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Dottie Atwater

114th Spay/Neuter Clinic in Volcan

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38 animals were spayed/neutered by Dr. Andres Tello, our wonderful veterinarian. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/114th.html
Plus he also performed several other procedures, including removal of a HUGE tumor that required 1-1/2 hours. Blake Mitchell very kindly brought the dog (not his) to the clinic. Sara Cotton and her husband volunteered to go the following week and administer the numerous required injections of antbibiotics and pain meds. Thank you, Sara and George.

Someone (who knows the owner) brought a female dog from Concepcion to be spayed. Luna is a young Husky. She was starved, just skin and bones, and weighed only 19 pounds. She had been tied on a short chain.

  After Dr. Tello spayed her, I decided to keep her at my house to regain her weight. Now, after feeding her three times a day for a week, I can still feel her backbone, hip bones, and every rib. See her picture on my web page. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/114th.html

Because of her beautiful long hair, you can't tell how emaciated she really is.

Even after she gains weight, I hesitate to return her to such an uncaring and negligent owner. If anyone reading this would like to adopt Luna, I'm sure it can be arranged. Please contact me if you'd like to provide a good home for this sweet dog.


Our April clinic is already full. For appointments on May 20th, contact me at 6517-8752 or 6361-3234 for Whatsapp. For Spanish, call or Whatsapp 6640-3171.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Andres Tello, to our wonderful volunteers, to those who donate funds, foods, or other supplies--and to everyone who brings their animals to be sterilized.

Big hugs!


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