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JudyS    178

Any chance they will list what they found so the owners can reclaim their stuff?

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Keith Woolford    308

The Public Ministry has issued a report on this case.

Person Apprehended and Investigated for Possible Crime of Aggravated Robbery in Boquete

There were more than four denuncias brought before the authorities by residents of a housing complex, located in the district of Boquete, because a series of thefts that were generated in the area.

This led to the authorities of the Public Ministry in conjunction with the Police to conduct an inspection and subsequent raid on a residence located in the area of Alto Boquete, where they managed to locate a large amount of stolen articles, which were recognized by the owners themselves.

Among the items found, there was money in cash, around 3.000 euro banknotes, laptop computers, clothing, gold, clothing, cameras, and household goods in general.

Municipal Personera Gissele Acosta, of the Public Prosecutor's office in the district indicated that due to these facts a citizen of 52 years was apprehended, who was engaged to perform maintenance work in the area, to which in front of a Judge of legal guarantees it is requested: to declare his apprehension, to impute the charges for the crime of aggravated theft, and to set the application of the measure of detention for a term of four months, in order to proceed with the investigation.



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