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Martinelli would do Anything for Bail

the defense of former President Ricardo Martinelli presented its written submissions before the Court of Appeals in Atlanta. In which it speaks of the good relations with the United States when President, deserving of a special status in the case

http://laestrella.com.pa/panama/nacional/martinelli-haria-cualquier-cosa-fianza/24054000    freetranslation


The lawyers of Ricardo Martinelli presented one of the last American Court recoursees in the process of extradition of former president. All his guns are lined up to demonstrate and reassure the Federal Court of Atlanta - which must decide on the bail of the former president, on the zero risk of flight of their client, that he be benefited with a house arrest.

Their representatives, Marcos Jimenez, John Byrne and David Howard, presented last Thursday a letter of 54 pages in which they emphasize that their client, while he held the Presidency of Panama, was an ally, a friend of the United States.

For the first time, the defense provides press releases that reflected the fact that the North Korean ship carrying weapons North Korea stopped in the Panama Canal. An act with which the defense is intended to illustrate the cooperation of the former head of State with the country of the north. Weird is that this is the last chance for the defense to convince the court to grant bail to his client, lawyers do not have contributed, at least in the pleading to which the star of Panama had access- more evidence to strengthen the bonds of bilateral cooperation in the anti-drug, anti-terrorism or favors that Martinelli made the CIA during his administration.

In this part of the appeal, the defense emphasizes that while Martinelli was president, spoke face to face with the then president of the United States, Barack Obama. And also refers to the friendship he had with Donald Trump before it will occupy the White House.

Several points stand out. First, that the defense refutes, as asserts the prosecutor, that the court has made a mistake by giving your customer a bond, although in less than 24 hours this was suspended. As a second issue, lawyers seek in any way to provide security to the judges that the system is not at risk by granting a bail because Martinelli 'is not going to escape'. In addition to this, seek to make established that his client's case is 'special', and with this attempt to that, to leave for granted that premise, the Federal Court of Appeal granted house arrest to Martinelli.

Risk of Flight

the defense points out that the Court did not commit an error in considering that his client wouldn't run away. Cover by saying that the cases against Martinelli are political, and that he and his family applied for asylum in the United States that is still pending to be resolved; has links to the community; and intends to run for mayor of the city of Panama, mentioned. (This last point contradicts the statement made by his lawyer Sidney Sitton stating that his client wanted to withdraw from the policy).


The defense claims that will be successful in the appeal

the defense insists that the warrant of arrest should have at least one offense for which your customer is required.

Consider that the crimes of embezzlement and monitoring should have been specified. In contrast, the prosecutor did by 'rebeldia'.

In the letter, the defense requests the Court to look at the factual facts in favor of his client. 'Atinelli never hid from the authorities, in spite of being alert of the extradition request. The procedures in Panama that initiated the request dating back to 2015. The formal request for extradition is May 2016, and was widely reported by the press. As well, and without impediments to travel, Martinelli continued to live openly in the United States, where he asked for asylum and never fled, as argued by the prosecution, to another country or to another place in the United States. Neither will if it is benefited with a bail', argue their lawyers.

They add that the prosecution wrongly argues that the court committed a reversible error because the judge found the risk of escape, 'but there is no basis for that support. It is unreasonable that the former president choose to commit a serious crime in the United States and become an international fugitive without hopes to revive his political career', refutes Jiménez.

In fact, the lawyers say that if the Court had had any doubt, would have accepted the invitation of the President to impose more restrictive conditions or to convene a hearing. 'The exgobernante was willing to submit to any condition imposed by the court to extinguish any doubt about the risk of leakage under the assumption that it is a wealthy man, and extinguish any concerns in the financial field, international relations, monitoring, and in terms of limitations of its activity in house arrest', the statement said.

Martinelli requested an expedited hearing to make clear their intentions and desires to comply with the orders of the Court by ensuring that there would be no risk of leakage.

The Prosecution also argued that the bond of $1 million in cash is insufficient compared to the amount of money you have Martinelli, estimated at $1 billion.

In this sense, insists that in addition to the amount in cash, the court imposed 11 other conditions, which include an electronic monitoring, confinement to the home and records on their cell phones. 'These requirements are more than sufficient to ensure the presence of the exmandatario throughout the proceedings, in particular, in the light of the fact that being a former president is scrutinized by the international press', describe their lawyers.

Special case

his status as a former head of State of a country ally of the United States, his advanced age, the deterioration in custody and the probability of success in the appeal are special circumstances which justify their release.

'The liberation of Martinelli is not random. The prosecutor said that the age is not a factor applicable, since the special circumstances must be extraordinary and not factors applicable to all defendants facing extradition', writes Jiménez. The Court found that, when considering a cumulatively, 'there are special circumstances which may justify the release of the petitioner', he says.

The former President

is a former head of State, is a clear proof that justifies being favored with a bail. The prosecution admits that these cases tend not to be the rule. 'The district judge found that this was a special case because the circumstances involved in fact are extraordinary and Martinelli has presented strong arguments for the granting of bail as an ally of the United States', according to the representatives.

He is a man who after winning the presidency in Panama, met with President Barack Obama. In this meeting Obama thanked the visit of Martinelli, thanked him for his friendship and leadership. 'The American people know that we have a great friend in Panama and we hope that the people in Panama knows that they have a great friend in the United States of America, said Obama. Then, when Trump still had not reached the presidency also considered the President Martinelli as a friend. In the third place, and consistent with their dignity, the exgobernante maintains a high profile with the international media that practically would have more guarded than anyone else. He did not cast away his legacy, everything has worked or would sacrifice their political ambitions', said the defense.

Followed by questions to the court: if your client was reliable when he held a conversation with Obama, and made multiple bilateral programs in the fight against drugs and others, it would not be unreasonable to consider it as a Defendant? The argument of the prosecution is that no one is above the law, and no one should be released only because it is rich or powerful. In this Martinelli is in agreement. The reasons to consider it as a special case, he says, do not rotate around their wealth or power, but to broader situations. In the facts of this case, the Court should find a special cause as a former head of State.

From his confinement

the deterioration in the health of the Martinelli

The prosecution indicates that there is not sufficient evidence of the health problems that affect the former president Ricardo Martinelli or so severe as to constitute a problem in prison.

Recently, Martinelli was 66 years and his lawyers say that he has been subjected to an angioplasty, has placed a gastric band and suffers from hypertension. Their heart medications require monitoring and adjustments. Is afflicted by its weight and because it alleges that he or she have provided their blood pressure medications, and this is a serious problem.

The defense argued that other courts have found less serious health problems than those of your customer and have been granted bail. For example, allergic reactions to corn sweeteners were sufficient to find special circumstances on a case-by-case basis. In another process, rectal bleeding, hypertension and depression were another reason for granting bail. These cases show that there are requirements that relate to the health that cannot be operated while in custody. 'And the judge himself considered that the Martinelli's health has deteriorated since he was arrested in June of 2017', indicate their lawyers.

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The attempts at translation of mainstream media articles by Newsroom Panama are pitiful.

Retributions ..wait for them.

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Supreme Court rejects Martinelli legal ploy

Ricardo Martinelli. Little to smile about
Post Views: 193
Panama’s Supreme Court has thrown out the latest attempt by Ricardo Martinelli’s legal team to throw a wrench into his extradition process which would bring him to trial for illegal wiretapping of political opponents, journalists, businessmen and others who crossed his path.

The plenary of the court  rejected a petition of constitutional guarantees presented in favor of the ex-president (2009-2014), seeking to nullify the declaration of former National Security Council  operator Ismael Pitti,  giving inside information of  the illegal wiretapping.process

In a ruling dated December 28, 2017 -after it received the presentation of magistrate Luis Mario Carrasco-, the full plenary dismissed the appeal presented by the lawyer Luis Eduardo Camacho González, in which he asked to leave without effect a note of the Panamanian Chancellery of January 23. 2017 in which the statement of Pitti was introduced in Martinelli’s extradition request filed with the United States Department of State.

In his statement, Pitti gives details of how the telephone interception system operated and emails that Martinelli established in the Security Council. In addition, he noted that the work of espionage was carried out by a special group led by Ronny Rodríguez and William Pitti, who received special training to operate an espionage system, purchased from Israel.

Camacho was a spokesman for Martinelli while he was in office, and has continued the role since Marinelli fled the country and continues to describe the multiple criminal investigations, including embezzlement. as “political persecution.”

Martinelli recently celebrated his 66th birthday in a US Federal DetentionCenter in Miami,  where he has been detained. awaiting extradition since his arrest near his  newly purchased  Coral Gables luxury mansion on June 12 last year.



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Supreme Court date for Martinelli land grab case

Post Views: 135
ANOTHER of the quiver of cases awaiting fugitive ex-president Ricardo Martinelli is set to be heard in Panama’s Supreme Court on April 10, at 10:00 a.m. although he may be otherwise engaged.

The imputation hearing is  for the Bahía Honda case, where he is facing charges  of crimes against individual freedom, extortion and influence peddling in the province of Veraguas, in the alleged occupation of 70 hectares in the community of Pixvae.

The Plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice fixed the date at the request of the prosecuting magistrate Abel Zamorano.

The case arises from the complaint filed by Donaldo Sousa Guevara on behalf of Aurelio Camaño Hernández

The Judge of Guarantees is Harry Diaz.

Martinelli will be notified by international legal assistance in the Miami Federal prison where he has been detained since June 12. last year facing an extradition process to face trial for illegal wiretapping of political opponent, journalists. Judges and businessmen.



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Brokerage scandal link-man exits jail

IGNACIO Fabrega heading for community work
Post Views: 128
A key player in the Financial Pacific(FP) brokerage scandal, who dodged investigation for months before suddenly appearing in court to plead guilty has been released from jail to complete his five-year sentence doing community work.

Ignacio Fábrega was the former director of Supervision of the Securities Market (SMV), who will now have community work.

On August 25, 2015, Fábrega pleaded guilty to giving confidential information to the now extinct brokerage when he was an employee of the SMV.

He served a five-year sentence in El Renacer prison, However, at a hearing held on Wednesday, the judge ordered that he now perform community work, for the rest of the penalty period. The judge gave as a basis for his ruling that, in July, Fabrega will fulfill two-thirds parts of the sentence. At the hearing, the  Public Prosecutor’s Office requested verification of who will be supervising the work carried out by the ex-supervisor of the SMV.

While Fabrega was in office at the SMV an auditor investigation FP disappeared and is widely believed to be dead, and another investigator was stabbed in Parque Urraca while heading to the nearby FP offices.

Investigations into FP’s former activities are ongoing, with one of the founding partners in detention, the other on the run. The former brokerage is linked to numerous criminal investigations involving high profile figures in the previous administration, including ex-president Ricardo Martinelli



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Martinelli’s extortion, influence peddling hearing

Ricardo Martinelli. otherwise engaged
Post Views: 264
Ex-President Ricardo Martinelli currently in a Miami prison cell awaiting extradition to Panama is due in a Panama court on Tuesday, April 10  for an imputation hearing in the Bahia Honda case in which he is accused of committing crimes against individual freedom, extortion, and influence peddling.

The date was set at the request of the prosecuting judge,  Abel Zamorano.

The case arises from a complaint filed by Donaldo Sousa Guevara on behalf of Aurelio Camaño Hernández.

According to Sousa, Martinelli accompanied by a multimillionaire businessman, who has “Monopolized a large amount of land in the south of Veraguas, threatened the residents that if they fought for the lands where they had the right of possession he would put them in jail. ”

Sidney Sitton, the lawyer for Martinelli said that the hearing “is perfect nonsense in terms of wanting to impute Ricardo Martinelli for a  never investigated case and not only that, but the people who accuse him are people dedicated to committing illicit land acts in the province of Veraguas.”

The Judge of Guarantees will be Judge Harry Diaz and the hearing will take place in the Chamber of Cassation at 10 a.m.  The accused will be missing, the defense lawyer will collect a hefty fee. and more urgent cases will  remain in limbo



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Court rejects Martinelli fugitive son appeal

Luis Enrique Martinelli
Post Views: 217
Panama’s First Superior Court of Justice has denied an appeal presented by lawyers for Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, against the decision of the Twelfth Criminal Court to accept the appeal filed by the Public Ministry in order to complete the investigation of Odebrecht bribes.

The decision under the direction of   Judge Lilianne Ducruet- was based on the fact that a previous appeal with similar arguments- was presented by the banker Humberto De León, also investigated for Odebrecht bribes on January 5.  The Court did not grant the referral protection to De León,  and that ruling was subsequently confirmed by the plenary of the Supreme Court on April 5.

Both De León and Martinelli Linares -the son of former president Ricardo Martinelli- presented appeals against the decision of Judge Óscar Carrasquilla, who in a resolution of  Nov.  27 2017, granted the appeal filed by anti-corruption prosecutor Zuleyka Moore, against a decision of the  Twelfth  court, which – on October 25 – denied the extension of the investigation periods  qualification.  Since then, the investigations have been paralyzed.

Previously, Judge Carrasquilla had denied a request from Luis Enrique and his brother Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares not to be detained in the process and ordered them to appear for trial.

The whereabouts of the Martinelli Linares brothers are unknown, and an Interpol Red Alert for their arrest has been issued.



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Court nixes Martinelli son’s appeal

Ricardo Alberto Martinelli
Post Views: 94
DELAYING moves by the legal team of a son of ex-president Ricardo Martinelli in the Buko Millionario case have finally stalled and prosecutors have been given the go-ahead to complete the investigation of alleged irregularities in the televised program.

On Wednesday, April 11 the plenary of the Supreme Court resolved the protection of constitutional guarantee appeal presented by Ricardo Martinelli Linares, son of former president Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal.

The anti-corruption Prosecutor had turned to several banks, to obtain information on the accounts of Martinelli Linares.

on May 22, 2015, it sought  to know: documentation of opening of the accounts, origin of the funds, profile of the operations, authorized signatures, purpose of the account, and account statement for the year 2011 to December 2014, authenticated copy of the checks drawn, request and approval of management checks, transfers sent and received, among others.

In his appeal, Martinelli Linares alleged that the prosecution requested “private documentation.” However, the plenary  It concluded that “no infringement of the guarantee of due process is detected.”

The ruling was supported by magistrates José Ayú Prado (speaker), Cecilio Cedalise, Hernán De León and Luis Ramón Fábrega, and the reasoned vote of Ángela Russo de Cedeño.

Harry Diaz, Jerónimo Mejía, Abel Zamorano and Oydén Ortega saved their  votes.

The son of the former president is linked to the company Inmobiliaria San Cristóbal Ltd., allegedly

Holding 55% of Grupo de Inversión Mundial, S.A., the company that obtained the concession contract of Buko Millionario .

In less than nine months of operation, Buko Millionario earned gross revenues of $12.5 million.

The contract was canceled by the Games Control Board (JCJ) in 2014.

Since December 2, 2015, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office had attempted to investigate the accounts of Martinelli Linares, until the amparo presented by his defense attorney, Luis Eduardo Camacho González who is the spokesman of the ex-president and has described  multiple criminal investigations against the family as “political persecution.”





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Martinelli moment of truth nears

Post Views: 287
AN ATLANTA  based  US federal court of appeals has convened a hearing for  “oral arguments” on the bail of Panama’s ex-President Ricardo Martinelli, granted by a Florida, but appealed by the US Attorney’s Office, which represents the Government of Panama.

The Court of Appeals of the Eleventh Judicial District did not give the date of the bail hearing of Martinelli, who is approaching a year behind bars in a Miami detention center.

Both Martinelli’s defense and the Prosecutor’s Office will be able to present their arguments on bail, approved last February by Judge Marcia G. Cooke, but suspended the next day, following the appeal.

In the same court, former President Martinelli appealed the appeal for amparo against extradition denied by Judge Cooke, who corroborated last January the decision of Judge Edwin Torres, of August 2017, in favor of repatriating him for four crimes related to illegal wiretapping. and embezzlement (

Panama asked the United States extradition of Martinelli, 66, to answer for a case of illegal wiretapping of `50mduring his government (2009-2014) of which 150 people, including journalists, businessmen, and opposition politicians.

Judge Torres certified the extradition of the former president in August 2017, considering that “there is sufficient evidence to establish probable cause for all charges filed” against him.

US prosecutors opposing bail consider billionaire Martinelli a flight risk.

If convicted he could face  a sentence of 20 years, with other charges pending.



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US court rejects  Martinelli early hearing

Posted on April 27, 2018 in Panama

 Post Views: 143
An Appeals Court in Atlanta, Georgia, has rejected a request from Panama’s ex-president to bring the date of a hearing forward to May 14.
At the hearing, the court will listen to the oral arguments of the parties in favor and against the bail release of Martinelli.
It will be held on the date originally scheduled: in the week of Monday, July 16 The exact day and time is unknown. By that time the ex-president who has a waterside mansion in Corl Gable, Miami, will have spent over 13 months behind bars in spartan conditions in a Miami Federal detention center.

Martinelli’s presence at the hearing is not mandatory.

He is awaiting extradition to Panama, to face trial for illegal interception of communications by the of National Security Council, and embezzlement in the last two years of his mandate. Other corruption charges are pending.

The Atlanta hearing is convened to hear the allegations of the Miami attorney’s office, which appealed the decision Judge Marcia Cooke – of the Court of the Southern District of Florida – to release Martinelli in for a $1 million bond.

The appellant is represented by the US Secretary of State, the United States Attorney General, and Robert Wilson, former warden of the Miami ..Federal Detention Center.

Martinelli’s extradition was certified on August 31, 2017, by federal judge Edwin Torres; The decision was later endorsed by Judge Cooke, in a ruling disclosed on February 13. Cooke, however, decided that he could await his return to Panama in his mansion. His release was canceled the next morning as he was preparing to leave the jail.


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Embezzlement prosecutor fighting against clock

Post Views: 122
After multiple adjournments, May 18-21 has been set for  the hearing in the Second Court of Criminal  for the alleged embezzlement of $18 million in the former Financial Pacific(FP) brokerage

Mayte Pellegrini

Thirteen people are indicted for the alleged commission of financial crimes, including Mayte Pellegrini, who was an employee  of the brokerage and has named the former president, Ricardo Martinelli as a key player in illegal activities.

Attorney General, Kenia Porcell, said that this hearing is “fatal” because of the statute of limitations expires in May after six years of delays.

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office has made all the necessary efforts, of a legal nature, to prevent this [prescription] from happening, “she said.

Five hearings in the case have already been suspended,

October 4 to 7, 2016; March 6 to 8, 2017; October 2 to 5, 2017;  December 18 to 20 2017; January 15 to 18, 2018.



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Fresh delay in Martinelli extradition

Post Views: 311
The extradition process of ex-president Ricardo Martinelli faces another hiccup with the granting by The US Eleventh Circuit of Appeals of an additional term of 30 days requested by the defense to support an appeal filed to revoke the extraditable status of Panama’s former authoritarian leader under investigation in multiple corruption probes.

The information was communicated by the spokesman and cheerleader of the former president in Panama, Luis Eduardo Camacho, through his Twitter account with a sketch of a softer, gentler client.

Martinelli was declared as extraditable by Judge Edwin Torres and ratified by Judge Marcia Cooke. To face charges of illicit interception of communications of opposition politicians, journalists, and businessmen.

He has been held in a Miami detention center since June 12 last year



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Martinelli  admits to following CIA instructions

Martinelli,"following instructions" accompanied by a swarm of photographers
Post Views: 269
In a  four-page letter signed by Panama’s ex-president, Ricardo Martinelli.   and distributed by his lawyers.  he openly admits having followed “instructions of the CIA “and supported the interests “during his term, 2009- 2014.

The letter dated May 14  is addressed “to the government and the people of U.S”.

“I want the US government to know that always I was on the side of the United States when I was president, “he says. and refers to some “events” that show that his administration was “100% pro American”.

Some incidents narrated are completely unknown; others have already been exposed before  Judges Edwin Torres and Marcia Cooke, of the Court of Southern District of Florida that have endorsed his extradition of a process that would now be in the hands of the American State Department reports La Prensa.

Martinelli cites the interception of the North Korean vessel “Chong Chon Gang” arrested in Panama in 2013  when attempting to pass through to cross the Panama Canal with an undeclared Cuban weapon. According to him, the vessel was stopped at the request of the CIA. ” I personally checked the ship and found weapons, missiles, planes and radars that violated the embargo imposed by the United Nations, “he said in the letter. [Media reports: at the time described his appearance as a theatrical show]

Thanks to this action – at the time much trumpeted by the government itself – Martinelli says he received a call from then-Cuban President Raul Castro, who warned him “very clearly “that if the” Chong Chon Gang “was arrested, he would suffer” serious consequences “.

He also says he received a call from then  US president Barak Obama, to thank him for his intervention. “Then I informed the United States of the Cuban government’s threats” Subsequently, the vice president and secretary of state – who at that time were Joe Biden and John Kerry, – were sent to Panama, “to personally extend their thanks and to make sure that the threats had been taken seriously. If at some I needed to go to the United States, I could do so without fear. ”

“I thought you could trust the promises of American officials. I was wrong, “Martinelli reflected.

The purpose of the letter, written before he canceled an appeal in an Atlanta court” leaving the road open for extradition, is unclear but is seen by some critics as a last-ditch attempt at being returned to Panama to face justice.



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Weight lifted from Martinelli’s shoulders

TVN artist' sketch of Martinelli in last court appearance
Post Views: 305
Ricardo Martinelli, Panama’s former president who ruled the most corrupt administration in the country’s history feels as if a weight has been lifted from his shoulders after presenting a handwritten note to his lawyers waiving a bail and habeas corpus appeal.

The move which would clear the way for his extradition to Panama to face trial for massive snooping with Israeli electronic snooping equipment,  on political opponents, journalists and businessmen, came on Wednesday  as Martinelli approached his first anniversary in a sparse prison cell in a Miami, Florida detention center, but The US Prosecutor’s Office is reluctant to respond to the request.

Panama lawyers Sidney Sitton and Cristóbal Arboleda, who are in Miami, told TVN News after a meeting with the former president, that Martinelli is calm and feels that a weight was removed when making the decision.

But the path to extradition still has potholes  Sittón said that “the prosecutor resists abandoning or withdrawing from the appeal filed by the bail that was granted to Ricardo Martinelli, even when the defense has indicated that it waives the petition “.



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Martinelli ends fight against extradition

Post Views: 463
PANAMA’S former president Ricardo Martinelli who has been behind bars in  Miami since June 12 last year has decided to forego his appeal process in an Atlanta court and to allow his extradition process to Panama to move forward.

He sent the decision in  a handwritten note to his lawyer   Sidney Sitton, who on Wednesday, May 23  confirmed that his client will skip  the  process  filed with the Federal Court of Appeals of the 11th US  Circuit, based in Atlanta, against the decision of Judge Marcia Cooke of the Southern District Court of Florida, that on January 23, at a  Miami hearing  denied a habeas corpus in favor of Martinelli.

The extradition will now depend on the US State  Department. His  Extraditability has already been certified by Judge Edwin Torres, also from the Southern District Court on August 31, 2017, and subsequently endorsed by  Judge Cooke, by denying the habeas corpus, five months ago.

The wish of Martinelli to accept the extradition the process is contained in a letter he signed in the Federal Detention Center of Miami, where he has been since his arrest near his  Coral Gables Mansion, nearly a year ago.

Sitton confirmed the authenticity of the note, which is addressed to him and Martinelli spokesman Luis Eduardo Camacho.

His return to face charges of illegal interception of messages and embezzlement, will not be the celebratory cross-country parade that he had promised via Twitter account before his arrest. Meanwhile, members of his former cabinet and “Zero Circle” are appearing in droves to face justice in Panama Courtrooms.



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‘Martyr’ Martinelli-CIA link fallout builds

CIA push gave Martinelli photo-op
Post Views: 96
As the fallout from  Ricardo Martinelli’s latest ploy to evade justice continues, a specialist in foreign policy warns that the former president violated the Criminal Code and international law, by confessing that he followed instructions from the CIA.

A letter that Martinell sent from his Miami prison cell   “to the Government and the American people” has generated outrage in some sectors of society, reports La Prensa.

Many  agree that the four-page note in which he  confesses that I have served “100%” the interests of the United States, among other matters, is “Shameful”

Others warn that he would have violated the Criminal Code, which punishes acts for subordinating the Republic of Panama to a foreign state the violation of State secrets and the failure to represent the interests of Panama before another State.

The analyst and professor of international relations Julio Yao says  that Martinelli’s note

” blemishes the image of the country,” because it is “extremely shameful that heads of state declare publicly that they are or were at the service of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

“That is a violation of international law and the Constitution,  a very serious crime and a breach of ethics, “he said.

In his letter, Martinelli reveals that on instructions from the CIA he interrupted the transit through the Canal of the North Korean ship Chong Chon Gang, on July 10, 2013. The ship, which came from Cuba, allegedly had weapons hidden under tons of sugar.

According to Yao, with that confession, he would have violated the treaty of interoceanic neutrality.

In the letter he describes himself as   “politically persecuted”,   a “martyr” and victim of a “vendetta”.

Ernesto Pérez Balladares, president of Panama 1994 – 1999, said: “If he is politically persecuted, why did not he go to Italy?[Martinelli has an Italian passport]. Could it be that in Italy they have opened some little boxes that could mean a trial and possible jail over there for Finmeccanica and the other things? He is not politically persecuted. He is a person who during his presidency did things that he now has to face” said Balladares.



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Ex-Minister defends Martinelli CIA link

Raul Mulino
Post Views: 214
Panama’s former Minister of Public Security  José Raúl Mulino has rushed to justify the letter of ex-president Ricardo Martinelli – confessing that he followed the instructions of the CIA  and served 100% the interests of the USA.

According to the Mulino, what Martinelli reveals in the letter – directed to the Government and the American people.

Mulino said that, indeed, there was a close relationship of cooperation with the United States. “Against terrorism, we grabbed many drug traffickers, we rescue the Darien, with 26% in the hands of the FARC, we worked with Costa Rica, and Colombia every day“

Similarly, he said that he worked with British French and South Korean intelligence.

The transit of the Panama Canal was monitored, but “especially our geographical position,” he said. “What President [Martinelli] has said publicly must be done by all the presidents.

Mulino referred to the criticisms that have arisen about Martinelli’s letter, dated May 14. last.

“There are people who yearn for the Canal Zone who have spoken and others who were ministers of [Manuel Antonio] Noriega who speak of treason to the fatherland … for the love of God, “he said..

In the four-page letter, Martinelli, who is under investigation in some 10 corruption cases and has been jailed in Miami for nearly a year,  calls himself a “martyr”, “persecuted politician” and victim of a “vendetta”.

“Ricardo Martinelli is under a very difficult pressure and circumstance, wanting to come to his homeland,” said Mulino who once “irrevocably” resigned before returning to his desk, and is himself the subject of corruption investigations.



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Martinelli could face torture, inhuman treatment -lawyer

Post Views: 94
Ex-president Ricardo Martinelli has appointed a new lawyer to manage his ongoing fight to avoid extradition to face justice in nearly a dozen cases although his extradition order is based on illegal interception of communications and embezzlement of the multi-million dollar equipment used to enable the crime.

On Wednesday , May 30, Martinelli lawyer and spokesperson Edaurdo Camacho organized a press conference in Miami, Florida to introduce changes of legal strategies together with his new lawyer Inna Shapovalov.

She told reporters that if Martinelli is delivered to the Justice of his  country, there is the “possibility” he would  receive inhuman treatment, that and  “be tortured” by  the authorities and that they would violate due process

Recently Martinelli revealed in a handwritten note that Marcos Jiménez was no longer his lawyer, Shapovalov and Nataly Santos, will have the mission to air the issue of extradition before the US Department of State.

According to Camacho,  , Santos has worked with  lawyers in the United States, so will continue with the team advice, while Shapovalov takes care of the proceedings as a new defense of Martinelli who  withdrew all appeals against the extradition procedure  in the 11 Circuit  Appeals Court  in Atlanta

which  formalized the withdrawal of the motion.

Camacho explained that the withdrawal does not imply that Martinelli accepts the extradition, and  the fight moves to the Department of State.

According to Martinelli’s new lawyer in the United States, there are “humanitarian and political” reasons for not extraditing  the former Panamanian president.

President Juan Carlos Varela, is capable of violating his “human rights”.

Now, the State Department will have 60 days to make a decision on the future of Martinelli, if the decision does not favor him, his legal representatives in the United States may use a final tack presenting a Habeas Corpus to the Department of State.



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Martinelli asks Pompeo to say no to extradition for political reasons

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 18:43

Diseño sin título (89)_0.jpg

The defense representing Ricardo Martinelli announced that the former Panamanian president asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to take into account the "political reasons" of the case and not to extradite the former Panamanian president, since the current president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, is capable of violating his "human rights".

"We ask the secretary of state to deny Panama extradition because of its political nature," lawyer Inna Shapovalov told reporters today. The lawyer will represent Martinelli before that US court.

The lawyer highlighted that if Martinelli is submitted to the justice system in his country, he “might” be treated inhumanly, and be "tortured" by the authorities and that his due process might be violated.

She also stated that the lack of "independence" and "corruption" in the Panamanian judicial sphere "increases" the impossibility of a fair trial.

The defense representing Martinelli, who has been imprisoned since June 2017 in Miami, thus presented details of the new strategy before the State Department, which will make the final decision of extradition, after two federal judges said that there are no legal obstacles for his extradition.

Shapovalov and Martinelli's spokesman, Luis Eduardo Camacho, said they had "withdrawn" all appeals in the US courts so that the State Department could rule as soon as possible.

Both stressed that the petition, filed on May 15, highlights the political enmity documented by the press between Martinelli and Varela, at the risk that his "human rights" might be violated if he is extradited to Panama and also in the interests of the government of President Donald Trump.

"Mike Pompeo must review this petition in accordance with the Trump policies," said the lawyer.

An open letter from Martinelli to the State Department was published last week in which he claims to be the victim of a "political vendetta" of Varela, in addition to having defended the interests of the United States and following instructions from the CIA (Central Intelligence Office) ).

Shapovalov explained that taking into account that the Court of Appeals of the Eleventh Judicial District of the USA accepted on Tuesday the motion of the defense to withdraw an appeal, the State Department has from that date sixty days to answer.

Martinelli withdrew last week the appeals process with which he sought to stop his submission to Panamanian justice, which requested him for a case of illegal wiretapping.

Shapovalov said that extradition cases in US courts are "very limited", since judges only allow them to determine what concerns extradition treaties and "no other facts" and must "refrain from seeing the political situation".

She noted that in these cases the courts have a doctrine that does not allow the investigation of the facts.

On the contrary, the lawyer said that the Secretary of State has "very broad latitude" to review these cases and can take into account the political situation of the facts and even humanitarian issues.

Camacho told Efe that this new tactic ends "all appeals", as well as requests for bail, so that Secretary Pompeo can take charge of the matter, which was not possible if the case depended even on judicial decisions.

She clarified that ruling out the fight in the courts does not imply that Martinelli "accepts" the extradition, and said the former president trusts the rule of law in the United States.

She said that the withdrawal of the appeal was not opposed by the United States Attorney's Office, which represented the Panamanian Government during the extradition trial.

The former president has been arrested in Miami since June 12, 2017 because of a request for extradition from the Supreme Court of Panama that wants to try him for crimes related to a network of illegal wiretapping that he operated during his administration (2009-2014).



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Martinelli's promised triumphal return will be under escort

The news  comes four days before he marks a year behind bars in a Miami Detention center and the expenditure of millions of dollars on a team of Panamanian and US lawyers, attempting to save the  former authoritarian ruler from facing justice, initially on the illegal  snooping charges, and likely followed by nearly a dozen corruption and embezzlement  charges.

Once notified by the State Department, the Panamanian Foreign Ministry, as a conduit between the Judicial Branch and the United States, has 30 days to proceed with the transfer to Panama.

In the transfer, a representative of the Supreme Court of Justice, another of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and members of the National Police will be present.

After Martinelli is in Panama, the Supreme Court which ordered his arrest on December 21, 2015. will be responsible for the judicial process.

Martinelli is tried by the Supreme Court because  his status as a deputy of the Central American Parliament which before joining he presciently described as a “den of thieves”

Sidney Sitton, one of Martinelli’s lawyers, said that authorities in Washington, DC., indicated that Martinelli ’s delivery order has already been signed.

Sitton told TVN News that Martinelli’s defense has requested he be sent to Panama on a commercial flight, but  Panamanian authorities want him and his escort to travel on a private flight, to perhaps avoid a  welcome home reception on a plane packed with CD  Party supporters.

The music could be Dvorak’s New World Symphony translated into  an Oscar-winning  theme song “Coming Home” in a 1948 movie “The Snakepit.”

Fat portfolio
There is nothing small in the Martinelli portfolio, from the number of lawyers he has employed rivalling the size of the Panama soccer squad, now in Moscow, to the size of the fees that have fattened their wallets, and to the number of former cabinet members and/or businessmen whose hands have been dirtied by robbing the public purse and the millions of dollars syphoned from the system by Martinelli. family members, and the number of delays in corruption cases of those claiming to walk in the shoes of the people, and the number of insiders illegally pardoned on his last day in office.  It was a thinking big era with what Martinelli boasted was a cabinet of businessmen.

What remains to be seen is the size of sentences handed down by the courts to the insider thieves who outnumber Ali Baba’s gang. The general opinion is they will be reduced from Gargantuan to  Lilliputian by Panama’ Supreme Court of Impunity.

Others afflicted with “health problems” will spend their time entertaining guests in their cookie jar funded mansions, far from the squalid homes of those who voted for them.



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Sidney Sittón, US approves Martinelli's extradition to Panama

Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:02

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 1.07.41 PM.png

Sidney Sittón presents the oficial document of the US Department of State approving the extradition to Panama of former President Ricardo Martinelli, who has been detained in a US federal prison since June 12, 2017, as Syndey Sittón mentioned today."The notice of delivery" of Martinelli "was already signed" by the Department of State, "they were that in minutes they will send it to my mail (...) and once they give us this notice, they immediately proceed to the transfer, ". Here is the full document dated and signed on June 8, 2018 where the department of state informs the embassy of Panama that they have authorized the extradition of Ricardo Martinelli to stand for trial and he is immediately available for transfer. In the document also mentions the medical treatments applied during  his confinement in prison and recommends upon arrival in Panama to receive a full physical exam so he can receive the appropriate care while in custody in Panama.

At this moment we don't know when the ex president of Panama will be transferred from the Miami's prison and the travel arrangements.



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Rómulo Roux, CD leader asks to respect the rights of the ex president

Fri, 06/08/2018 - 17:06

Diseño sin título (24)_0.jpg

The leader of the opposition Democratic Change (CD), Rómulo Roux, said today that it is "good news" that the US State Department has accepted the extradition of former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli and asked that his right to a defense be guaranteed. "full" when you return to the country.

"Ricardo Martinelli will soon return to his country, it's good news for him, his relatives, Cambio Democrático and the country, and we demand respect for his rights and conditions that allow him to exercise his full defense," Roux said in his Twitter account.

Roux, who was chancellor during the Martinelli government (2009-2014), snatched last January the leadership of Cambio Democrático, which he founded two decades ago, in internal elections with a wide difference.

The Panamanian president, Juan Carlos Varela, confirmed on Friday that the US State Department approved the extradition of his predecessor in office, who has been detained in a jail in Miami for almost a year and is required by Panamanian justice for a case of illegal wiretapping to more than a hundred opponents.

And in his statements to the local press he reported that they are only taking the steps one by one first to receive notification of authorization of extradition and that the superior court of justice, the penitentiary system, the ministry of government have a responsibility and each authority will have to notify at the time

In a letter he sent to the US authorities last month, Martinelli asked the Department of State that if he decided to deliver it he would do so "expeditiously" and under the specialty clause of the extradition treaty between the two countries, that is, that he could only be prosecuted in his country for the case for which it is requested.

Martinelli, who left his country in January 2015 and after several months of unknown whereabouts was established in Miami, defends that he is a victim of political persecution by Varela and has at least a dozen pending court cases in Panama.



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Martinelli arrival time under wraps

Sidney Sitton
Post Views: 137
No triumphal Omar Torrijos style march, instead the place and time of the arrival of former president  Ricardo Martinelli to face trial is being kept under wraps to avoid a media scrum and public demonstrations according to defense lawyer Sidney Sitton.

On Friday Sittón filed an appeal to the Plenary of the Supreme Court for “Restrictive measures of ambulatory freedom”.

Sitton also reported that they were informed by  “Washington” thatPanama’s most wanted man would probably arrive on Monday, June  11 in a charter, jet, while President Varela begins his World Cup jaunt to Russia.

Martinelli who has his own private jet would have preferred a commercial flight, something he has not done for many years.

We do not know the time and the airport where he would land.

“The Government told the State Department that it did not want a  media show upon Martinelli’s arrival in Panama. So the safest thing is that the arrival is in the early hours of the morning when the whole country is asleep and you do not have people in the airports of Panama, “added Sittón.



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