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Moderator comment: The flawed copy below is taken directly from their website. Apologies for the wording confusion.

P.S., This article seems to suggest that ASEP is the appropriate agency to approach for getting faulty streetlights repaired. There is an ASEP office in downtown David. It is in the same complex as the large Multibank branch.



800 faulty street lights in Colon


OVER 800  street lights in Colon province are defective with 528 failing to turn on at night and  310  burning in daylight hours.

The information was released  by  Public Services  Athority (ASEP) following  a series of inspections on 23,823 belonging to Elektra Noreste, S.A.

the distribution company has seven calendar days

Calendar to repair the lamps.



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Keith Woolford    299

There are 60 luminaires in our area, of which 12, or 20%, were not working for the longest time. It took more than a few attempts by several parties to get them repaired.

One of the major problems is that the original "numero de poste" identifiers have long since disappeared. In that case, the alternative is to give the clerk the NIS number of the closest client.

Telephone report lines have been set up by the Ministry of Security specifically for this purpose.



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Marcelyn    74

Thanks, Keith. We'll call this number today. Street light in our area has been"not working" for the past two weeks.

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