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Dottie Atwater

How to post a private message?


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Private messages (PMs) are an integral part of Chiriqui.Life (CL). Technically speaking, they are called "conversations" rather than private messages. The common moniker of private message just works better for most people.

A PM is generally like regular email, except that it never leaves the control of the CL website. Recipients of a PM can only be other registered members of CL. They are delivered to the inbox immediately upon being dispatched. A PM sits in an inbox for each account designated until it is read. You can receive a notification when you get a PM (see below).

You can create a PM most easily by doing a mouse over of the originator of a posting, and then selecting "Message" from the pop up menu. You can also initiate a PM from a member's profile by clicking on the tee-ninsy icon that looks like an envelope to the right of their display name.

A PM must have at least one recipient, at least one word for a title, and at least one word in the text body.

The recipient(s) are designated by using the Display Name of each user. If you don't recall the Display Name in its entirety, then start typing (slowly) what you do recall, and the software will start trying to give you some options to select from. For instance, if you want to send a ON to me as the admin (Display Name of 'Admin_01'), start typing "a", "d", "m", "i", and you will see the display names that match what you have started typing. Then select Admin_01 to send me a PM. To enter more than one person that PM, then after completing the first name just go for number two, then number three, etc. Typing of display names is not case sensitive.

When the content of your PM is ready for dispatch, just click on the send button at the bottom of the window.

PMs can have attachments, photos, etc., and incorporate all of the style formatting that a post can use.

There is a lot more to PMs than what is in this reply. For instance, there is an inbox. You can create folders. You can save PMs and manage them by moving them to folders of your choosing. If you receive a PM and want to reply to it but wish to include a third addressee to the recipient list, you can do that as well.

There are some icons close to your login name (upper right) that you may wish to become familiar with. One looks like a bell (for notifications) and one like an envelope (for private messaging).

And finally, you can set your notification (the bell mentioned above) preferences such that you get an email letting you know that a new PM has been delivered to your PM inbox.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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