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The Franchising Business in Panama

The sectors of gastronomy, services and clothing is where most of the more than 200 franchise chains, including both Panamanian and international, that operate in the country are concentrated.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

As in other countries in the region, such as Costa Rica, the franchise business is becoming increasingly significant in Panama. Figures from the Economic Studies Center at the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama, show that more than 200 franchise chains are operating, and 15 Panamanian companies have been franchised under this business model.

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An article by Martesfinanciero.com states that "...The main global franchises have a presence in the country, and the business has evolved and regionalized with the emergence of Panamanian own brands that are starting to scale up with franchises throughout the country. Clear examples of the trend are Nacionsushi, Suvlas, Pío Pío or Athanasiou. Although the latter is Greek-Panamanian and is growing throughout the country."

"... Some franchises have started to cross borders not only from Central America, but from the Atlantic to reach markets such as Spain. If the pulse of its retail sector is measured by the number of shopping centers and squares that are opened, the vision is that in the medium and long term franchises will continue to move millions."



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Pizza Market: Competition Increases

In Panama, in the last three decades the business has been growing, which is reflected in the considerable increase in franchises, which compete for a share of the market.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The first international franchises to reach the country were Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza in 1987 and 1988, respectively. Then others were established such as Tamburelli Pizza & Pasta, Athen´s Pizza, Ciao Bella Pizza, Pizzería Italiana and Napoles.

Learn more about consumer trends in Central America: "Consumer Profiles in Central America".

One of the last franchises to enter the Panamanian market is Little Caesars, which arrived in 2014. According to company directors, this chain of restaurants entered with a proposal based on low prices and immediate delivery of orders.

Arline Perez, marketing director of Little Caesars, told Elcapitalfinanciero that "... the response of the Panamanian public to the franchise has been good, creating in a short time brand loyalty. Little Caesars is a family option and is positioned as the best alternative for the customer in terms of quality, convenience and price, we have "Hot N' Ready" pizzas, always ready and fresh from the oven, without calling and without waiting."

You may be interested in "Restaurants: Trends and Preferences in Guatemala

Pedro Acosta, president of the National Union of Consumers and Users of the Republic of Panama (Uncurepa), "... the competition between the different franchises of pizzas is good, it is product of the free supply and demand, where the market has established the rules."



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