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Tourist robbed in the presence of “protect and serve” cop

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Tourist robbed before “protect and serve” cop

Victim and cop after theft
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A NATIONAL Police officer who forgot the motto “protect and serve” stood by while a tourist was attacked and robbed in Panama.

He is facing disciplinary action and will be sanctioned after a video of the incident appeared on social networks.

The tourist who was walking with his backpack in Santa Ana in broad daylight, when he was attacked. The police officer spoke to him only  after the incident

The police in   a brief statement reported that an investigation was ordered by the Directorate of Profesional Responsibility (DRP).

The institution regretted what happened with the tourist and said that they will take disciplinary measures.



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Cop who ignored tourist robbery fired

The ex-cop and tourist after robbery
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A national police officer who stood by while a tourist was robbed in Santa Ana, Panama on Thursday, May  10 has been fired according to Mi Diario sources.

The incident was captured on video and went viral on social networks and was quickly condemned by police authorities.



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