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Suspension of or Delays in Issuing Construction Permits Pending Studies and Strategies re Potential for Landslides and Flooding

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Panama: Construction Permits Suspended 

The National Civil Protection System has recommended suspending permits for new real estate projects in San Miguelito and Panama, until the real impact of urban growth seen in the area has been determined.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Due to increased incidents such as landslides and floods in Condado del Rey and surrounding areas, Panama's National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) has recommended that municipal authorities suspend permits for new developments until "a comprehensive analysis of the impact of new real estate projects" has been made. 

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Ricardo Sanchez, municipal engineer of San Miguelito, explained to Prensa.com that "... they are aware of the Sinaproc warning and, as a result, they have reduced approval of permits for Condado del Rey. In regards to why they have not suspended permits for new works, he said that they are seeking a consensus with representatives of the town. The municipality of Panama has already suspended new construction permits."

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"... The Residents Association of Condado del Rey reported that there are plans to build 25 more tower blocks in that area, which correspond to Panama and San Miguelito."



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Panama: New Constructions Suspended in San Miguelito

The agreement approved by the Municipal Council suspends future construction and preliminary projects in the Condado del Rey area and surrounding neighborhoods.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Prensa.com reports that "...During the session of the Municipal Council on November 21, the municipal engineer Ricardo Sanchez said that the suspension will be maintained until the respective hydrological studies and storm drains studies are carried out to avoid problems of flooding in that area."

At the beginning of October, the National Civil Protection System 
recommended suspending permits for new real estate projects in San Miguelito and Panama, until the real impact that urban growth has had on the area was determined. 

"... The mayor of San Miguelito Gerald Cumberbatch, had already made the decision to suspend construction permits in those communities, and said that its administration should take place in an orderly manner that does not cause harm to the private sector or to any home."



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