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Ricardo Martinelli: "There is no justice"

Submitted by osulbaran on Wed, 09/19/2018 - 09:49

During the hearing of the case against Ricardo Martinelli the legal team of the former president this Tuesday submitted the defense before Presiding Judge Jerónimo Mejía who in accordance with the parties called for the continuation of the proceeding on Wednesday, September 26.

During the hearing of the case against Ricardo Martinelli  this Tuesday, the legal team of the former president presented the defense of the ex president before the Judge Jerónimo Mejía who requested to continue the process on Wednesday, September 26.

Likewise, the lawyers representing Ricardo Martinelli reiterated the request that medical tests need to be performed on the former president. "The Presiding Judge is ultimately saying that he has no competence," says Carlos Carrillo, Martinelli's defense lawyer, referring to the medical examinations they requested during the hearing. He made reference to what happened in June when Mejía ordered that the medical examination be carried out; however Carrillo expressed that they will wait for the decision of the Presiding Judge.

On the other hand, Carlos Herrera, the complainant lawyer showed his disagreement with the request because he believes that the health of the former president nothing has to do with the continuation of the legal process, "the health issues that the Institute of Legal Medicine really sees are really technical issues. The Institute of Legal  Medicine cannot recommend even a treatment, cannot prescribe a pill because they are not treating physicians. We will never oppose anything for health issues. We must not seek to alter or disguise things. The truth is that an evaluation of Legal Medicine is being requested to have the basis to rehearse a precautionary measure".

During the hearing Ricardo Martinelli shouted to the press from the corridor: "They do not want me to go to the State Forensic Medicine or Legal Medicine for an evaluation. They want to kill me. There is no law here. This is unfair, there is no justice here".



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The attempts at translation of mainstream media articles by Newsroom Panama are pitiful.

Retributions ..wait for them.

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Ex-president’s sons in bribery probe

Martinelli and sons
Post Views: 147
The two fugitive sons of ex-president Ricardo Martinelli are among the defendants in the investigation of bribes paid by the  Odebrecht construction company during the previous administration.

Martinelli is currently in El Renacer prison facing trial on wiretapping charges, with some dozen other corruption probes pending.

The list imputed by the Special Anticorruption Prosecutor has swelled from 62 to 72 people, judicial sources told La Prensa.

According to the sources, Dana Harris, director of the National Council of Sustainable Development during the last government (2009-2014), is one of the people who entered the list along with people linked to the Democratic Change ( CD campaign in past elections

The sources reported that the prosecution has also made requests to the Electoral Tribunal for the lifting of the criminal electoral law shield for several of the newly imputed.


Zuyleka Moore

The special anti-corruption prosecutor, Zuleyka Moore, has made trips to The Dominican Republic and Brazil in recent weeks,  to obtain judicial assistance

According to information revealed in 2017 to the prosecution by  Odebrecht collaborators  André Luiz Campos Rabello, Olivio Rodrigues Junior, and Luiz Eduardo Da Rocha Soares, the construction company paid over  $86 million in bribes and paid for presidential campaigns in Panama.

Among the alleged beneficiaries of the bribes are mentioned Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, sons of former president Ricardo Martinelli.



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Martinelli’s political courtroom charade

Post Views: 189
UNDETERRED by the possibility that if found guilty of illegal wiretapping and embezzlement charges, he could be facing a 21-year jail term ex-president Ricardo Martinelli, continued playing to his base in the party he founded when his indictment hearing resumed on Wednesday, September 26.

He entered the  courtroom wearing a baseball cap promoting  his pre-candidacy to deputy of circuit 8-8 in the Democratic Change primaries, on Sunday

Prosecuting magistrate Harry Diaz complained that politics should be left “outside judicial state.”  Judge of guarantees Jerónimo Mejía did not make any decision about it, so the cap remained on the table that Martinelli occupied with his team of lawyers.

The hearing, suspended since Tuesday, September 18, ran from 10 a.m to 5.15 p.m.  with   Diaz, who objected to six of the 28 testimonial testimonies of the defense, and up to 46 documents, as  ” impertinent and inconclusive.”



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Martinelli  hearing enters new phase

Jeronimo Mejia
Post Views: 87
Judge of guarantees Jerónimo Mejía,  in the indictment hearing of former President  Ricardo Martinelli, charged with embezzlement and illegal surveillance  has announced that  the case has entered a new phase  after  hearing arguments and counter-arguments of defense lawyers and   Prosecuting  magistrate Harry Diaz and the private accuser Rosendo Rivera, over the tests of testimonials, expert reports, and documents

Mejía said on Friday, September 28 that the intermediate audience phase has ended. Now it is up to him to determine what evidence will be admitted in the next stage and he will not rush his decision as he examines the mass of material.



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The circus continued this week with the report that a tarantula was found under former President Martinelli’s bed in El Renacer prison, which of course sparked another claim that President Varela is out to kill him.

This satirical ‘fake news’ post has been making the rounds on social media. English below.


’Tarantula that bit Martinelli in El Renacer Dies’

’Family of the Tarantula demand justice’

’Marta insists her husband did not kill the tarantula’

Witnesses say the death occurred when the arachnid entered Martinelli’s cell and without a word, bit him on the right foot. According to the autopsy, the tarantula died from a heart attack after being extremely poisoned by the bite victim.

‘Martinelli Lawyers file lawsuit against Nat Geo’


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4 hours ago, BlueBird said:

Is this story for real??

This is for real.  "The circus continued this week with the report that a tarantula was found under former President Martinelli’s bed in El Renacer prison, which of course sparked another claim that President Varela is out to kill him."

The 'fake news' reports going around on social media are mocking the Martinelli's claims of persecution and numerous legal actions.

Today's nonsense is his refusal to follow orders from guards and threatening Penitentiary staff.



Edited by Keith Woolford
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“Prisoner”  Ricardo Martinelli facing disciplinary action

Post Views: 217
Ricardo Martinelli held in El Renacer Prison, far from the stink, noise, and overcrowding of La Joya appears to have forgotten that he is no longer president of  Panama, and is now facing disciplinary action after threatening prison staff.

In a tersely  worded statement  on Sunday, September 29, The Ministry of Government (Mingob), through the Directorate of the Penitentiary System (DGSP),said that :”The prisoner Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal, incarcerated in El Renacer  Penitentiary Center ignored Prison Law by making threats of assault to custodial personnel and showing non compliance  with orders issued by the authorities of the Penitentiary  System

“In view of the recorded fact in which the prisoner, between other failures, threatened to physically attack the.prison staff acting on the basis of Law 55 of the Penitentiary System, the  Technical Board of El Renacer will evaluate the facts and proceed to take the corresponding disciplinary actions.

The official press note highlights that “last week we proceeded to ensure a process of visiting El Renacer, including the Alpha house. [Where Martinelli resides with extra comforts]

However, on two occasions the prisoner in question ignored the ordinances, threatening the custodial staff and  locked himself  in the Alpha house along with  the visitors”                 ‘

Martinelli spin doctor and lawyer Luis Eduardo Camacho, said Saturday  that the psychological pressures against the former president had increased. According to Camacho, this affected Martinelli in such a way that he required assistance from the 911 emergency service. “Health problems” have been a frequent issue since Martinelli was extradited from the US on June 11, but examinations bt forensic doctors have not revealed any major concerns



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Martinelli loses recreation, visitors, phone calls

Post Views: 265
THE Technical Board of the  El Renacer Prion has suspended recreational activities, regular or family visits and telephone calls for up to 30 days for prisoner Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal.

A release from the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System says the decision is for threats and intimidation to custodial staff, on Sunday, September 30  when Marinelli refused to comply with orders issued by the prison authorities.

“Martinelli Berrocal refused to comply with orders on the regulation of visits and threatened the custodian supervisor”

According to the official communication, these faults are established in Article 80 of Law 55, which states: “Assault, threaten or coerce any person, both inside and outside the establishment” and

“Actively resisting compliance with the orders received from the authority or official in a legitimate role.”

Martinelli has been in detention since June 2018, after he was extradited to Panama by the United States.

The ex-leader faces a judicial process in the case of illegal telephone interceptions with the judge prosecutor calling for a 21-year sentence.



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Martinelli could be moved to new jail after women visits, threats

Post Views: 242
The bad behavior exhibited by the former president, Ricardo in El Renacer prison could have consequences. including suspension of visits or transfer to another prison said Minister of Government Carlos Rubio on  Monday, October 1.

The Disciplinary Board will determine what sanctions would be applied..He said that the mistakes that Martinelli has committed are very serious,  and he reiterated that the ex-president,s rights have not been violated.

Martinelli threatened his custodians in El Renacer and locked himself and his female visitors in a prison house, disregarding the prison law.

One source said that Martinelli received visits separately from Linda Jesthon and María Salaverry.and in both cases he locked himself up, defying orders of the custodians.  When told he could not do that  he told the guard he could,’t talk to him [Martinelli] and threatened to assault the custodian

the Directorate General of the Penitentiary System reported that the former president “ignored” the penitentiary law, after threatening to attack prison custodian staff

Law 55, in article 80, states that it is a threat to attack, threaten or coerce any person, both inside and outside the establishment.” and resisting orders is a reason for sanctions.

It is not the first time that a controversy has arisen over visits that Martinelli has received. In July, a lawyer came to visit him in the company of a young woman, who was supposedly his intern. When the custody staff checked  her identity  they found  that she was a foreigner and that she was not a lawyer or an  intern;

Mario Martinelli, brother of the former president complained that his brother was treated “like a dog” in the prison.



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Second Interpol red alert for Martinelli son

Mired in corruption investigations
Post Views: 170
Interpol has issued a new red alert for the arrest of  Luis Enrique Martinelli- son of former President Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal – for allegedly receiving money from companies linked to Panama the corruption scheme known as Blue Apple.

According to prosecutor’s investigation, two companies that served as a “basket” to receive the bribes paid by State contractors in the last government, made payments to the Energy Corporation of the Isthmus,   linked to Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares.

The final destination of the money would have been the Lemar Foundation, whose  legal  representative is Marta Linares de Martinelli, wife of the former president

The former first lady was summoned to testify last month by the prosecutor’s office but took article 25 of the Constitution to avoid questioning.

Luis Enrique and his brother Ricardo Martinelli Linares have had an Interpol red alert since February 2017  in the investigation related to the bribes paid by the Odebrecht construction company investigated by the Special Anticorruption Office.

Swiss authorities have frozen  $22 million in bank accounts of the two sons and Panama has seized a helicopter and a   luxury apartment in Madrid.

The ex-president has been in the El Renacer prison since his extradition from the USA on June  11 as court hearings into his alleged role in illegal interception of messages of over 150 political opponents, journalists, businessmen, and lawyers. The prosecution is calling for a 21-year jail term.



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Martinelli legal team files fifth appeal

Martinelli and some of his legal team
Post Views: 81
The legal team of  Panama’ former president  Ricardo  Martinelli has added, another appeal for protection of constitutional guarantees, bringing the total currently before the  Supreme Court to five.

More are sure to follow with the high priced attorneys already considering an appeal against the sanctions imposed on Martinelli after he threatened a guard and locked himself and women in his quarters at the El Renacer prison.

Martinelli lawyer Carlos Carrillo filed the appeal to revoke the decision of the judge of guarantees, Jerónimo Mejía, in an audience on September 14.

On October 1, the technical board of El Renacer suspended for 30 days visits, telephone calls, recreational and family activities.



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3 hours ago, Moderator_02 said:

Luis Enrique and his brother Ricardo Martinelli Linares have had an Interpol red alert since February 2017  in the investigation related to the bribes paid by the Odebrecht construction company

Interpol is only as good as the Police forces which are sharing reports with it.

These mopes are no doubt hiding in plain sight somewhere but paying well to keep their presence below the radar.

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Martinelli sons get court thumbs down

Post Views: 61
The Twelfth Criminal Court has denied two legal remedies to the sons of former president Ricardo Martinelli, as part of the investigations by anti-corruption prosecutors for the payment of bribes from Odebrecht.

Both are on an Interpol red alert list and facing an extradition from the US request.

Luis Enrique Martinelli  Linares asked   for the nullity of the Odebrecht case, because the Prosecutor’s Office investigated the Los Andes Mall S.A. and Importer Ricamar S.A. alleging  that their father  was the total partial owner   or of the shares of the two companies and due and as  he  was  a deputy of the Parlacen, the investigation was the competence of the Supreme Court.

Judge Oscar Carrasquilla, in a ruling on  October 2 rejected the nullity incident by pointing out that the former president is not being investigated in this case. He added that the two companies are linked, by money transfers that were made to the brothers Martinelli Linares.

in another resolution of Judge Carrasquilla declared an incident of controversy presented by the lawyer of Ricardo Martinelli Linares, arguing that the Prosecutor’s Office did not provide copies of the entire Odebrecht file and that affects his right to defense.

Panama’s  Foreign Ministry has asked the United States to extradite the brothers for an for money laundering in the Odebrecht case with over 10 people imputed.



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Martinelli claims alleged extortion

Sun, 10/07/2018 - 22:04


Attorney Sidney Sitton published twitter, this Sunday, a letter signed by the former president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, where he claims that while he was in Miami he was asked for money in exchange for avoiding the judicial proceeding.

The handwritten document by Martinelli reads as follows: "I formally accuse Abraham Sofer, who in Miami offered his services to avoid being prosecuted, with his partner Rogelio Saltarín and other connoted members of the Security Council as I understood and the Public Prosecutor's Office in due course I denounced. He asked me to pay $ 1,000,000 in advance".

A few days ago and following other accusations received, Sofer wrote on twitter that "I clarify that I have not worked in the governments of former presidents: Martin Torrijos Espino, Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal, and Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez".




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On 10/4/2018 at 5:32 PM, Keith Woolford said:


Interpol is only as good as the Police forces which are sharing reports with it.

These mopes are no doubt hiding in plain sight somewhere but paying well to keep their presence below the radar.

Apparently there are people at Interpol who can be corrupted.

"A fish rots from the head down"


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Martinelli lawyers file at least 30 appeals

Martinelli lawyers keep the pot boiling
Post Views: 65
The lawyers of ex-President Ricardo Martinelli, have filed at least 30 appeals and challenges in his illegal wiretapping case.

Among the presentations: 12 incidents of nullity, two habeas corpus, two de facto appeals, nine safeguard of guarantees, two reviews of a precautionary measure, a bail attempt and a complaint against the Attorney General, Kenia Porcell.

Of the nine safeguards of guarantees, four were rejected, with one of them being the declinatory jurisdiction and the electoral criminal jurisdiction, but  there are still five pending applications for admission to the Supreme Court according to Carlos Carillo, who is part of the defense team



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Panamanian Supreme Court denies Martinelli his release on parole

Mon, 10/15/2018 - 14:52

The Plenary Session of the Panamanian Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) is hearing on Monday the appeals to review the precautionary measures and legal medical evaluation of former President Ricardo Martinelli. After hearing the allegations of the parties and after several hours of recess, the supreme court announced that denied his release on parole.

In the case of the medical check-up, the Court declared itself incompetent with this request, while on the request for release on parole, the majority of the Magistrates of the Plenary decided to deny the petition, considering that the conditions that led to the custodial measure had not yet been resolved. they've changed. Three of the nine Magistrates did not cast their vote.

After leaving the hearing Ricardo Martinelli accused the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela of influencing the decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice, "the only thing he is doing is preventing justice in Panama to satisfy his personal purposes and to destroy this country".

"This is unfortunate; from the moment when the real factors of power determined that in the same institution where investigations are
conducted, trial is held and today you are a prosecutor and tomorrow you are a judge, this is upsetting and we are going to exhaust with the rules of the system all the corresponding elements," said Carlos Carrillo, defense attorney representing Ricardo Martinelli.

Meanwhile, one of the victims of the case, Balbina Herrera, said that what happened "was well supported"; in her opinion nothing new has happened that will change the scenario to release Martinelli.

Already the plenary session of the CSJ, consisting of nine magistrates, has rejected on at least three occasions the defense appeals in favor of Martinelli's release from the minimum-security prison where he has been held since June 11, when he was extradited from United States for illegal wiretapping.

The lawyers of the former president have argued that the health of Martinelli, 66, and suffering from chronic ailments such as hypertension, makes it necessary to be subject to precautionary measures other than detention in a prison.

Martinelli, who was imprisoned in the USA for one year because of the extradition request in the case of wiretapping, claims to be innocent and a victim of political persecution by the current Panamanian president and who was his vice president and chancellor, Juan Carlos Varela, who denies and defends the separation of powers in the country.

On October 7, the indictment trial in that case ended, and now Judge Jerónimo Mejía, analyzes "calmly, prudently, slowly but surely", as he said, the arguments of the Prosecutor's Office and the defense to decide if a trial is necessary or not.

Prosecutor Harry Díaz requests 21 years of jail for Martinelli, to whom he accuses of 4 offenses of illegal wiretapping to dozens of politicians, businesspeople and journalist, among others, in the period between 2012 and 2014.



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Martinelli lawyers  lose two court appeals

Martinelli, makes his plea
Post Views: 160
The high-profile-high-priced legal team of former Panama president Ricardo  Martinelli lost another two rounds in their battle to get him out of jail on  Monday, October 15 when the Plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice rejected requests on legal medical evaluation and review of his precautionary measures.

After seven hours of deliberation, the magistrates declared that the court is not competent to make the decision on medical evaluation, and any request must be resolved by the  Penitentiary System. and they denied the request for a review of precautionary measures, as the defense did not present any new element for modification.

Martinelli has been held since June 11 in the El Renacer prison accused of illegal interception of communications of at least 150 political opponents, journalists lawyers, and businessmen.

The prosecuting judge, Harry Diaz is calling for a  21-year jail term, and waiting in the wings are at least a dozen corruption investigations. The ex-president was detained in a Miami jail for a year awaiting extradition. He was refused bail by US judges as he was considered a flight risk.

Martinelli’s lawyer, Carlos Carrillo supported the request for a review by the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Imelcf), based on various regulations that state that the permit must be granted by the competent court.

The request for the review of the preventive detention was in the hands of lawyer Sidney Sittón.

based on various articles of the Constitution and international agreements.

Diaz did not oppose health examination of the former president, as long as it is comprehensive and not only with private doctors and included include all the medical history since he returned to Panama.

On the request for change of precautionary measure, Diaz made it clear that the prosecution is going to oppose any change other than preventive detention, because illegal wiretapping, a serious crime



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Team Martinelli loses latest court challenge

Martinelli, and his dream team
Post Views: 90
PANAMA’S Supreme Court has frustrated yet another move by ex-president Ricardo  Martinelli to avoid facing trial for illegal wiretapping, with the prosecutor calling for a 21-year jail term.

The court rejected an Amparo of guarantees, that tried to annul the investigation because of a supposed violation of the electoral law. In a decision on  August 30, it did not admit a safeguard of guarantees presented by one of Martinelli’s lawyers.

The lawsuit sought to change the decision adopted by the judge of guarantees, Jerónimo Mejía, who in a hearing on July 4 denied Martinelli a nullity incident for alleged violation of the electoral law.

The magistrates concluded that the judge of guarantees, did not violate the Constitution and that that decision (to reject the nullity for violation of the electoral law), cannot be pursued through a protection of guarantees. Judge Angela Russo, was the rapporteur of the unanimous decision.

This is the third remedy of protection of guarantees since Martinelli was extradited from the U.S on June 11.

The resolution of seven guarantees and a claim of unconstitutionality are still pending resolution.

Martinelli has been a prisoner in El Renacer penitentiary for four months and the Court has denied him three times requests to leave.

In spite of being imprisoned, Martinelli was elected in the Democratic Change primary, as a candidate for a deputy for the circuit 8-8. In addition, he has a political team working on the collection of signatures to run as an independent candidate for Mayor of Panama.

On October 1, the technical board of El Renacer applied a sanction to Martinelli of 30 days without receiving visits, phone calls or exits to the courtyard. The punishment was given because he threatened prison guards.



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Ex-mayor “coerced, threatened, intimidated”

Vallarino and lawyer
Post Views: 148
Former Panama -mayor Bosco Vallarino has accused ex-president, Ricardo Martinelli of extortion, when he  “him to resign and be replaced by a CD Party insider in 2012.

The complaint is another on a list of over a dozen criminal investigations  already hanging over Martinelli’s head

Vallarino. Accompanied by his lawyer,   presented a complaint against the former President on Friday morning, October  19 at the Public Ministry, offices in the Avesa building, on Via Espana.

Vallarino said that Martinelli threatened e would publish “compromising photos taken in a private place, together with collaborators”, if he did not resign his position. According to the speaker, he was the victim of a supposed mafia plan and fearing for the safety of his wife and children, decided to give in to the request.

Asked why the complaint was filed so late, both the lawyer and Vallarino indicated that it was for reasons of “strict security”.

The ex-mayor who is prohibited from leaving the country while facing a process for allegedly corrupting public servants, after allegedly receiving a bribe in exchange for assigning a contract for the construction of underground parking lots when he was mayor.



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Martinelli seeks ‘den of thieves’ umbrella

Post Views: 193
The fate of former President Ricardo Martinelli took another  turn in Panamas’ Supreme Court on  Monday, October 22 as his legal team  made its  latest move to get him off the hook in a case in which the prosecution  is calling for a  21-year jail term

Judge Oydén Ortega admitted a defense of guarantees presented by the defense that challenges its hearing of the case of illegal wiretapping alleging that that court cannot investigate him because he resigned from the Central American Parliament which he once described as a “den of thieves” but fled to when he left office.

Ortega requested a report of the matter for his colleague Jerónimo Mejía, who acts as judge of guarantees of the case.

Ortega, in the unitary room (the magistrate acts alone), admitted the protection presented by lawyer Carlos Carrillo and asked Mejía to render a report of his performance.

Ortega must now prepare a draft decision and share it with his eight colleagues to read it and for that, there will be a term of 20 days reports La Prensa.

This is the fourth guarantee protection presented by Martinelli’s lawyers in relation to the competency of this process. Two of them were dismissed by Ortega himself for formal matters, and a third, in the office of Judge  Angela Russo, was not admitted due to defects of form.

On previous occasions, Judges Efrén Tello and Asunción Alonso have been in favor of admitting safeguards to decide whether or not the court should continue to deal with the case.

Rosendo Rivera, attorney, and plaintiff, in the case, said that it is important for the Court to define the merits of the matter. “Because throughout the different hearings that have been made, the defense has had as a crutch the alleged non-existence [of the jurisdiction of the case] by the Court, “he said.

“Now, once and for all and in an expeditious manner, I believe that the Court must rule on the merits and decide what it is going to do,” he added.

Martinelli is being held at El Renacer Prison while he is being tried in this case. The former president, who allegedly ordered spying on the communications of at least 150 people, through the National Security Council was extradited from the USA  on June 11 insisting that he is innocent.



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Wannabe mayor’s criminal trial resumes

The strong man at an earlier hearing
Post Views: 222
The hearing into illegal wiretapping of political opponents, journalists and businessmen allegedly ordered by Panama’s ex-president, Ricardo Martinelli who now wants to run for mayor will resume on Monday, November 19. 

The case was suspended September 28, when the period for presenting the evidence by prosecutor Harry Díaz, Martinelli’s defense attorneys and independent prosecutor Roseno Rivera ended.

The  Judge of Guarantees Jerónimo Mejía said he was going to devote time to analyze all the arguments presented by parties, “without haste but without pause”, to later announce in a public hearing, the evidence that he admitted and that will be used in the trial

In addition to Wednesday’s announcement of the hearing date, Judge Mejía responded to a request from Martinelli’s attorneys to make an assessment of his health status. The magistrate ruled the request  “non-viable”, based on the decision of the Plenary of the Court that it should be addressed to the Penitentiary System and not to the Court.

Martinelli has been detained in El Renacer prison since being extradited from the United States on June 11 after spending a year in a Miami detention center.

He was extradited to face justice for the alleged inviolability of secrecy and right to privacy, and crimes against the public administration in the form of theft and embezzlement against in his term (2009-2014).

While in detention Martinelli won a candidacy for the deputy position of the circuit 8-8, in the CD Party primaries. At the same time, base sympathizers have initiated the collection of signatures for him to run for   Mayor of Panama in the 2019 elections,

Before his arrest and incarceration in Miami   Martinelli had boasted on Twitter that he would return in triumph to Panama and be greeted by cheering supporters on a cross-country triumphal parade.

The Supreme Court has denied him three appeals to leave prison.



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Moderator comment: Martinelli is not looking very healthy.


Prosecutor rejects Martinelli slander ploy

Ricardo-Martinelli_LPRIMA20180519_0124_33-620x264.jpg "
Post Views: 98
The Public Prosecutor’s Office has rejected a $2 million slander complaint filed by former President Ricardo Martinelli against two opinion leaders.

Martinelli who while in office, ( 2009-2014) was never slow to publicly and privately defame opponents or media, is currently detained in EL Renacer prison while facing charges of illegal wiretapping and embezzlement.

One of the defendants, the director  of the Independent Movement (Movin) Anette Planells, told Efe News agency on Friday   today that both she and Mariela Ledezma were notified by the Public Ministry that the complaint “was rejected both in form and substance.”

The complaint, filed by two defense lawyers of the former Panamanian president, including Alma Cortés, did not comply with the requirements in a manner “established by law and” none of the arguments they used found support in the legislation, “according to the Prosecutor

“We hope that this is the end of this lawsuit,” said Planells, but warned that the lawsuit is part of the alleged strategy of the former president  “judicialize public opinion”, so she does not rule out that he  “will approach a court” to try again.

Martinelli seems to have a bottomless pocket for funding moves designed to keep his lawyers and the courts occupied,



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Martinelli heads for hypertension check

Post Views: 119
Ex-president Ricardo Martinelli,  made another trip from the El Renacer prison to the Santo Tomas Hospital on Monday, November 5. after having suffered vomiting and a hypertenion “crisis” according to a Twitter message  from his spokesman, Luis Eduardo Camacho who is part of the Martinelli legal team that has  had several requests  for his transfer to house arrest denied,

Close friends of Martinelli who have not seen him recently told TVN that his condition is serious,

Martinelli who returns to court this month for the continuation of his hearing for illegal wiretapping and embezzlement, with the prosecution calling for a 21-year jail term.

Previous visits to the hospital have led to examinations by a medical forensic team, and Martinelli has been returned to detention.



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