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World Surfing Champ Kelly Slater Supports Protest About Development Project Affecting Bocas Surfing Paradise

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World champ supports Bocas surfing paradise protest

Kelly Slater

ELEVEN -­TIME world surfing champion Kelly Slater has joined a protest against a wharf that is to be built on the reef at Paunch Beach in the province of Bocas Del Toro, reports a digital magazine.

The  waves, at are Paunch one of the most attractive beaches for surfers says Stab Magazine ­ a digital publication specializing in high performance surfing,


Red Frog protesters

It reported that Red Frog Bungalows, a resort in Bocas del Toro, organized a protest on Thursday the International Day of the Oceans, “to generate awareness before developers begin to cause irreparable damage.”

Stab Magazine contacted Slater, a counselor for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an environmental organization that advocates conservation of wildlife and marine ecosystems.

Slater commented that a developer “is trying to build a complex with a huge dock right at the main break point in Paunch and it does not make sense. The waves would destroy any dock within a few months and would be in the current wave line.”

“The surfers would be trapped on the pier after a wave,” Slater said.



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Money talks.   Watch the wharf get built then blown apart on a big swell.  Then there will just be debris and everybody gets scr*wed.

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