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Case against ex-judge heading to 4th  year

Victor Benavides
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The case against a Supreme Court Judge who resigned three years ago days before the imputation hearing of charges of embezzlement, money laundering and corruption of officials is still plodding forward says the Fifteenth Criminal Court.

Víctor Benavides is still under investigation by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office of Discharge and, the Second Superior Court of Justice has resolved four incidents of controversy and two of nullity, presented the defense attorneys, and also a request for extension and accumulation presented by the prosecution. Five appeals have not been admitted.

On May 18, 2016, the Court granted an application for a  six months investigation extension to the office of the prosecutor

However, this decision was appealed by the defense, and the appeal was rejected by the Second Superior Court. The defense reacted by presenting a clarification brief, which was admitted.

The Second Superior Court forwarded the file to the court on June 20, “and they are awaiting a re-entry order to be sent to the prosecutor’s office, “said the Judicial Branch in a press release in which there is a broad breakdown of the resources resolved to date.

“The lawyers, exercising their defense, have the availability to present all the resources that it contemplates the Judicial Code and the Penal Code, therefore the Fifteenth Court cannot prevent the parties making use of them, “adds the press release.

Benavides resigned as a magistrate, on June 19, 2015,  a few days before the imputation hearing of charges in the National Assembly,

Then, the Deputy Jorge Alberto Rosas-acting as prosecutor-referred the file to the Attorney General’s Office.



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Ex- Colon  mayor  facing corruption probe

Damasco Garcia
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Damaso Garcia, former mayor of Colon and would be CD candidate for Deputy member of the Panameñista Party, reported on Tuesday, Jul.31 that seven units of the DIJ are seeking to arrest him for alleged crimes against public administration.

Garcia, who registered to participate in the Democratic Change (CD) primary election, said on the day of his nomination – Wednesday, June 25 – that he received a summons to investigate ina case that involving alleged loss of backhoes. He said  the complaint was presented by the current mayor Federico Policani.

The former mayor said that the process that is followed is political and rigged and behind it is Policani.

He said he has received threats that if he gives up his political aspirations they will not go after his son Joseph Daniel García reports El Siglo.



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Deputy investigated over rubber check for kids’ playgrounds

PRD  Deputy  Alfredo "Fello" Pérez, will be investigated by the Supreme Court, for issuing a check without funds to a company that was contracted to perform social works in Chepo. The investigation comes after the Court), admitted the complaint  against  "Fello" Pérez in April. of this year. The company JVU International S.A. was hired by the Deputy for the preparation and installation of parks children's, benches and  play machines in Chepo and Las Margaritas


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Embezzlement and lying sentence cut

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The 6 years and 8 months jail term of the former director of the Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IMA), under the Martinelli adminisration. was lowered to 5 years, by the Second High Court of Justice.

Diomédes Jaén had been convicted of embezzlement and falsehood, when that on board an IMA car he caused a collision and rollover on December 24, 2011, outside of working hours. The vehicle was a total loss.

The sentence handed down by the 12th Court On June 14, 2017, had applied 2 years and 8 months for embezzlement and 4 years for falsehood, which totaled 6 years and 8 years.

Jaen’s lawyer filed an appeal.  And on September 21 of this year, the Second Court lowered the penalty for embezzlement to one year in prison and kept the 4 years for falsehood.

In total, the sentence was 5 years in prison, a sentence that allows Jaén to request a replacement

JudgeJosé Hoo (rapporteur), said there was an error because the former official was convicted for embezzlement when the crime was embezzlement of use.

The audit of the Comptroller’s Office determined that the patrimonial injury suffered by the State due to the total loss of the vehicle was $44, 238. In the ruling, the magistrates of the Second Court took into account that before the trial, Jaén paid all the money to the Treasury.

This ruling is being notified. The Office of the Prosecutor requested that the sentence of 80 months in prison be confirmed,

The day of the accident, Jaén lied when he told the traffic inspector that his subordinate, Amado Contreras, was the one driving the vehicle at the time of the accident.



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Another corruption suspect  flees Panama

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A request for bail not to be detained made by the former director of the National Council for Sustainable Development (Conades) in the Martinelli government has been rejected by the 12th Criminal Court.

Danna Harrick,  the ex-director is under investigation by the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor for alleged money laundering in the Odebrecht bribery scandal.

One of the arguments that judge Óscar Carrasquilla entered in the decision to deny the request is that Harrick has fled the country and thereby evades the commitment to the Public Ministry.

Carrasquilla warned that bail is not viable, as the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor  is investigating her possible participation in the concealment of money of illicit origin when she  was a civil servant

He  also concluded that the evidence that would link Harrick to the case is “serious.”

The linkage
The presumed link of the Harrick  with the payment of bribes by Odebrecht arises from the revelations made to  the prosecutor  by  businessman Andrés Mozes Libedinsky says La Prensa

According to the inquiries, she received $3 million from Aeon Group Inc. through the company Ralford Limited, registered in Andorra. Of these funds, $250, 000 were transferred to the Betaj Foundation an account in Switzerland,  registered in the name of Libedinsky.

The  Aeon Group was created to channel black funds from Odebrecht, through the Structured Operations Sector,

Mozez Libedinsky told the prosecutor’s office that when Harrick was the director of Conades, he proposed a business opportunity related to logistics services. At that time, he told her that because she was a government official, she could not sign the contract and asked him to sign it reports La Prensa

Harrick created the company Ralford Limited, in which she was a signatory at the time of its constitution and to open bank accounts. Mozez Libedinsky said he never had access to those accounts since the real owner of the money was Harrick.

He confessed that as a result of the change of government, Harrick went to work in a bank. He then transferred the funds in the Ralford account to the Betaj Foundation, in order to manage the money.

The businessman said that it was not until the end of 2016 when Harrick explained that the contract between Ralford Limited and Aeon Group “was fictitious and unlawful”. She also asked him to keep quiet and to go to Israel. Mozez Libedinsky claimed that he refused the request.



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Corruption fugitive willing to collaborate

Danna Harrick
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Danna Harrick the former director of the National Council for Sustainable Development (Conades) who is wanted by Interpol  says through a lawyer that she is willing  to appear to “collaborate” with justice in the investigation  of  the alleged laundering of bribes

In a statement published Thursday, the lawyer, Basilio Enrique González. said that his client would be brought before the courts, but with the guarantee that her physical integrity and rights are respected.

He said that the moment Harrick learned that she was charged in the process, she requested bail so as not to be detained, a request that was denied by the 12th Criminal Court.

On November 29, anti-corruption prosecutors Andrés De León Mozes Libedinsky signed a collaboration agreement in which he was sentenced to 42 months and returned $ 1.7 million. After the agreement, prosecutors said that Libedinsky gave information that identified  the director of Conades in the 2009-2014 period as the final beneficiary of the company Ralfim Limited, which allegedly received $3,050.000 Special  Anticorruption prosecutorZuleyka Moore said  that the ex-employee was a fugitive from justice and that a request for a red alert was issued to Interpol for her capture. The lawyer claims that  she  was out of the country before being linked to this process


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