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FoodSaver V2480 Vacuum Packaging System -- SOLD

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Penny    174

598a2fb97d6a1_FoodSaver.jpg.f909a60ac49deba004f6b50bbfd21a33.jpgRemove oxygen around food and you radically slow down spoilage and deterioration. FoodSaver home vacuum packaging systems offer a two-step process of removing air and sealing it out, so that your food stays fresh up to five times longer than conventional storage methods. This Advance Design Food Saver has an innovative new design - it flips up to conserve counter space when not in use. It features: - Hands-free operation at the touch of a button - Variable speeds for different size bags, canisters and food-specific settings - CrushFree Instant Seal feature - immediately stops the vacuum process when packaging delicate foods - An easy to use and clean flat Touchpad Control Panel - Accessory Hose Storage - keeps accessories handy - Port- Allows vacuums packaging with FoodSaver Canisters and Accessories - Pen Storage- Stores pen under the lid for dating and labeling bags - Built In Roller Storage and Cutter- Simplifies making custom-sized bags - Extra-wide Sealing Strip- Provides extra-secure, airtight seal Includes roll - 11 inches w. x 10 feet long Appliance dimensions: Length 16.75 inches, Width 9.75 inches

Sells for $179.99 plus shipping on Amazon for a used unit with no accessories or operators manual. The Handicap Foundation is selling (and guaranteeing) the exact same unit for $30. Email pjbarrett@aol.com

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KKB    0

Hi Penny, 

I would like to purchase this packaging system.  pls check you email.  Thank you.

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