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Cabinet Council Authorizes Equipment for the Ciudad de la Salud


The Cabinet Council authorized the Social Security to proceed with the addendum for the construction and equipment for the Ciudad de la Salud for an amount of $36,786,886 balboas.

The addendum with the company Construcciones Hospitalarias, S.A., contemplates the integral services of technical studies, urban and architectural designs, elaboration and approval of plans, study of environmental impact category 2, construction, financing and equipment of the Ciudad de la Salud.

The work presents an advance of 52%, generates direct jobs for 770 people, and it is expected that in the coming months the work force will double when the construction works intensify.

Among the services that will be offered in the Ciudad de la Salud are Cardiology, Nephrology, Maternal-Neonatal, Radiology, Intensive Care, Sterilization, Blood Bank, among others.

This hospital center includes some 295 doctor's offices, more than one thousand beds, 39 operating rooms covered with nickel-chromium, laboratories, more than 3,500 parking spaces and a heliport, among other facilities.

In addition, within the Ciudad de la Salud the facilities of the National Oncological Institute (ION) will be housed, after which in June 2016 it will formalize the transfer to improve patient care. This work is waiting for endorsements to try to be ready at the beginning of 2019.

The ION would occupy 20% of the Ciudad de la Salud, in an area of 86 thousand meters including two buildings, 250 hospital beds, 10 operating theaters and 97 clinics.


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Progress on $300 million Project

In Panama, the transfer of the National Oncology Institute to the Ciudad de la Salud project facilities was approved, and the construction will require a $300 million investment.

Friday, November 2, 2018

From the press release of the Presidency of Panama:

The Cabinet Council approved the transfer of the National Oncology Institute (ION) to the Ciudad de la Salud project facilities.

The director of the Social Security Fund (CSS), Julio Garcia Valarini, explained to members of the Cabinet, the importance of this project, which will have an investment of over 299 million balboas.

The ministers of State gave their approval for the "design, construction and equipment project for the new National Oncology Institute, within the facilities of the Ciudad de la Salud Project."

Recently, the board of directors of the CSS approved this agreement between the ION, the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and the CSS, where it was agreed to transfer this center to the Ciudad de la Salud through Addendum No. 7 to the project under construction.

"It is necessary that this hospital is built completely new," said Garcia Valarini.



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Hospital City a 7-year $500 million boondoggle


65% complete

Posted 14/09/2019

IN MAY 2012, construction of the so-called Hospital City began a $500 million project promoted by the Social Security Fund (CSS), presumably to expand and modernize the institution's medical services offer in a single location. The project was supposed to be delivered in 2015; the name was changed to Ciudad de la Salud, and seven years later the work has only a 65% progress.

The designated director of the CSS has promised to conclude the project, which throughout its execution has included the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Panama, the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies, and the National Oncological Institute.

 The truth is that the City of Health is a great commitment to the quality and coverage of hospital services. It is necessary that there is total transparency and external inspection to determine the feasibility of continuing the work.

It is a priority to validate the functional medical plan of this facility to determine if there are all categories of medical, technical and auxiliary personnel, which together with the administrative staff can actually operate this hospital properly. The great lesson of the mega project is that it cannot be improvised in such a delicate matter since the lack of planning and the arbitrariness of the authorities' behavior has left a multi million dollar investment in limbo. - LA PRENSA, Aug. 14



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