides information to help capture the fugitive Dahan, who escaped on June 14.



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