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Panama will launch plan to prevent non-communicable diseases

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Panama will launch plan to prevent non-communicable diseases

Mon, 07/16/2018 - 11:21

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The Panamanian Government will launch in the coming months a pilot plan to combat cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes, among others, reported the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

This project will be achieved after the Panamanian State, through the Minsa, signed an agreement with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, to promote the prevention of these non-communicable diseases.

The document, signed in the presence of President Juan Carlos Varela, bears the signature of the Acting Minister of Health, Eric Ulloa; Executive Vice President of AstraZeneca, Leon Wang; and Susana Murteira, of Camcar Mac, specialists in logistics and supply chain.

With this letter of intent, "the aim is to develop a pilot project through which cardiovascular diseases, diabetes hypertension, (encourage) healthy lifestyle habits and tobacco control can be prevented," said a statement from the Health Ministry.

The official information specifies that this pilot plan will be developed in some regions of the country, especially in Chiriquí (West), where it is planned to implement preventive programs, treatment and monitoring of patients who have shown to be prone to these diseases, after the results obtained in their exams conducted in days by the Health Census.

The Health Censuses -where 565,000 people could be captured- showed that in the population of 40 years or more, 37 percent suffer from high blood pressure, 14 percent from diabetes mellitus, 38 percent from dyslipidemia (abnormal concentrations of fats in the blood) and 40 percent suffer from overweight / obesity.

Minister Ulloa explained that the project will be implemented from the adolescence stage to prevent bad life habits, which lead the individual to suffer from early childhood diseases of hypertension and diabetes.

Also, health authorities expect with the help of AstraZeneca company to implement an integral component in which the promotion, prevention, treatment and monitoring are combined.



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