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Police couple in murder suicide tragedy

The murdered mother
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A National Police (PN) sergeant shot and killed his wife a corporal in the same force and then took his own life on Saturday afternoon, June  9.

According to multiple media reports quoting police sources, it was a crime of passion.

The killing in front of three small children was the second murder-suicide incident in the National  Police in the last year.


Sergeant Jiminez

It occurred when the Second Sergeant, Manuel Jimenez discovered that his partner, First Corporal, Xiomara Alveo was unfaithful reports El Siglo and after a loud discussion heard by neighbors he fired several shots leaving her lifeless in front of her young children. He then shot himself.

The couple who lived in Pamplona Street, Chilibre served in the  Metropolitan Police Unit. The National Police regretted what happened and reported that it investigations are proceeding.



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