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      Enhanced Reputation ("Like" and "Dislike") Functionality Here on CL   07/24/2017

      With the recent software upgrade, CL now has a slightly enhanced and more descriptive "reputation" functionality. The reputation is what CL members can click in the lower right corner of each posting (forums, blogs, calendar events, etc.) to indicate their "like' or "dislike" of that posting. This functionality, previously known as a member's "reputation", has been enhanced and is now known as a member's "reaction". Instead of having only two choices ("like" or "dislike", represented by a +1 or -1), there now are seven different "reactions" that a member can express, including the simple "Like" and "Dislike". As was the case previously with reputations, Administrators of this website cannot be given reputation/reaction, however Moderators can, just as all regular members can. Here in graphic form is the complete list of options in word and emoji form, along with the associated numeric value: The "Like" and the "Upvote" and the "Downvote" are essentially the same as the prior "like" and "dislike" reputation. Those are similar to what is available on some of the larger social media, such as Facebook. As in the past with reputation, the use of reactions is optional. Reputations (now "reactions") are not favored by everyone. Prior feedback indicates approximately 30% of CL's members prefer that "reputation" [and now "reactions"] be disabled. However, the majority of CL's members prefer having the ability to indicate their "like" or "dislike" of a posting. The new, enhanced functionality means simply that CL members have more granularity as to what they can indicate to the viewers. If anyone would like to see additional "reactions", please contact CL management, and include a short discussion of what you would like to see and perhaps an emoji to suggest that reaction. Two new reactions that have already been suggested are "I agree" and "I disagree", which might be expressed respectively with green check mark (or thumbs up) and red X-mark (or thumbs down) style emoji. The reactions functionality is currently configured to display who expressed that reaction. If there is sufficient feedback, we can hide the member's Display Name, and show only the cumulative reactions.           To provide general feedback or ask for help regarding Chiriqui.Life, please leave a posting in Problems, Feedback and Suggestions or email support@chiriqui.life or private message to @Admin_01.  

Great discounts for BJBF2018 tickets! Sales start on July15!

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Ollie74    1
Hey there, all you Jazz&Blues lovers, check this out!
BJBF2018 ticket prices& discounts update: 

Check the great savings that come with our early-bird offers!
Online ticket sales will start on July 15!
Don’t miss these great savings, get your tickets early!
To buy your tickets online please go to https://www.mieventos.com/event-detail/2018bjbf

Here are the details:
  Total Value Early Bird Pricing until Aug 31 Sept 1-Dec 31 Pricing Jan 1-Feb 22, 2018 Pricing
    3-day Ticket % Discount 3-day Ticket % Discount 3-day Ticket % Discount
General Admission 3-day  $148.50 $87.50  41% $97.50  34% $109.50  26%
Preferred Seating 3-day  $223.50 $147.50  34% $172.50  23% $184.50  17%
Platinum Seating 3-day  $447.00 $300.00  33% $350.00  22% $375.00  16%
Note:  All prices are subject to sales tax & service fee

Seating details (see also the seating layout below): All seating areas will be fully chaired. No need to bring your own!

General admission 3-Day: Open-air, same level seating, 600 seats

Preferred Seating 3-Day:  Access to shaded elevated seating area at main festival events at the fairgrounds (shaded but not protected from rain), 
                                              500 seats available   
Platinum Seating 3-Day:  Limited number of elevated, covered and padded seats on the sides in front of the stage at main festival events at the fairgrounds. 
                                              Only 120 seats available! 
Fedora Club Membership:  Limited number of memberships available. Platinum seating. Memberships include access to all BJBF events including the fairground, jam sessions and Garden Party. These are the only all-inclusive tickets available!  In addition, each member will receive a welcome bag containing a commemorative tile, certificate for authentic Panama hat, poster, and the offer of a discounted rate of $79 incl. breakfast at the Wyndham Albrook Hotel in Panama City valid through 12/31/2018. More details will be published later on our website.  
(Over $630 value!!)   
                                                                                $500.00 + Tax & Service Charge
Seating layout of the main stage at the Boquete fairgrounds

BJBF 2018 rendering.jpg

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