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The "Ninis" - Panama’s youth no study no work challenge

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Panama’s youth no study no work challenge

La Prensa graphic
The lack of educational and employment opportunities in Panama has led to a rebound in the number of young people from  15 to  29 years that neither study nor work – (ninis)- in 2016 and 2017. In 2016, Panama had 218,532 ninis and in 2017 it rose to 242, 1,621 (25.5% of young people in that age group). The highest peak was in 2004: 267,461 461 ninis. (See graphic). One of the factors that influenced the increase is that each year 85,000 young people conclude a training program and the economy generates only 44,000 places. A global report places Panama as the third - of nine Latin American economies - with the most ninis.


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Personal opinion here.

At least someone is studying and reporting on these kinds of social issues. The statistics re graduates vs job availability is very discouraging. Is this a case of too many babies and not enough jobs, jobs, jobs? And yet there are reports of businesses not being able to find qualified applications (for mostly high tech positions).

Scary information. Education is the key to moving forward in a good direction.

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